NBA Rumors – Izzo, Mo, Delonte, Toronto

Note: there is a Finals game today. OK – got that out of the way. As Brian Windhorst pointed out in a recent column, this is the time of year where NBA trade talks start to gain traction. Most teams prefer their trades made before the draft, which is on June 24th. In addition, many teams hire their new coaches prior to the draft. The Cavs are one such team that needs a coach, and is likely to look at trade scenarios.

Touching on the coach rumors first, sources close to WFNY have let told us that talks between the Cavs and Michigan State coach Tom Izzo are picking up steam. While Izzo is a Michigan guy, so is Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. It’s quite apparent that Gilbert is not afraid to throw money around, and though Izzo has passed up the chance at NBA jobs before, the money offered may be so much that it would be very difficult for Izzo to turn down.

Gilbert has been rumored to be enamored with Izzo for a long time. While Izzo recently did an interview with Andy Katz and said that he wants to win a second title at MSU before taking a shot at the NBA, the fact that he mentioned the NBA as a career possibility certainly helps the chances that he could be “gotten” by Gilbert. From what we’ve heard, one of the big differences between Gilbert and Danny Ferry was Gilbert’s desire to hire a college coach – something Ferry was not wholly on board with.

In addition to the coaching murmurs, there has also been discussion that the Cavs are looking to move Mo Williams and Delonte West. It’s no secret that Williams’ contract is big given his disappearing act in the playoffs. While Delonte West has a team-friendly contract, it is also incredibly friendly to teams looking to shed contract weight, as he can be cut before August 1 with very little compensation.

The Cavs are reportedly talking with Toronto in trying to assess the value of Williams. Bob Finnan of the News-Herald has reported that a Williams-for-Jose Calderon swap has been discussed [Link]. Obviously the big fish in Toronto is Chris Bosh, but the Cavs are not reportedly on Bosh’s “Fav Five” list of potential destinations given to the Raptors’ front office. Also worth noting is the disgruntled Hedo Turkoglu in Toronto.

While we certainly will be hearing more about these things going forward, it will be interesting to see things unfold. Things are (allegedly) happening!

Photo Credit: nino63004/Flickr