Browns Fans Called “Most Loyal”, and Not as a Compliment

Heard about this piece while running errands and listening to Colin Cowherd. It’s an interesting perspective at least…

We know that Cleveland has loyal fans. A recent piece at Ask ranks fans of the Cleveland Browns as the most loyal in all of sports. Except they don’t call us loyal. They call us stubborn-

Sports fans have a unique sense of loyalty, especially when that loyalty is misplaced on an undeserving team. If you’re a fan of one of these teams, you’re stubborn.

Loyalty is important in marriages and mafia. For sports fans, it’s a weakness.

Many enthusiasts are committed to their team come hell or high water, but their teams don’t reciprocate. Instead, fans are left cheering for colors, mascots and memories instead of a successful on-field winning product.

While some front offices are to blame, fans who blindly cheer for their team regardless of their attempts to win a championships or not are simply stubborn.

That is the premise for the piece. The gave the top 10 most stubborn fan bases, and don’t you know who finished first?

When you’re wearing a paper bag over your head, yet still attending home games, you know you are one committed son of a gun.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more die-hard fan base than the Dawg Pound in Cleveland, who even stayed attached when their franchise was moved to Baltimore.

The new Browns haven’t done anything that resembles winning and, worse yet, they’ve managed to create some stress-inducing pressure points in their fans by simply uttering the words Tim Couch and Brady Quinn.

But their fans still come in droves as they don’t want to risk losing their team again.

Well? What do you think? The idea certainly has merit. Just look at the other teams in town. The Indians are suffering their worst season at the box office. The Cavaliers have enjoyed an incredible run with ticket sales thanks to real star power on the roster, but take away LeBron James and Shaq and see how the attendance shrinks.

Are we doing the Browns a disservice by continuing to pay for games when they bring an inferior product to the field?