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Self Promotion: Charity Pick’ Em, Fantasy Hoops

foodbank-719453-798180Just a quick side post on  some things that are in the satellite WFNY pipeline. 

First, I will be participating in a Media Charity NFL pick’em contest that is being put on by’s Richard Gardner.  There will be prizes both weekly and one big one for the entire year; I will be playing for The Cleveland Foodbank. 

If I somehow win the entire shebang, as I did with Cuzoogle’s contest last season, TCF will get a cool $5,000.  Can’t argue with that, right?

Now to change things up a bit, for you fantasy sports nuts out there.  I know that football is just getting under way.  However, if you were one that read up during my past life as a fantasy sports writer, you know that I was fairly engulfed in the hoops side of things.

With that said, I was asked to be a part of an upcoming online draft guide that is hosted by the guys at Give Me the Rock.  Nels, Patrick and myself teamed up with Matt Satten of fame, Erik from Points in the Paint and Dennis from Barkley’s Mouth to provide what will likely be the best fantasy draft guide out there come NBA time.

I’d shower you with all of the collective accolades in terms of league wins and such, but just know that the five of us have been writing for quite some time and we have a fetish of sorts when it comes to NBA stats.

Rankings.  Statistical projections for the top 250 players.  Player capsules.  Draft-based articles.  It’s all there for the having.

If you’re interested in this type of thing, definitely head over to the guide via GMTR.  You’ll find a ton of discount opportunities as well as the details.

Once you’re done with your football drafts, get a jump on your fantasy basketball competition… You won’t be disappointed.