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WFNY Fantasy Football League

Final Fantasy
So with the football season rolling up on us in a few weeks, we may or may not decide to have a WFNY fantasy football league.  I thought I’d put up a post to gauge the interest that’s out there.  So, if you’d like to participate in an NFL fantasy league along with the fine folks that frequent this arena, leave a comment.  We’ll either do a pick’em league or a full-blown fantasy league (I don’t play fantasy sports, so I assume that’s what a league is called).

Make sure you leave a legit email address if you want in, as some of you jerks leave email addresses that clearly are not for realsies.

At some point in the next week we’ll figure out what we’re gonna do in terms of a league and we’ll let you guys know.  If there’s more interest than spots, we’ll do a super secret drawing of straws to determine who gets in.

And I’m gonna rig it – I get first pick, and I’m takin’ Dan LeFevour.