Former Buckeye Trapasso Trying to Make Name for Himself

A.J. Trapasso is the backup punter for the Tennessee Titans this pre-season after going undrafted this season.  Not thatI am truly surprised because as we know punters rarely get drafted.  Anyway, it has been an eventful campaign for Trapasso as he attempts to make a name for himself.  This week his name hit the news wire when one of his punts hit the ginormous scoreboard hanging from the ceiling in the Cowboys’ new stadium.  The stadium cost more than a billion dollars and I have read some people refer to it as the “Y’all Mahal.”  (Really.)  Check out the video.

Even before this latest story hit the headlines, Trapasso was a star in the Hall of Fame game in Canton to jumpstart the NFL season. He looked extremely athletic running a fake punt in for a touchdown. The play was really impressive. The Titans ran a player at Trapasso so it would look like they were running a reverse. Trapasso also faked like he was kicking the ball and then sprinted all the way in for the score.

Other than the gimmickry, Trapasso has played pretty well in saving the Titans’ regular punter Chad Hentrich from injury. In the game against the Cowboys, Trapasso punted 4 times for 183 yards including 2 punts that landed inside the Cowboys’ 20 yard line. Trapasso didn’t fare that well in the previous game against the Tampa Bay Bucs where he hit one punt for 27 yards and didn’t happen to land it inside the 20. Against Buffalo Trapasso punted 6 times for 249 yards with 2 punts inside the 20 and a long of 51 yards. We will see if these numbers combined with the other media-grabbing exploits will be enough for him to find a job this year. You have to think the constant mentions on Jim Rome’s show can’t possibly hurt.