While We’re Waiting…Channel 5 News signs off with the Shot, Tribe Roster Critique, Cavs Ownership Maneuvers

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This video started to go viral yesterday afternoon and had even made it onto ESPN by the evening.  It is great theater catching the crew’s reaction just seconds after head anchor Leon Bibb invokes a “waiting for next year” feeling.  [Yahoo/Ball Don’t Lie]

The Nuggets and Lakers weighed in on the Shot:  “I was sitting at a counter, a greasy spoon I have in my soup and a greasy burger,” Jackson said. “The guy next to me said, ‘Aw, man, Orlando’s going to go up 2-0 and Cleveland’s going to go down in the series. You want to see Orlando? I said, ‘You wrote off this guy. He can still make a shot from almost anywhere.’ And he did. That’s the way he is. James is just a terrific player.” []

The T-shirt market which has been created off of LBJ is astounding and as Darren Rovell points out, it did not take long for them to capitalize on his latest heroics. [Darren Rovell/Ebay]

A good analysis on how the Tribe got to this point of constant roster turnover: “I have one complaint about the way Shapiro put together the bullpen: He made certain he had three starters at Triple-A — Laffey, Sowers (even though he hasn’t worked out) and Huff — with the credentials to fill in if someone got hurt or pitched badly.  But where was the bullpen depth? Signing minor-league free agents and veterans with erratic histories who had been tossed overboard by other clubs was only asking for trouble.  The other change, foreshadowed in spring training, was Wedge’s determination to have almost everyone — save Grady Sizemore — play every position on the field. I don’t know where this came from, but it hasn’t worked.” [Sheldon Ocker/Akron Beacon Journal]

Dan Gilbert is attempting to raise both the Cavs’ and LeBron’s exposure:  “The direct impact of the move is securing the future of the franchise, which has been in a minority ownership flux for the last couple years as it loses millions in attempting to build a championship-quality team around James. It will not only mean an injection of capital but will open the Cavs to business in China. The move, which has been kept mostly secret in America, is being supported by the NBA as they have encouraged development in China.  The other effect, which is surely the more interesting side to Cavs fans, is how vital this new link could be for James — providing a huge tie-in with an economy James is eager to tap.” [Brian Windhorst/Cleveland Plain Dealer]