While We’re Waiting… What Others Are Saying About Game 1

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“History is the propaganda of the victors, and the fact the Cavs came up one measly point short means this is a game that should be forgotten. Anderson Varejao bites on a rocker-step fake from Rashard Lewis and gives up a three-pointer on a man he was in position to run off of the three, and Delonte West misses an open look from the short-corner, and all of a sudden we’re forced to somehow find fault, to look at those three free throws LeBron missed in the fourth, to say that he maybe should’ve pulled up for the jumper instead of letting the double-team come and letting the ball get forced from his hands. It’s not fair. But that’s basketball, and life. This is one of the best games I’ve ever seen played by an individual. But for all history cares, he might’ve well gone 0-30. Part of me wishes he had.” [Cavs The Blog]

“”Mike Brown’s got to make an adjustment, because Ilgauskas can’t play those guys off the pick and roll. He can’t guard Dwight Howard. And he can’t guard Turkoglu or Rashard Lewis off the pick and roll. Mike Brown is going to have to go small. Ilgauskas is not going to get younger by Friday. I’m going to make a prediction: I think Mike Brown puts LeBron on Turkoglu or Lewis. ” [Charles Barkley/TNT via]

“Brilliant as LeBron was, the series opener was a reminder that the cast around him is imperfect. The Cavs, benefiting from nine days of rest, started as if prepared to blow up the Magic. With James distributing the ball and getting the entire group involved, the place was rocking, prompting an ESPN columnist to ask me, “Can the Lakers even touch these guys?” […] Problem was, after Mo Williams hit a magical 75-foot shot to end the first half, the Cavs seemed to believe the same hype. While they were shutting themselves down, the maligned and mouthy Stan Van Gundy was employing motivational tactics in the Orlando locker room” [Jay Mariotti/AOL FanHouse]

“Dare I say that Mo Williams’ half court shot was the worst possible thing that could’ve happened heading into halftime? I view it as entirely possible that the dunk by that Polish guy who’s name is absolutely not worth remembering could’ve ignited the Cavs’ defense in the second half, but instead everyone spent recess falling over from slapping eachother on the back after Mo drained the heave. Just throwing it out there.

The Cavs offense in the second half, though, was dreadful; absolutely without redeeming value. Players badly missing wide-open looks, heaving up god-awful jump shots with over 16 seconds left on the shot clock, infinite LeBron/ball-watching. I’ll say it again: it looked like 2006 all over again out there.” [Sons of Nev]

“Hedo Turkoglu played James’ role better than James for a crucial stretch, being the heart of the Magic offense and creating everything for his teammates. That included seven of his 14 assists and nine of his 15 points.” [Brian Windhorst/Plain Dealer]