WFNY: The Austin Carr Drinking Game

We’ve had a few inquiries regarding any sort of “official” Austin Carr drinking game.  To be honest, we think as long as you have a good time enjoying the one-liners of our favorite homer color commentator, then everyone is a winner.  However, we felt that it would be poignant to point out any of the “Carrisms” deserve the most attention when you’re enjoying a Cavaliers game with your beverage of choice.

ESPN Radio’s Kenny Roda took the time a few weeks ago to outline the main moments of consumption.  Feel free to take a look at his “rules” if you would like – just scroll down to the Jan. 19th entry.  And while we think it is a great start, we also feel that there are plenty of missed opportunities to make the most out of any Cavaliers contest.

Sure, you have the main Carrisms that should undoubtedly cost you one “drink.”

– “Throwing the Hammer Down”
– “L-Train”
– “Deep in the [Building of Choice]”

You can step it up a notch by consuming two “drinks” during these token quotes:

– “Get that weak stuff outta here!”
– “Johnny on the spot”
– “Young man” (Bonus drink for “Further more, young man”)
– Any combination of two Carrisms from above

Things start to heat up a bit once AC really gets going.  We think three “drinks” are appropriate for the following:

– Any unsupported statistic (er go “Feeding the ball to the big man at the top of the elbow provides points 90 percent of the time”)
– Any time AC starts a comment with “Consequently, Fred…”

And finally, feel free to finish anything you have currently in your hand any time FSN decides to throw it to AC for any sort of advertisement.  If you’re really up for a challenge, you can add any Fred McLeod reference like “rubber rim” and any reference to a street located outside of the arena.  Bonus if it’s Carnegie or Ontario!

So, there you have it, folks.  WFNY recommends that you play any game involving AC or Fred in the confines of your own home as to avoid the need for transportation.  If with friends, please ensure that the man or woman behind the wheel is taking the night off from Messrs. Carr and McLeod.  They’ll definitely get their monies worth during the next game.

And as always, Go Cavs!

(special thanks to MWSF for getting the ball rolling)