Romeo Crennel: Delusional?

Fire Romeo CrennelWith Week 17 of the NFL season looming, the Browns head to Pittsburgh to take on their divisional “rival.”  I use the quotes as it’s tough to consider this a rivalry when you have a coach that has not been able to beat said rival once in his four years with this team.

The Plain Dealer took the liberty to remind us all of how awful Romeo Crennel has been against the black and gold.  But one quote that may get overlooked purely based on the fact that you have to make it all the way to the end of the article:

“It is somewhat of a mountain to climb, but it is a mountain to climb because they are a good football team along with the other things that are involved with it,” Crennel said. “But I think that we have some progress here.

“Going into this season there was some talk that we might be able to beat Pittsburgh and I don’t think there has been that kind of talk around before. This year we ended up taking a step back, but going forward, as we build, I think we will have a chance to be much more competitive against them.”

Wait, what?  Progress?  I’m starting to wonder if this guy is even watching the same debacle that we see week in and week out.  Of course, we cannot get much less competitive against the Steelers, so he may be on to something…

Oh, no! Crennel is 0-7 vs. Steelers [Plain Dealer]