Our “Happy Learned How to Putt” Moment

Below, you’ll find a synopsis of a post over at Celtics Blog.  It’s very well-written, and I felt it deserved a little more attention than the WWW post.  It also helps that it’s about how good the Cavaliers are.  Do Enjoy.


“What has made the Cavs beatable in the past is that they couldn’t seem to find the right mix of players with which to surround LeBron James and his special set of talents.  Keying on LeBron – as the Celtics did in last year’s playoffs – made this squad stoppable by good team defense as the supporting cast couldn’t seem to do enough to carry the load when tested.

Not the case right now.  For the first time, it seems that Danny Ferry has surrounded LeBron with a cast full of players who fit beautifully into their roles around the young star. […]

Mike Brown has his defense running smoothly as usual in Cleveland.  But it’s that top-ranked offense that adds a new danger factor to this Cavs team. 

Well, that and the fact that the Cavs are only expected to get better come February when they move a couple of expiring contracts for a veteran contributor.”

The Scary Part of What the Cavs Are Doing [Celtics Blog]