ESPN’s NBA Research Falls a Little Short

With the Cavs taking on the Nuggets last night, ESPN tried their hardest to rekindle the whole “LeBron/Melo” battle that has failed quite miserably.  This morning, it seems that they are starting to lighten up a bit as Sportscenter admitted their shortcomings.  However, thanks to Scene Magazine’s Vince Grzegorek, we have a few words of analysis that the WWL may want to revisit next time they discuss Cavaliers-Nuggets.  Vince’s words follow after the jump.


ESPN and Sportscenter are certainly not infallible, but there are some things you would expect them to get correct.

Turned on the Saturday 10 a.m. edition this morning to find co-host David Lloyd and the World Wide Leader not so up to date on their recent NBA history. The introduction to the Cavs/Nuggest highlights from Friday night was a small dissertation on the disappointing rivalry between LeBron and Carmelo Anthony. They were supposed to be the new Magic and Bird, and it hasn’t panned out that way, blah blah blah.

Then Lloyd dropped this nugget: “Five years later, neither has even taken his team to the Finals.”


Listen, I know the 2006-2007 Cavs performance in the NBA Finals against the Spurs left a lot to be desired. Getting swept really isn’t the way to cement your legacy in the minds of fans and sportscasters, but on the other hand, that was only two years ago. We’re not talking about an obscure ABA game from the 1970’s.

If LeBron and the Cavs were looking for some bulletin board material to keep their motivation up while running out to a 22-4 record, well, this just might do.