Brian Giles, Sued by Ex-Girlfriend

Slow news morning thus far, but this is definitely something that caught my eye.  Former Indian outfielder Brian Giles’ name hit the news wire, but not for a reason that he would likely prefer.

An ex-girlfriend of Giles claims that he had the occasional bout with the backhands which caused her to lose her then “with child” state. 

Plaintiff Cheri Olvera alleges in her complaint that she and Giles lived together since 2002 and became engaged around December 2005. However, the marriage never took place due to Giles’ violence toward her, the suit states.

She alleges that the two reached an agreement that if their relationship ended by death, separation or otherwise, that all of Giles’ property would be divided for her benefit. But in April 2008, she states Giles breached the agreement. She stated Giles failed to secure her financially according to the standard of living they shared and failed to divide his assets.

Quite the set-up. 

The claim links the following verbiage to Giles: hitting, slapping, pushing, shaking, kicking, knocking, and battering.  Giles is slated to make $9 million this season with the Padres. The lawsuit is for $10 million.  And if you’re curious as to what the outfielder has to say about said lawsuit, you’ll have to keep waiting. Per Giles’ agent Joe Bick:

“I have absolutely no comment,”

This has “out of court settlement” written all over it.  If I were brother Marcus, I wouldn’t be answering my phone for a little while. 

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