ALCS Game 5 Preview

Thursday, October 18, 2007
Jacob’s Field – Cleveland, Ohio
Josh Beckett vs CC Sabathia
8:21 PM EST

Ok, I’m gonna keep this short, but sweet. Here’s the breakdown. Josh Beckett’s career record at Jacobs Field is 0-2 in 2 games started, going 11.2 IP with an ERA of 6.92. Also, with 4 games rest Becket is at his best, with a 3.79 career ERA. But this game he will be going on 5 days rest, where he is at his worst, with a career ERA of 4.26.

CC Sabathia’s career record at the Jake is 43-35 with an ERA of 3.83. Pitching on 5 days rest, he is at his best, with his ERA dropping from 3.89 on 4 days rest to 3.66 on 5 days rest.

Also….I dunno, I just have a gut feeling that Beckett is due for a rough postseason outing while CC is due for a great start. Finally, if push comes to shove, I’m going with the X-Factor: Josh Beckett’s ex-girlfriend. That’s right…the Indians decided to bring her in to sing the National Anthem, I kid you not. This is gonna rattle Beckett and deliver the pennant to the Tribe. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it until proven wrong.

Cleveland wins this one 11-2 and looks forward to facing the ghost of John Elway in Denver.