A Tribute to Eric Snow

With the Indians struggling, and the Cavaliers anxiously waiting for their big game on Sunday against those dreaded Celtics, I would like to touch base on something that got very little air time here earlier in the week. Last Sunday, April 5, Eric Snow’s career ended with the Cavaliers, as the team was finally able



The Boots: Joe Smith, Akron Zips, Cliff Lee, Cavaliers on Road

  The Boots is a regular feature over at my blog where I assign “Boot Ups” or “Boot Downs” to various things in the sports world. I started doing these features since my brothers always teased me as a little kid with the nickname “Boot” and I thought it was an appropriate way to



Cleveland Indians Offensive Production Analysis

The Cleveland Indians last season finished exactly at 0.500 last year with their 81-81 record, which leaves the unit open to direct comparison to the MLB averages in many different regards. Today’s post will be the first in a series of articles I will write in comparing the Indians production in the 2008 season to