Cliff Lee to Hold Off Negotiations: Haven’t we Been Here Before?

Tell me when this starts to sound familiar: The Cleveland Indians have the reigning AL Cy Young winner.  Said pitcher is heading into the last year of his contract.  Prior to Opening Day, this pitcher has come out and publicly said he will hold off on contract negotiations until the end of the season. Sounds



WFNY East Meetup: Thursday, April 2 at 5 PM

So – in one week the Cavs are playing the Washington Wizards in a basketball match at the Verizon Center (and apparently Hibachi will be back in time for the Cavs!!!).  As the guy from WFNY that lives in the DC Metro area, I have decided we should have a get together before the game.


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Recap: 2009 NCAA Tournament, first weekend

Four days in.  By now we all might have gotten our fill of Gus Johnson, and definitely have had more than enough of Bill Raftery doing his best Tourette’s impression.   WITH THE KISS! GRUGGGG!!! We’ve screamed at the players that we love to hate.  Now we are subjected to what could be the worst