Fixing the 0-16 Cleveland Browns – WFNY Podcast

Jake Burns has been talking Browns with WFNY for the better part of six months now. He’s finally on the podcast with Craig to fix the Browns now that they’ve lost all their regular season games.

  • Jake Burns and his background in football
  • Hue Jackson and what he’s capable of as a coach
  • 1-31 and just how bad it could have gone for him
  • Sashi Brown and the moving of the hurdle
  • The Sashi Brown apologists
  • Did Hue Jackson need to be kept because of Jimmy Haslam’s history?
  • Coaches and their willingness to take a shot on Jimmy Haslam
  • What are the Browns going to do at quarterback?
  • Are there any Jimmy Haslam defenders left?
  • The strange continuity of the Cleveland Browns in 2018
  • Trying not to pretend we know what we don’t know
  • Can you draft a running back in the first round?
  • Fournette saving Bortles season
  • Rosen? Mayfield? Darnold? Who goes number 1 overall.
  • Would you trade the Browns first round for Andrew Luck?

  • Harv

    good job, guys. I would feel more optimistic about Dorsey’s potential to start digging the franchise out if the organizational structure didn’t feature multiple weight-bearing legs that each rest upon the soundness of Jimmy Haslam’s football judgment.

    And let’s say Dorsey is sincerely listening to Hue’s ideas about what characteristics the coach wants in a QB, receiver, RB or guard. What if Dorsey agrees with some but not all – how does he draft, especially if he thinks Hue’s on borrowed time? What if he thinks Hue’s being disingenuous to stay employed but, like this year, might panic again and revert to a style of play not necessarily suited to the personnel? It just feels this latest iteration of the shotgun marriage will end up not only wasting yet another season but continuing the storied tradition of nervous individuals trying to convince the Emperor that it’s the other guy’s fault. Sure, it’s possible that a forced marriage to someone you’ve never seen results in a happy domestic situation. But there’s better ways to play those percentages.

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  • It always comes back to Jimmy as emperor. I hope for success, but I can’t predict it or have confidence in it with him at the helm. This structure is less than ideal, but I’m unsure that even the most perfect structure could insure against ownership.

  • BenRM

    I agree with you…but like, there’s nothing to be done about it. Coaches and GMs are fired all the time (especially in Cleveland). But how rare is it for ownership to change, especially when that owner was christened by the Lords of the NFL just a few years ago.