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Report: Browns GM John Dorsey may want to hire his own head coach

When the Cleveland Browns announced that Executive Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown was fired, the move was a surprise to many Browns fans. Not because of the fact that he was fired but because of the timing. Why with just a few weeks left in the regular season? Whatever the reasoning, the new hire, who would end up being general manager John Dorsey, now receives extra time to evaluate the current talent and prepare for the upcoming offseason and the 2018 NFL Draft.

In the same statement that owner Jimmy Haslam announced that Brown was let go, he also announced that head coach Hue Jackson — who was 1-27 as the head coach of the Browns when the statement was made and now 1-28 following Sunday’s overtime come-from-ahead loss to the Green Bay Packers — would remain the head coach of the Browns in 2018.

Yes, Cleveland is the first team in NFL history to start 0-13 in two-consecutive seasons and have won just one game the last two seasons. Somehow their coach is safe. How does that make sense? Even if he is the coach in 2018, what’s the point of making that statement securing his job with a month left in the season? With a new general manager, there were some who questioned why Dorsey would not be allowed to bring in his own coach. Only Jimmy Haslam and the Browns, right?

Then, Sunday happened. In his first game as general manager, Dorsey looked on, sitting next to Haslam in the owner’s suite. Following the Browns giving up a 14-point fourth-quarter lead, reports leaked that he may indeed want to remove Jackson as head coach. At least according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

The persistent sense in league circles is that new G.M. John Dorsey, who sat right next to Haslam throughout Sunday’s loss to the Packers, will eventually make the case for making his own hire at head coach. And if the Browns go 0-16, Dorsey’s case may be much more persuasive.

Dorsey is passionate and energetic, and if he has enough chances to communicate his views directly to Haslam, it’s possible that Haslam will change his mind. Really, what would the consequence be if Haslam declares in three weeks that we should ignore what he said about keeping Hue?

It’s not known who Dorsey would hire, if he gets the chance to hire his own coach. But it’s believed that he knows who he’d hire, which is all that really matters at this point.

While it’s not known who Dorsey prefers as head coaching candidates, if Jackson is eventually fired this offseason, there are plenty of options. None of them have gone 1-28 in their last 29 games either.

In his only other time hiring a head coach, Dorsey brought in veteran head coach Andy Reid to the Chiefs prior to the 2014 season. Reid has gone 50-27 in Kansas City since.

One name to keep an eye on is Matt Nagy, who is currently the co-offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. Given Dorsey’s ties to the Chiefs and Nagy’s name being floated around for head coach vacancies this offseason, it could be a perfect match.

  • BenRM

    Also, Hue abandons the running game, calls terrible 3rd down plays, and asks his QB to be Peyton Manning when he’s a baby.

  • tigersbrowns2

    hi BEN … how about the 3rd & 2 play yesterday with less than 3 minutes to go ? yes , we probably should’ve ran the ball … but if Njoku doesn’t drop that pass it’s pretty much game over … can’t blame everything on Hue.

    I think Hue actually called a good game yesterday … the offense did their part yesterday & the defense didn’t , except for the 4th down stand inside the 10 yard-line.

  • tigersbrowns2

    … and he doesn’t ask Kizer to be Manning , he asks him not to turn the ball over .

  • Chris
  • Garry_Owen

    So very comical to me. If you’re CNN (and I hope you’re not) all you have to do in this “fake news” war with the President – literally, the ONLY thing you have to do – is NOT MAKE STUFF UP. And they couldn’t do it.

    Trump: 2
    CNN: 0

  • Saggy

    I used to be an AP at CNN/SI. I loved that place. Sadly, it’s changed. Except for Wolf.

  • Skulb

    Yes but you’re not looking for results now from him. You’re looking for development long term, as in towards the end of next season. And how is Kizer going to develop in a timely manner while on the bench, or while being threatened with the bench if he does anything Der Fuhrer doesn’t approve of? If that is Jackson’s #1 thing with a developing QB, he is a moron. I’m sorry. All he will achieve is to make the QB inhibited and cowardly, which is the worst possible thing while he is developing. This is what the Skins did with Cousins, who could be much, much better than he is right now if he wasn’t terrified of throwing an interception. Or an even worse example, Tyrod Taylor. Do you want Tyrod Taylor as your starting QB? Well then, leave it to Hue Jackson and he’ll make you one! You should want a young QB to take stupid risks early on and then explore the alternatives with him in a patient, pedagogic way. You know, like an adult. As opposed to as a five year old throwing an interception-tantrum.

    This can be done in a sensible way that, barring serious injury, ensures that you will at the very least see the best possible version of Kizer that is possible in this dimension by the end of the 2018 season. If he isn’t good enough then, tough titties. We made a mistake. But at least it was an honest mistake, and we saw the thing through to its natural end. We did not hem and haw, second guess ourselves or bench him like idiots after three games of him not being Peyton Manning instantly. Who by the way threw interceptions fairly regularly because he had the confidence to take risks and sometimes make mistakes. All QBs need that confidence. They do not need a neurotic on the sideline obsessing over every tiny error.

  • tigersbrowns2

    you don’t think Lombardi , Parcells , Ditka , Belichick , Cowher & Gruden , to name a few , obsessed over every tiny error ?? … but the one thing most of these coaches didn’t have to do was start a rookie QB right out-of-the-gate .

    i can remember Troy Aikman & Peyton Manning being left in there during their very hard rookie seasons to suffer & learn-on-the-job.

    it really doesn’t matter what you or I think … is Kizer okay with it ? is Kizer going to be better in the long run because of it ?

    lets’ say you get to coach the QB’s & your QB is continually turning the ball over … when does your “sensible way” give way to something else , when your QB keeps right on turning the ball over ??

  • Skulb

    But that’s the thing, you don’t know. You can’t know. What you always know is that there will be little to no effective learning or development on the bench. This was YOUR choice. He’s only in there throwing interceptions because of you. So it’s your fault and you’re making it worse by second guessing yourself. Maybe you’re the one who should be fired instead of him.
    I keep going back to Cousins because he is such a good example. First 20 games he was shaky, interception prone and only willing observers saw the rather large potential underneath the unappealing facade. I was one of them. Most Skins fans and sports reporters were not. Like Hue with Kizer they had given up on him because of some irrelevant interceptions. Then, over the final ten games or so of the 30 it takes to acclimatize a young quarterback to the rigors of the NFL, Cousins took huge strides on a weekly basis. His highs became game winning highs and his more and more infrequent lows became mostly survivable. After game #30 I would argue that he has never once been the primary reason why the Skins have lost a game. Before that point he lost them games all the time. Thirty games. Not three or eight.

    So you’re not going to know about Kizer until November-December next year whether he is or isn’t a franchise QB. Just like the Eagles didn’t really know about Wentz until midway through this season, or about game #20+. This is not only sensible. It is reality. Only luck or being on a great team makes people look like franchise QBs before thirty games. They’re probably not. They lack the experience to be, and will be exposed on that in due course. And the sooner the better from a developmental standpoint. The only thing that should concern us is persistent mistakes of the same kind. And all interceptions are not the same. Some are a problem, others not so much. What is it you’re not seeing in this situation? It’s not good enough and we have to address this. But we can not do so with you on the bench with someone else starting the game. The failure to understand this is why Hue Jackson is an incompetent jerk. This was his one saving grace I thought. And he blew it.

  • tigersbrowns2

    good post … I guess time will tell.

  • mgbode

    It is purely about structure. If you have a strong owner, then that structure works really well and keeps him involved. If not, well, it doesn’t matter what you do anyway.

    Worth noting Kraft had that structure setup for Bill from Day 1 when he was just a failed former Browns coach.

  • you’re arguing 1 game. The case against him is over the course of the last 1 and 2/3 rds. It’s really indefensible.

    Really…it’s that simple.

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  • scripty

    Im gonna eat, breathe and work persisistently today, then sleep persistently.

  • scripty

    I remember when some guy who hadn’t played in the NFL in a few years could predict all the plays b/c Shurmer used 1985 west coast offense.

  • scripty

    You can acquire a few feral cats if you position the koi habitat properly. Feral cats being mid-3rd round picks, that is.

  • Steve

    The context of this complaint is pretty great too. CNN is being vilified and said to create “fake news” for making a bigger deal than some fish feeding should be. OK, they exagerrated a fish feeding photo op.

    Meanwhile, the commander in chief can’t even keep his lies consistent, but Garry can’t find it worth his time to play “gotcha!” more than once I guess.

  • fltz24

    What’s the hurry, I’m only 70 .