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Josh Gordon scores first touchdown since December 15, 2013

In his first game back in Cleveland since he was reinstated by the NFL, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has quickly shown how big of a threat he can be on the outside for rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer. He proved that with an 18-yard touchdown reception Sunday afternoon, his first touchdown since December 15, 2013.1

Whether it’s his size, speed, or athleticism, the wide out has gifts that you just can’t teach. It’s part of the reason why some have such high expectations for Gordon even though he has been out of the league for so long.

Given the amounts of ups and downs that he has gone through so far in his career, it’s amazing to think that Gordon’s still only 26 years old. If he has truly turned things around off the field, as he explained during an interview on UNINTERRUPTED and also in an interview with GQ prior to his return, the receiver has plenty of years to do play (and be great) in the NFL.

After totaling four receptions and 85 yards on 11 targets in his first game back since 2014, Gordon hasn’t seemed to miss a beat even though he was out of the league for three years. WFNY’s own Jake Burns broke down all four of the wide out’s receptions against the Chargers last Sunday.

So far against the Packers, he has three receptions for 69 yards and a touchdown, proving yet again that he can still play at an elite level.

When on the field, Gordon can be one of the best receivers in the NFL and he has began to prove that yet again in his six quarters since his return. Now, he has to prove that he can consistently do well, whether it’s in terms of the deep ball or just catching quick slants. So far, he has.

Thanks to Gordon’s touchdown and a seven-yard touchdown from Kizer to Duke Johnson, the Browns hold a 14-7 halftime lead. It’s just the second time this season that Cleveland has held a lead at the half.

  1. Yes, almost four years to the day. []

  • scripty

    Nassib, learn how to wrap up.

    And take a look at Sammie Coates #10 on that punt reutn, LOL.

  • Robert Sass

    Why did Hugh Jackson never do any wide receiver screens to him? Gordon runs over people. Pettine’s Browns always gave him the ball often near the line of scrimmage and let him run over people. No receptions in the second half, shame on Hugh Jackson.

    AND WHY DO YOU EVER PUNT THE BALL IN BOUNDS IN THE NFL??????????????????????????????????

  • Skulb

    Aaw, so close. Participation awards for everyone!

  • scripty

    If Vince Lombardi was the HC, Bill Belicheck the DC, Bill Walsh the OC and Dave Toub the Special Team Coach, how many wins does this Browns team have? 2?

  • JM85

    Wins aren’t part of the process.

  • tigersbrowns2

    … i’d say 4-9.

  • Garry_Owen

    Because I couldn’t watch the game, can somebody tell me where Gordon was in the second half? Were there no targets? Did his conditioning catch up? Did the game plan change? Did Kizer fail? 3 catches, 69 yards, and a TD in the 1st half; nothing in the second (if my observation was/is correct).