Welcoming The Nail in the Coffin: While We’re Waiting

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“Let’s start from the beginning.” I had no idea what to write about this week, but I opened my document, and that is what I had already written. I don’t know what topic I had in mind when I wrote “Let’s start from the beginning.” but whatever it was, it’s whatever this is now.

Site Announcement: The Nail in the Coffin joins WFNY…

WFNY people have been on this local Cleveland sports podcast you might have heard of called The Nail in the Coffin. I’ve been on it before. Hattery and TD have also been on before. They’ve also had some really cool guests like Carlos Baerga, local photographer Ken Blaze, and Indians Twitter maestro, Joel Hammond. It’s hosted by Tom Valentino and Travis Ulle, and they’ve provided their Cleveland sports podcast consistently since 2015. Well, they’re going to join us here at WFNY.

That doesn’t mean a whole lot to fans of their show or fans of our podcasts and content. They’re not moving their show, or changing it. It just means that you’ll see and hear those guys around these parts. You will hear Tom or Travis pop up on our feed from time to time. You will probably hear more WFNY writers on their podcast. It will be cool to have them as a part of WFNY however it shakes out. We are very much the same genre of Cleveland sports talk, so it just makes sense.

So welcome Tom and Travis on Twitter. Make sure you subscribe to their podcast.

Re-branding the Browns with the one and only OKPants…

Speaking of podcasts, I did one this week that was outside the box. My friend OK Pants is a local designer and overall hysterical person. While he sprinkled in plenty of the funny, he was pretty deadly serious about the topic of rebranding professional football in Cleveland. Take away the name. Take away the awful colors that we only love because of nostalgia. Let’s just start fresh. Aaron is volunteering to take on the job for considerable compensation befitting the project. I also chime in about bulldozing Berea and moving the team to a whole new location in the greater Cleveland area. I joked about Lakeland Community College because the Browns used to do training camp there. I also joked that I’ve had more children since 1999 than the Browns have playoff games. (It’s a joke even if it’s just, you know, factual.)

Please give it a listen and unlike many who say “don’t @ me,” OKPants is the opposite. Go ahead and @ him to your heart’s content.

The Post is pure Oscar Oscarness…

I admit that I’m dying to see the new movie with Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and Steven Spielberg. It’s like one of the most slam-dunk Oscar favorites to come out in a long time. It’s about the Washington Post fighting the government over exposing lies about Vietnam. It involves Richard Nixon. It’s got a clear good guy, bad guy, a venue for conflict in the Supreme Court and enough star power to carry material with this kind of gravity.

I’m almost rooting for it to fail the way you root for the Yankees to fail with a $3 billion payroll.


That’s it from me this week. Thanks for being here. Thanks for your continued support. Please, if you like what we’re doing and you want us to continue, please consider supporting us via Patreon. The economics of publishing on the web kind of stink in 2017 and we’re trying our damndest to make this a nice home for the best independent voices in Cleveland sports.

  • MartyDaVille

    I’ve given up on the entertainment industry’s interpretations of historical events because of their need to invent dramatic conflict where none exists.

    An egregious recent example is Oprah Winfrey’s movie about Martin Luther King (“Selma”), in which Lyndon Johnson is portrayed as one of the bad guys. LBJ was not just a champion of the civil rights movement, he was a leader. But because the director or producer or whoever needed to punch up the story for dramatic effect (which certainly wasn’t necessary given all the actual facts of the matter), they trashed LBJ’s legacy. And people whose only knowledge of Johnson’s role comes from this movie have a completely erroneous opinion of him. That is just shameful.

    A less awful example is the movie “Sully.” During the government’s investigation into the matter, the NTSB was clear in its praise for Sullivan’s skill and had no problem with his decision to land in the river. But again, since the moviemakers needed some dramatic flair, they just invented some and portrayed the NTSB as hostile to Sullivan and his actions.

    It’s a very poor moviemaker who cannot portray actual events and actual people as they were and make it interesting. To just invent plot devices for dramatic effect is dishonest.

  • RGB

    “It’s a very poor moviemaker who cannot portray actual events and actual people as they were and make it interesting. To just invent plot devices for dramatic effect is dishonest.”

    Which explains the ridiculous reviews of Dunkirk deriding it for it’s lack of diversity.

  • MartyDaVille

    Another minor example is the movie Apollo 13. There was never any argument up there between Fred Haise and Jack Swigert, and neither Haise nor Lovell ever blamed Swigert for their predicament.

    But I guess that whole story just wasn’t interesting enough the way it was. Nope, so Ron Howard of all people had to invent some phony argument because, you know, there just wasn’t enough drama. What’s worse, the invention added nothing to the movie. It was completely unnecessary.

    Distorting the actions of real people for dramatic effect is unethical.

  • mgbode


    In case you hadn’t seen that site. It is quite well done. For instance, for the Christoper Robin movie:


  • MartyDaVille

    What a neat site! Thanks.

  • mgbode

    Not a problem. I use it because I enjoy these types of movies too much to not watch them, but I also want to know the real stories.

  • scripty

    As a screenwriter, I find this take outrageously misplaced. You’re telling a story. If you demand accuracy, watch only documenteries.

    I mean, even documenteries get plenty of wrong. Ken Burns and Ambrose, too popular and accessible historians, have had plenty of errors in their careers.

  • scripty

    I can’t get past this, what movies do you allow yourself to enjoy? I feel you’re holding an ENTERTAINMENT industry that works in the fiction segment to a wee bit high standard.

  • CBiscuit

    Word. In the factual version of Porky’s, the bar owner was not antagonistic. In fact, he welcomed the high school boys into the sleazy bar, looked the other way when they snuck some drinks in, and gladly took their money.

    And the bar was called Juicy Lucy’s, and it was by the airport. Or least from what I recall, as I’m going by memory here.

  • I am 100% anti-rebrand for the Browns. If you want to give the team a logo other than an orange helmet, fine. But the helmet itself should remain the same, the uniforms return to their former glory, and the name stays. It’s a name that actually means something to the town, the state, and the game itself, not something that was focus-group tested and market researched like some Poochie the Dog. I love the Browns colors because I genuinely love the colors. I think they make for a really good looking combination that fits the sport and the season it is played in. And it’s just different than most of what you see in sports in general. There’s a reason beyond just blind rage against the man who stole the team away that people so intensely fought to maintain those elements. And it’s not the colors or the logo or the name that have prevented the reboot from having success, but the NFL itself rushing the process and changing the rules on us plus a series of inept leaders.

  • scripty

    Jason Robards nailed Ben Bradlee so well it will be tough for Hanks to match that.

  • Two movies that got a lot of (deserved) support as great football movies here recently: We Are Marshall and Remember the Titans. Many liberties taken to core details of the reality of those stories. Still wonderful stories, and both served to get myself and others interested in the real story. I have no issue with creative liberties, so long as they movie or show is not claiming to be offering THE FACTS. It’s entertainment.

  • mgbode

    I stand w/ B-Bo.

  • scripty

    One of the best twists ever is in Fargo they put the disclaimer at the start of the movie about it being a true story when it was completely fictional.

  • RGB

    Alec Scheiner. That is the perpetrator in need of punishment responsible for laughable state of our current wardrobe.
    Unfortunately he has left town, so he cannot feel the wrath of my torchfork, ‘ol Bessie.

  • Saggy

    Steve Mnuchin exec produced Sully. I watched it the other day and could not remember them being so hostile toward him.

  • Saggy

    OMG – Piglet looks NOTHING like the real Piglet. BOYCOTT!!

  • Saggy

    I did take huge offense to Field Of Dreams, though. I feel that if you’re going to tell a story about a guy you should at least get what side of the plate he hit from correct.

  • Saggy

    The REAL aunt Viv.

  • Saggy

    I mean, when I read or hear a story about Ben Bradlee anymore, I just picture Robards. That was a master class.

  • MartyDaVille

    I am just astonished at the superficiality of some of these replies. I really thought folks here had a little more depth than this.

    Have a nice day.

  • Garry_Owen

    If Nixon is a bad guy for anything having to do with Vietnam, then he joins a cabal of bad guys that includes Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson.

  • scripty

    When he says “run it” and then does that contained fist pump. so good. couldnt find it.


  • CBiscuit

    Ike too?! I thought he was the guy who coined “military industrial complex” when cautioning about the build up?

    On another note, good to “see” you my friend! I haven’t been on here as much lately, but seems like it’s been a while…

  • Garry_Owen

    I have no problem with him cautioning about the military situation; he was right. My issue is with his blind foreign policy devotion to old, feckless allies that were doing horrible things in Indochina.

    Thanks for the welcome back. It has been a while. Lots going on.

  • And still you stand, ever at the ready. I salute both you and Bessie.


  • CBiscuit

    Ah, I see. Didn’t know that (and I don’t know much about the buildup other than what I saw in “Fog of War”). Interesting.

    Hope the “lots going on” are good goings on.

  • Garry_Owen

    Yeah, mostly good. Thanks.

    If you get a chance, watch the first episode of Ken Burns’s new Vietnam War documentary (well, watch them all). Pretty good summary of the political situation. Eye-opening, jaw-dropping, head-shaking, tear-inducing if you’ll allow it. This is no profound statement, but Vietnam was a colossal waste.

  • tsm

    “and people whose only knowledge of Johnson’s role comes from this movie have a completely erroneous opinion of him.” As others have said, as long as the movie does not claim to be a documentary, then it is on the audience if they form opinions based simply on a movie that is – based on historical facts. We who were there must make sure we point this out to those who would make this mistake in the vent we hear this kind of talk. I labor under no illusions that those who make movies, put things in print, or otherwise engage in the media are motivated by anything other than making as much $$ as possible. Thus, the need to jazz up the basic, boring facts. Years ago, when the show L.A. Law was first on, someone asked me if the show bore any resemblance to the actual practice of law. My response was – we have more sex! Obvious sarcasm, but I was making a much larger point.

  • tsm

    Agree wholeheartedly. Younger folks want to present a new image given how bad we have been since 99. However, our classic unis (pre-Scheiner) take us back to the days of Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Lou Groza, Leroy Kelly, Paul Brown etc. who are legends in this league. Don’t go away from our colors, but get back to finding players and coaches who are worth of representing those colors.

  • RGB

    Ol Bessie is growing restless. The dust she’s collecting is making her thirsty for blood. She can sense the incompetence emanating from Berea.
    I think she’s a distant cousin of Stormbringer.

  • CBiscuit

    Yeah, my brother told me about that one. It’s queued up on my list, but need to free up the emotional bandwidth for it first. Although then again, I know there’s never any ideal moment to take in a heavy subject.

  • tsm

    I second Garry’s endorsement. That was my era, and I was in college when the draft went to a lottery system. I was both stunned and upset to learn how our leaders lied to us in order to protect their own reputations and not be the one who “lost” the war.

  • CBiscuit

    I can’t imagine what it was like to live through those times. My mom tells me about classmates she lost. Hard to imagine your generation ever being able to trust the govt after that…

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  • Cleveland_Rocks

    I am also a fan of the orange and brown colors. Actually, several people I know, some not from Cleveland, also like that combination. That said, I listened to the podcast about re-branding the browns and changing the colors with some interest. I think one person’s personal and pissed off bitter perspective on the colors themselves was exactly that: one person’s perspective. I don’t agree with it. So that part was more of a nuisance to me.

    However, the idea that the team we followed is now the team in Baltimore, kind of makes sense to me. The basic issue with the Browns, in my opinion, has been a failure of leadership at the very top. We can criticize art modell for being An inept businessman and firing the wrong players at the wrong time, but he did attract a lot of good players and coaches as well. Between the Lerner’s and Jimmy Haslam, we haven’t seen anything approaching the leadership that modell had.

    neither of the learners and certainly not Jimmy have any real experience in managing a professional sports franchise. They don’t know who to hire, they don’t know how to keep order in the building, they don’t know how to set expectations and implement a system of rewards that actually works. If you are trying to analyze it, all you have to do is look at the common elements. The coaches of change, the players of changed,… But the owners have remained constantly awful.

  • paulbip

    You want a stinkin logo???? The elf is the only logo. Shoot the stinkin dog and wear the uniforms that Jim Brown wore.