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Ohio State remains No. 9 in fourth Playoff rankings

After destroying Illinois this past weekend, the Ohio State Buckeyes still came in at No. 9 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings, behind the same eight teams they were behind last week.

For the second straight week, College Football Playoff committee chairman Kirby Hocutt made it known that while Ohio State has played well over the last two weeks, the losses against Oklahoma and especially at Iowa will always be on the Buckeyes’ resumé and may be hard to come back from unless some more chaos takes place.

“That is a bad loss to Iowa that sits there on Ohio State’s resumé. …They’ve played well the last two weeks,” he said. “But two convincing losses sit there on their resumé.”

Keep in mind, the Hawkeyes just lost to Purdue this past weekend. That’s not a good look for the Buckeyes, who not only lost to Iowa, but suffered a 31-point blowout loss to them while allowing 55 points. It could quite possibly be a loss that is just too hard to overcome.

At this point, Urban Meyer’s crew can only look forward and not regret anything that has already taken place this season. If they want any shot at a spot in the Final Four they must win The Game at Michigan and beat (hopefully undefeated) Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game. Although they will have two losses, a conference championship.

Proving that they belong in the Playoff for the third time in five years, the Buckeyes not only need to win their regular season finale in Ann Arbor and upset the Badgers in Indianapolis, but they will have to do so convincingly as well. At this point, all Ohio State can do is dominate and the rest will (hopefully) work itself out.

For those curious as to how the Buckeyes could rise so quickly in the rankings in the final two weeks. There’s a few things that will no matter what happen:

  • If Ohio State beats Michigan and then Wisconsin, the Badgers will be ranked behind the Buckeyes.
  • Alabama travels to Auburn Saturday afternoon, so no matter what one of those teams will lose. For what it’s worth, considering the Crimson Tide are undefeated, Buckeye Nation should be rooting heavily for Bama to win that game.
  • The winner of Alabama-Auburn will then play Georgia in the SEC Championship, which means that no matter what either the Bulldogs or Bama-Auburn will lose.
  • Due to Notre Dame being an independent, they will not be in a conference championship, which could hurt them given that the committee has made it known that conference championships are important.

Along with being Alabama fans the next two weeks, Ohio State fans should also root for Miami. With No. 2 Miami leaping No. 3 Clemson, the two will go against one another in the ACC Championship. If Clemson beats The U, there’s a possibility that one-loss Miami could still make the Playoff, which would give the ACC two Final Four teams.

The Buckeyes are one of five ranked Big Ten teams this week. The other four are all in the top 22:

  • No. 5 Wisconsin
  • No. 10 Penn State
  • No. 16 Michigan State
  • No. 22 Northwestern

After losing at Wisconsin last Saturday, Michigan is not ranked heading into The Game. The Wolverines are currently 8-3 on the season.

There will be one last one-hour College Football Playoff: Top 25 show on ESPN next Tuesday following the end of the regular season. The selection committee will then reveal its final rankings and the Final Four on Sunday, December 3.

  • RGB

    No way Bucky is #5. No way.
    They were not convincingly better than an average UM team. A terrible instant replay call, an inexcusable special teams blunder, and historically inept pass blocking allowed Bucky to win 24-10 at home. SUoO will double this, this weekend. Take SUoO and lay the points. Bet your house, and the kids college fund. Let’s just get this over with.
    I fully expect SUoO to demolish Bucky in the B1G Championship Game.

    I don’t care how close this is, this is unequivocally a catch…


  • MartyDaVille

    A “catch”? How quaint.

    A “catch” doesn’t exist any more. Now we have the “catch process,” in which each would-be reception is analyzed for a primary and secondary impetus with the assistance of an atomic clock, an electron microscope, and super-duper slow-motion replay so that every movement of every molecule can be inspected in the context of its relationship to the human body, the playing field, and the prolate spheroid as well as Newton’s laws of motion and gravity.

  • RGB

    Please don’t say “process”.

  • Gage Will
  • JM85

    They need a lot of help to even reach the top 5.

  • Chris

    That got me thinking, so I looked. The pre-96 Browns had 10 head coaches, including interim. The post-99 Browns have had 9.

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