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Jimmy Haslam, Browns still targeting Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning Front Office

It’s widely believed throughout the city of Cleveland that the Browns, even in the event they do not fire anyone this offseason, will in the very least add someone to help guide their rebuild in the right direction. According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Cafora, that someone may very well be Peyton Manning.

How much does Haslam want Manning, who also has ties back to their home state of Tennessee? Enough to offer him an ownership stake in the Browns.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam’s interest in having Peyton Manning join his franchise in a prominent team president/top executive role is very strong and sincere, league sources said, with the owner desperate to find ways to put a winning football operations and coaching staff together. …

Some in the NFL believe Haslam would be willing to offer a small equity stake in the team to close such a deal with Manning. In the past some close to Manning have discounted the odds of him going to Cleveland.

La Canfora says it’s a certainty that the Browns will undergo “sweeping changes” this offseason, but it’s unclear as to if these are normal NFL-like changes, or if they’re looked through the Browns lens where most change is considered routine. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported earlier on Sunday that Haslam met with the players this week in hopes of maintaining a semblance of morale. He also added that Browns head coach Hue Jackson (who, with a 1-24 record since being added, reports directly to Haslam) is looking to have more say in player selection going forward.

mentions the Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints as other potential locations for Manning’s services, this assuming he wishes to take on a John Elway-like chapter in his football career. Regardless of if you believe in the team’s current process or not, the true cost of going 4-42 since December of 2014 is having to give equity share in the team in hopes of luring someone to help.

  • whosevelt

    I am not qualified to judge Peyton Manning’s aptitude for an NFL front office position. Another person who is almost certainly unqualified to do it is Jimmy Haslam. For that reason this would be a classic Browns move – inexplicable on logical football terms, imposing a financial and structural cost that has an 85% chance of further ruining the team and a 15% chance of success, and making the Browns feel like they are the smartest team in the league despite it all. As someone posted on Twitter yesterday, I hope this happens because ruining Manning’s legacy will be the best thing the Browns have ever done.

  • Skulb

    Who is Mike Pettine! No, I take that back, Romeo Crennel! Or, wait, Bill Bellichick!

    On a personal level I am delighted to watch Haslam perpetually slip in the mud and not being able to get back up. For plot purposes you sort of want someone to throw him a rope, but you know he’s just going to throw it back anyway. Why, this rope isn’t good enough for His Highnessness! How dare you peasants throw me such a sub-optimal rope!?! I’m fine in the mud, even if I’m sinking!

    Well alrighty then.

  • RGB

    You know the HBT doesn’t want some hayseed telling them what to do.
    This should be good.

  • Harv

    And let’s suppose he has some aptitude. His experience as a player is way further removed from the FO than a Holmgren, who at Seattle was both HC and de facto GM. Unlike Ozzie who worked his way up from the bottom, or Elway who at least ran an arena league team for a full 6 years before becoming a Bronco’s executive, Manning has no executive or personnel evaluation experience. I mean, Matt Millen is a smart guy too, but knowing whether a guy on the field with you can play is far removed from figuring out whether a college kid can, or how to run a team. Giving this completely inexperienced celebrity real authority would be another hail mary from an owner hoping to get lucky because he can’t figure out this ownership thing.

  • MartyDaVille

    Let’s hire Bret Favre too! And Kurt Warner! We’ll be unbeatable!

  • BenRM

    Please. Please. PLEEEEEEASE have Manning come here.

  • Harv

    To me it’s the fallacy of hiring The Smart Guy. You’re smart. I’m smart. Sashi and Banner and DePodesta are smart. Mangini is smart. The dude who does my taxes is really, really smart. It doesn’t mean any of us should be running the draft, running the team.

  • KFunk


  • Cleveland_Rocks

    The most interesting part of this article was the very last line. Are the brown so bad that hiring someone means giving up equity in product? Yes. They are that bad. And, I’m not even sure that Peyton Manning will help.
    One thing worth noticing, I don’t see it talked about much in the media, is that Warren Buffett is buying the Haslam’s out of flying J. I don’t know if Jimmy Haslam will end up in jail, but he seems to be selling out to raise a lot of cash. Perhaps he will take up residence in another country?
    And, I would also raise the motivation of the Haslem’s to potentially sell, while the NFL proceeds in a dangerous and uncertain direction. I don’t care what anybody else has to say, the evidence about CTE and brain injury is becoming really bad, I’m not sure the NFL will remain the nation’s top league for very long. I could easily see a time when it folds completely. Lots of people say “that’s ridiculous, the NFL is here to stay.” I’m not so sure. Plenty of mothers and fathers, are not letting their kids play football, encouraging them to play other sports like soccer. And to any a-hole who seriously thinks that sports like soccer cause more concussions than football (how about it, A to z podcast?), you are either lying to yourself or just lying.

  • theotherJimBrown

    What are his degrees? Was it in sports management or business management? My bet is sports management of some sort. This guy bleeds football knowledge and the intricacies of it. When I watched him play, I saw an OC on the field. By the way…who was the Colts OC?