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Browns’ Josh Gordon reinstated by NFL on conditional basis

The wait is over! After being out of the NFL since 2014 and suspended since September 2016 without pay for multiple violations of the NFL-NFLPA Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has been reinstated by Commissioner Roger Goodell, effective immediately, the NFL announced Tuesday night.

“As emphasized at today’s meeting, everyone – including Josh’s teammates and coaches, the Browns’ ownership and organization, the Program professionals and all of us at the league office – want him to have every opportunity to resume his career and to be successful in the NFL,” said Goodell. “Whether that happens, however, at the end of the day will depend on Josh. His commitment to sobriety and to reaching his goals in football and beyond will determine his success. It ultimately is up to Josh.”

The 26-year-old can attend team meetings, engage in conditioning drills, and participate in individual workouts. On the Commissioner’s Exempt list, Gordon can begin to practice with the team on Monday, November 20 and be eligible to return to the active roster on November 27, which means he could play in Week 13.

Browns Executive Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown is excited to have arguably the top wide receiver on the roster back with the team. He plans to meet with Gordon to discuss his future.

“We’ve been informed of the league’s decision to reinstate Josh. The personal well-being of all our players is of the utmost importance to us. We respect and commend Josh for taking the steps necessary to have the opportunity to return to the league,” Brown said. “Josh will be in our building in the coming days and we look forward to having him back and sitting with him to discuss his future on our team.”

If the wide out is able to stay on the field, he brings a completely new dynamic to the Browns offense and fills a huge hole as well. The Browns receivers have been quite a disappoint so far this season, Gordon would be a much-needed addition. Remember, he was an All-Pro after totaling 87 receptions (159 targets) for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns in 2013. His speed and playmaking ability are two things the Browns have been searching for all season in their wide receiver group.

In early October, Gordon went on UNINTERRUPTED to discuss his drug use and rehab. Less than a month later, it seems as though the receiver has gotten his biggest wish, at least in terms of football. In and out of rehab, here’s to hoping that he is on the right path, not only on the football field, but most importantly off of it.

  • RGB
  • Super Bowl.

    Welcome back, Josh.
    Keep yourself CLEAN this time around, please?

  • mddawg

    Good job Jimmy, Goodell’s won your vote for extension now especially after he sneakily made him eligible for 5 weeks of playing time (rather than 6) thereby keeping him a Brown through the 2018 season before he can become a RFA.
    Whatever the case, we’re glad to have Flash Gordon back.

  • Sam Gold
  • RGB

    Ok, let’s be blunt about this. He hasn’t played in while, so is the ceiling still high with this guy? I know weed all like to see him out there smokin’ DBs, but can we trust him? How bong will it be until he screws up? Hopefully our dysfunctional FO can come to a joint decision that will help the team get to a super bowl.

  • tigersbrowns2

    high , bud … it toke quite a while for him to see the light … i hope he’s in-shape & ready to light-up the joint !!


    There were so many nuggets of truth here, I was content to left them waft over me. Gordon will have to get used to living his life in a fishbowl now, and there’s no doubt that temptations are going to roll up on him left and right. Hopefully he can tell the bad actors in his life to put it in their pipe and smoke it, and he has the ability to rediscover and harness the talent to light it up and blaze past defenses en route to a Pro Bowl-caliber career. He’s probably going to get stoned by some defenses until he can knock the rust off, but I’m confident that this is more than a tokin’ gesture from the league and the team to let him back in; they certainly are putting all their chips in the pot.

    Also, [insert sizzurp pun].

  • Harv

    Josh coming back … here, in mid-season? After not playing in a real game for like 3 years? After not having a productive one since like 2013? Oh sure, maybe he and Britt together light it up and will be that missing veteran locker room presence for those impressionable kiddies. Perfect coda to the most historically dysfunctional season of the league’s most dysfunctional team.

    If I’m Hue I’m not going down without a fight – I’m fighting to show other teams that I can grab the reins and coach a little even as the clowns tumble out of the tiny car and the water circles the drain the opposite way. And if I have to I’m personally slipping some banned substance onto Josh’s post-practice food plate.

  • RGB

    If we’re going to be incompetent, at least be entertaining.
    Nobody said the hilarity had to emanate from the field…

  • tsm

    I appreciate you guys “hashing” this one out.

  • Harv

    ok, but if you’re Haslam not sure how you monetize that. TMZ, on the other hand …

  • RGB

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.”
    – P.T. Haslam

  • Over/Under for how many games until the next suspension? Is 6.5 too high?

  • JM85

    I hope this doesn’t go up in smoke.

  • paulbip

    Josh needs some cash to score.