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Indians are new MLB consecutive win record holders

A day game replete with story lines, but none are as stellar as the obvious: the 2017 Cleveland Indians now have won 21 games in a row and hold the Major League Baseball record for consecutive wins after a 5-3 victory over the Detroit Tigers.

The other current MLB record holder is the Chicago Cubs in 1935 also with 21 wins. The previous AL record holder was the Oakland Athletics in 2002 with 20 wins, a team that inspired the movie “Moneyball”. The Indians sit alone with the longest consecutive win streak in AL history.

Complete domination has been the running theme throughout this winning streak as the Tribe has outscored opponents 139-35 over the course of the 21 games. They have only trailed at the end of four innings in the entire 189 innings played since the streak began. The team has a better run differential during these 21 games than all but seven teams have had over the course of the entire season to date. Indians batters have hit for more home runs (42, including two today by Jay Bruce and Roberto Perez, respectively) than Indians pitchers haveallowed runs to score (36). The two run differential in the record-setting victory on Wednesday was only the seventh time during the streak a game has been that close. Only three games have been decided by a single run.

Streaks like this are near impossible as the historical significance suggests. Injuries and random variance usually curtail anything lasting more than a week’s worth of games. The current longest AL winning streak outside the Indians belongs to the Toronto Blue Jays, which stands at four. The Colorado Rockies are the only team in the NL with a longer streak than them as they have won six straight. Heck, the Detroit Tigers longest winning streak this entire season sits at four games.

This Tribe team, however, has overcome injuries to players previously deemed indispensable. Two sets of doubleheaders within three days have been dispatched. Lengthy road trips and few days off have been pushed aside to set a record that might not be touched for decades.

The Indians will continue their unrelenting parade through the AL Central as they take on the Kansas City Royals Thursday at Progressive Field. The Tribe sends Josh Tomlin to the mound to face a team they have shut out six times in 2017.

  • JM85

    This is fun to watch. 21-0 is just insane.

  • Chris

    Well then I guess there’s only one thing left to do.

  • Chris

    So the Indians have breezed through 1/8th of their schedule unscathed. Take notes GPODAWUND… one of these years you might be able to win two in a row!!

  • Harv

    It’s so hard to wrap the head around, all the more so because there seems nothing particularly improbable about any of the wins, just methodical meat and potatoes. Easily the best-balanced and most likable tribe squad in my lifetime. These are the good old days.

    And a word about Kluber: do we appreciate this? Go wax rhapsodic about Lemon and Feller and Score and McDowell and Gaylord. Kluber is all that. Added bonus: under contract for his prime, doesn’t show up drunk for games or race bait or mess with managers. Only issue is what the hell kind of action statue can you make for a guy with preternatural stillness – maybe just hands at the waist and staring in.

  • scripty

    Instead of a tradional statue they’ll hire one of these street performers to be robotic. Not sure if you’ve seen Hot Fuzz but you should. This guy was from Hot Fuzz


  • Harv

    saw one of these guys downtown last summer. Started to take his pic and aggressively yells at me “That’s 10 bucks!” Betcha Kluber statue would never do that.

  • mgbode

    “I will take half of that right now.” -Hue Jackson today

    So, 21 games is 13% of the MLB season.
    13% of NFL season is 2 games.
    Hue Jackson would take half.
    Jackson just wants to win one game.
    One game at a time mentality.

  • Harv

    if this is the A’s streak tribute, whither the Tribe’s?

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  • tigersbrowns2

    i’m happy y’all got the streak … them boys are on fire … Wikipedia has the longest winning streak at 26 by the 1916 New York Giants … there is an asterisk that says there was an unrecorded tie during the middle of the streak. so , what is the record ??

  • mgbode

    record is 21 consecutive wins or 26 game winning streak (MLB rule distinction). depends on how you state it.

  • tigersbrowns2
  • JM85

    I’m personally not counting that as the record. A tie isn’t a win.

  • mgbode

    MLB considers the Giants to have a 26 game winning streak because they won 26 games without a loss, but they did not win 26 consecutive games (because of the game that ended, stats counted, and was not made up)

  • Steve

    It was replayed the very next day.

  • tigersbrowns2
  • tigersbrowns2

    hi JM … i agree & don’t know why they would recognize that as the record … and the Giants record is under “consecutive wins” … the Indians will just have to get to 27 consecutive wins to get that blemish off the record books … i hope they do it.

  • mgbode

    Castrovince had said it wasn’t. I see that he has corrected that stance and said it was made up but those stats from the day before still counted. Now, I’m just confused by the whole thing.

    Let’s win 27!

  • tigersbrowns2

    okay , STEVE (above) was right … the game we thought was a tie was actually rained out after 9 innings with the score tied 1-1 … they made it up as part of a doubleheader the next day & won both games … so , in my mind , there was no tie … it would be considered a suspended game by today’s standards.

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