I’m retiring my Cavs Championship gear: While We’re Waiting

I’ve decided to retire my Cavaliers championship gear. It was a fun ride. It’s something I’ll never forget, but wearing championship shirts or hats now that it’s firmly in the rearview mirror seems too wistful and stale.

My desire to move along doesn’t have that much to do with Kyrie Irving’s decision to move along from the team. More than anything, Kyrie’s demand and ultimate trade to Boston is indicative of just how much time has passed and how many things have changed. However, I don’t think Kyrie’s decision to demand a trade put any new crust on my gear. It just feels like it’s time, but I’m not sure why.

I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve got three shirts and two hats. Even before this declaration, I’ve largely stopped wearing it, but I’m not getting rid of it. Right now, those shirts are still hanging on hangers in my closet. Yes, I’m the kind of guy that hangs his t-shirts up on hangers. The hats are still on the shelf. What do I do with them now? When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

I didn’t know if I’d ever get sick of them. I still have my Deftones concert t-shirt from 1998 and wear it. I have a Candiria one that I bought at a show in Boston in 1999 or 2000? I have my Acid Bath t-shirts from way back in 1996. Those shirts are certainly stale in a lot of ways, but I feel like they get better with age too. As you can tell, I’m not one to part with things all that easily. The difference is that bands kind of get locked in a time and place. Even if a band retires, dies, or never lives up to earlier work, their material can always live in the current moment, waiting to be rediscovered. Sports championships are of a period and unlike an album that sounds the same sonically, championships are photographs where the color starts to fade until the photo is a yellowed fragment of what it once was.

Championships are great, but they’re supposed to be followed up with newer, more current versions. That’s not to say they will be replaced as we Clevelanders know all too well, but it doesn’t change the nature of the beast.

So I’m retiring my championship gear. I hope to buy all new gear as soon as possible. Your move Indians and Cavaliers. O.K. you too Browns, but I won’t hold my breath.

I just can’t get off this Manchester Orchestra loop…

I am listening to the new stuff. I can’t escape the old stuff. I’m back into the band in a big big way thanks to their new album. I went back to a MySpace era video for this week.

  • jpftribe
  • Natedawg86

    Shall we do the Browns?
    They are who we thought they were!
    Browns are on the clock.

  • RGB

    My house is at 17″, so we should be ok.
    Our street got a little water for Matthew.

  • Ahh thanks, Mg. Sorry I started collecting predictions so close to the first game. I’m still very busy on my end. Also, I recently moved back to look for work within the Cleveland area near Shaker Heights. So that’s taking up most of my time right now.

  • mgbode

    No worries. We should have you covered. Love that you do this for the site.

  • Chris

    I showed up too late
    I missed all of the action
    No one will read this


  • All right, I checked the comment section in the article and found as many predictions that I can find.

    I’m also testing the waters over at Dawgs By Nature to see if I can get predictions there. Let’s see if I will get any or if they will delete my post thinking that I’m promoting a… uhh… I don’t know… a porn site?


  • mgbode

    appreciate your service to the community

  • Pat Leonard

    Well, to most of us here it is.

  • Pat Leonard
  • Chris

    Indians World Series Wins >= Browns Regular Season Wins.

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