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ESPN’s Pedro Gomez: Indians could be “juggernaut” in postseason

In 2016, the Cleveland Indians were just one game away from beating the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Despite all their injuries that left Josh Tomlin being the team’s No. 2 starter in the Fall Classic, the Indians were still so close to bringing yet another championship back to Cleveland; just months after the Cavaliers ended the city’s 52-year championship drought.

Weeks away from the 2017 postseason, the Indians are playing the best they ever have and currently are one of the hottest teams the MLB has ever seen. They haven’t lost in almost three weeks. Heading into Wednesday afternoon’s matinee against the Detroit Tigers, the Indians have a shot to set a history today.

Cleveland has dominated their opponents so far during their 20-game win streak, so much that many games have essentially been over after the first three innings. They are playing so well that some (somehow) seem to think that they are playing too well, too early and will eventually cool down either right before or during the postseason and struggle in October.

ESPN’s Pedro Gomez is not among that group as he isn’t worried about the Indians playing at this level just weeks before the start of the playoffs. In fact, he thinks they could be a “juggernaut” in October (and November).

Prior to Tuesday night’s game, Gomez joined the Cleveland Baseball Talk Podcast to discuss just how good the Indians are playing now and just how good they can be in the postseason. With a healthy rotation and loaded lineup, it could happen.

“Juggernaut,” he said. “You could have an unprecedented October here in Cleveland.”

Along with talking about how good the Indians can be in the postseason, Gomez also offered his thoughts on Corey Kluber and the ace potentially winning the AL Cy Young, Jose Ramirez, and some other topics involving the Tito Francona’s club.

WFNY’s Michael Bode compared the 2017 Indians to the 1995 club. WFNY’s Gage Will then did a side-by-side comparison with the 2002 Oakland Athletics. Hopefully, Cleveland is able to raise the championship trophy for the first time since 1948.

You can listen to the full podcast here:

  • Eric G

    If they’re going to include streaks with ties, they really should call them “Not-losing streaks” not “Winning streaks”

  • scripty

    Good for Cleavinger to pitch a game like today with some pressure.

  • scripty

    Ursh with a sick fielder’s choice and then UNLOADS A CANNON to first for the third out. Would have enjoyed a MPH on that throw.

  • scripty


  • scripty

    Bob Lemon has the retired #21 but Hargrove got that for a while. Classic.

  • Steve

    It was a game stopped by rain that was replayed the very next day.

  • Steve

    “Good team could continue to be good”. Thanks Gomie.

  • Natedawg86


  • scripty

    Brad Ausmus is awful, what a scabby guy. Feels like he should be a bench coach for Boston’s band of dirtbags next summer.

  • mgbode

    The reason does not change the outcome.

  • Steve

    But rain-stopped games dont count toward your record.

  • mgbode

    The game was different in many ways. That was one of the obstacles to overcome.

    Either way, there is no controversy over the AL record, which the Indians hold by themselves regardless of what happens from here on out.

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