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Cavs have received multiple calls about the Nets’ pick

The Cleveland Cavaliers may have received three players in the trade that sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics, but the biggest asset that they received could be the Brooklyn Nets’ unprotected first-round pick.

With the Nets projected to be one of the worst teams in the NBA in the 2017-18 season, the pick has a good shot at being a Top 5 or even a Top 3 selection. With the 2018 draft class projected by many to be very loaded, having such a good pick in the draft could be franchise-changing.

With the chance that the Brooklyn pick will be a very good one, many teams have already called the Cavs to inquire about the possibility of them trading that 2018 Nets’ unprotected first-round pick, per’s Joe Vardon.

With LeBron James set to become an unrestricted free agent following the upcoming season, he could bolt to another team if he wants to or stick with the Cavaliers next summer.

The Cavs basically have three options in terms of Brooklyn’s pick:

  1. Trade it either prior to October 17 or at some point during the season for a legitimate veteran star who will contribute greatly to the Cavs this season. Names that have been floated around are Pelicans big man Boogie Cousins or power forward Anthony Davis and Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony, among others.
  2. Trade it next offseason after the Cavs know whether James is staying or leaving. If he stays, they can trade it for another star player to put alongside No. 23; if he leaves, they can trade it for a star that will contribute right away in place of James.
  3. Keep it and make the pick. Even if James remains a Cav, if the pick is a Top 5 selection, Cleveland can draft a player who can contribute and help the Cavs from the moment he puts on the wine and gold uniform. If the King decides to leave, they can draft someone that will help the rebuilding process and a player that can be the next big star in Cleveland.

Cleveland can either end up making that pick or trading it away by next June. While that remains a question, the Cavs having rights to that pick will only mean good things going forward, both during the season and next offseason.

It may have gone overlooked by some due to it essentially not helping the Cavs immediately from Day 1, but Cleveland acquiring Brooklyn’s unprotected first-round pick could go down as the biggest asset they received for Irving.

  • Chris

    Assuming LeBron and the Cavs are turning the upcoming season into a massive game of chicken, the Cavs had better hold on to that pick at least until the trade deadline. Let the season play out a bit and learn how this new squad can fit together.

  • RGB


    Cleveland Cavaliers, Koby Altman speaking.

    Hey, Koby, Dell Demps here.

    Hell Dell, what’s up?

    I’d like to talk to you about Boogie Cous…

  • MartyDaVille

    Oh please God, no. Not Boogie Cousins. Not now, not ever.

  • Pat Leonard

    I’m only interested in packaging that 1st with Kevin Love or IT to get a better star (and I have no idea who that star would be). If the Cavs deal that pick straight up or package it with Shump or some other non-factor, I’ll be pissed. Trading for a borderline star/reliable starter does not move the needle in terms of beating the Warriors. I’d rather have the pick in case things go sour next summer.

  • Saggy

    If the name Anthony Davis comes up, I’m swinging. He’s legit. I’d start there and see where that leads. He is owed over $120million, I think.

  • Saggy

    They might be playing/might not be. But this team can’t succeed come February if they aren’t on the same page; not this year, not in the future.

    SO come trade-deadline-time, I think they’ll have a better idea of LeBron’s thoughts so they can make a decision that will ensure the best chances at success, either near-term, long-term, or both.

  • Natedawg86

    Now why in the heck would they offer up Davis?!?

  • tsm

    What about dealing for George? I think there is some limit to him being traded a 2nd time, but if this hurdle can be overcome, perhaps at the deadline, I would make the trade and throw in Shump. George and Crowder would give us 2 excellent wing defenders, and would mitigate much of GSW advantages they now enjoy. If we do this and prevail for another title, I doubt LeBron leaves. He might even convince George to re-up for a few years to chase a few more titles. They can always head to L.A. after a year or two.
    I am also all in on trading for Davis.

  • Saggy

    Why? He’s owed $120million.

    If the Cavs can come with 2 first-rounders and a Love or TT, I think that would get them talking.

    Maybe not. But rumors have been out there all year, so I’m just jumping on the bandwagon.

  • Saggy

    No, you picked the wrong Thunder. You want to trade for Russ. George is going to LA. I bet Russ would stay in Cleveland. Imagine that lineup with Russ, LeBron, and whoever.

  • Chris