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Should we worry about Andrew Miller and Josh Tomlin going on DL?

With the Cleveland Indians looking to avoid a sweep Wednesday night in Boston (assuming they play), some interesting and surprising news was revealed this very afternoon as reliever Andrew Miller1 has landed on the 10-day disabled list and starting pitcher Josh Tomlin2 will be sidelined for six weeks.

The news was first reported by MLB.com Indians’ reporter Jordan Bastian and later confirmed by the team.

With the 10-day DL making its debut for the first time this season, many expected Terry Francona to use it to his advantage. While Miller could really be hurt, it’s also an easy way to give him rest to start August, rather than later in the season when the Indians may need him the most.

In his first 27 appearances of the season, the left-handed reliever didn’t look human, boasting just a 0.29 ERA and striking out 47 hitters while surrendering just 14 hits in 31.1 innings. Then, beginning on June 13, he has a 3.57 ERA with 31 strikeouts and allowing 12 hits in 22.2 innings and 19 appearances since then. The most telling stat though, is the fact Miller’s 10 walks in that span are more than he allowed all last season (allowed just nine in 2016).

While many may just blame it on the 32-year-old just looking human, his struggles are somewhat worrisome. If he is in fact injured, then it’s better for him to go on the disabled list now rather than later down the stretch. If it’s just for rest, then that it just fine as well. Either way, Miller needs the rest, especially after what he did for the Indians in the postseason last October (and November).

If he will truly be OK following this short stint on the disabled list, then this could possibly be something that the Indians look back on and are grateful for, much like Corey Kluber’s short stint on the disabled list earlier this season.

Tomlin’s injury, on the other hand, is a bit worrisome. While the Indians can be grateful that they had a six-man rotation over the past week and this will just take it down to the usually five starting pitchers, Tomlin was pitching well as of late. In his first 16 starts of the season, the right-hander had a 6.17 ERA with 64 strikeouts and allowing 17 home runs. In his four starts since just before the All-Star Break, the 32-year-old has a 2.59 ERA while striking out 22 hitters and allowing just two home runs.

If Tomlin is out for at least six weeks, that means that he won’t even begin his rehab stint until around September 13, which will be game No. 146 for the Indians and be just 2.5 weeks before the regular season concludes. Although he’s a veteran, that quick turnaround could be tough. With how Tomlin has been pitching lately, it’s unfortunate that something like this had to happen.

For what it’s worth, Jason Kipnis continued his rehab stint at Double-A Akron Tuesday night, where he started and played seven innings at second base. He is slated to play an entire game at second with the RubberDucks Wednesday night.

  1. Patella tendinitis in right knee. []
  2. Left hamstring tendon strain. []

  • Natedawg86

    I feel they aren’t resting miller thinking they will need him late in season that is stupid. Every game counts the same. I don’t know if I agree with 6 man rotation. Thins the bullpen/bench out

  • MartyDaVille

    Should we worry? Yes, very much.

    Seeing as Miller has not been invincible lately, I guess it’s good news that there’s an immediate physical reason and not some general decline in ability.

    Also, the erratic offense drives me nuts.

    I’m getting pretty nervous about our chances to win the division.

  • Chris

    No worries. Trade deadline is today, right?


  • CBiscuit

    Britton would have looked pretty nice right about now…

  • mgbode

    Baltimore ended up being buyers at the deadline (for whatever weird reason- but hey, thanks for knocking off KC to the O’s) & Britton would have cost Mejia.

  • mgbode

    Games in the postseason count more. Miller’s not been Miller last month. We need Miller to be Miller.

  • CBiscuit

    I think that was the price to pay for an arm (Darvish, Britton, Gray)…or at least the starting piece. Looks like we didn’t want to go there. I hope they are right taking that gamble, as this is a narrow window they have and dudes are pretty beat up and looking really shaky…

  • mgbode

    if we are beat up & shaky, then throwing away our future probably doesn’t make sense. we’ll see but I’m good keeping Mejia.

  • Eric G

    Klubs vs Gray tonight…which means we’ll hit a 3-run walk off to end a 12-10 game

  • CBiscuit

    I don’t follow that logic? I’d say if that were the case, we need reinforcements if we want to win now. If we don’t want to go all in and win now (which is what the FO is saying, then we roll the dice and hope dudes get healthy),and then we don’t make a move. “Throwing away our future” isn’t accurate. It’s the price to pay for the chance to get an Andrew Miller to take you to the Series.

    Anyway, pretty much everyone in the rotation has been hurt at some point this year, and while that may be generally true SPs have injuries–it’s not like our rotation has exactly otherwise lived up to expectations (Tomlin and Bauer for example….hoping Salazar’s return from the DL continues well and healthy).

    Bullpen has been fatigued and otherwise “off.” Cody Allen and now Miller’s injury gives pause, if nothing else.

    Beyond expensive arms, I guess they didn’t make a move for a cheap bat like Nunez, betting on Kip and Chiz to get healthy. We shall see.

  • mgbode

    Rotation hasn’t lived up to expectations?

    No. 5 ERA in AL (is just a bit lower than hoped)
    No. 1 FIP in AL (means ERA not all on SPs)
    No. 1 fWAR in AL supports

  • CBiscuit

    Lol….always with the selective stats. So Bauer and Tomlin have lived up to expectations? Salazar has been a rock all year? Sheesh…give me what you’re smoking. Other than Kluber and Carrasco (aside from the Boston Massacre), I don’t feel confidence in whoever we’re going to trot out if we make the playoffs.

  • Natedawg86

    Yes this is obvious, however if we are losing winnable games now, we may not have to worry about the post season

  • mgbode

    You said rotation. As in collective. The Indians had built up depth in their rotation to guard against issues coming into the year, and they have needed it. As a result, the collective output has been good.

    I gave ERA and FIP and WAR. It’s not like I drug out some random peripheral statistic.

    Bauer – continued enigma. looks either great or terrible w/ little in-between. 5.25 ERA but 3.90 FIP.

    Salazar – who was expecting him to be a rock? thought we were all terrified due to the end of his 2016 and those came to be justified. hoping what he’s been since his return is real.

    Tomlin – he is what he is. yes, he lived up to his expectations as a No. 5 starter (5.38 ERA not good, 4.26 FIP better but mediocre).

    Clevinger – I think it is safe to say he out-performed expectations, no?

    Kluber / Carrasco – some blips & injuries but continued to anchor.

  • CBiscuit

    Hope Kluber doesn’t get burned out again doing three starts in a seven game series and Carrasco and Salazar’s health holds up…if we get that far.

  • mgbode

    Sure, that’s what we all hope.

  • mgbode

    Aug 18 – Aug 27 we play KC six times. Andrew Miller is on the 10-Day DL, eligible to return Aug 12 at the earliest. Coincidence?

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