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Joe Haden cut by Browns

There are tough decisions made by NFL front offices almost every day. Even with signings and drafts and extenstions, cut days tend to be the most difficult ones. Wednesday is a day that was undoubtedly hard for the Browns front office. In advance of Saturday’s deadline of cutting the 90-man roster to just 53 players, the Browns have released long-time starter and two-time Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden.

The move appears to have been made as a financial decision. The Browns save $3.6 million on the 2017 cap. Assuming they do not spend that money, it will rollover onto the 2018 cap. In addition to that rollover money, the Browns have moved the $3.2 million commitment next year for Haden’s signing bonus to 2017, so cutting him now has created a potential $6.8 million on the Browns 2018 cap. It is possible that the Browns will sign some post-cut players from other teams, but doubtful the Browns will spend a significant portion of that money in 2017.

The Browns also reportedly met with Haden and his representation in Tampa Bay to attempt to have him take a pay cut. He declined.

Haden has been slowed by injuries over the past few years, he was limited to only five games in 2015 and 13 in 2016, and his play while on the field has been less than stellar. Cornerback stats are always a bit harder to judge, but Haden had noticeably lost a step or two when he was able to gear up and play. News broke yesterday that the Browns were aggressively trying to find a trade partner for Haden yesterday, but evidently, there were no takers.

Cutting Haden leaves a hole at starting corner, which should be filled by Briean Boddy-Calhoun or Jason McCourty. Both will see time at the position and will be starting across from Jamar Taylor. Boddy-Calhoun started seven games last year for Cleveland, his rookie season, and impressed Head Coach Hue Jackson and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams through training camp and the preseason. Jason McCourty is in his first season with the Browns after coming over from Tennessee.

Both Hue Jackson and Browns Executive Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown had glowing remarks in regards to Haden. “Joe gave everything he had for the Cleveland Browns and that’s all you can ask for as a coach,” said Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson. “He was a leader on and off the field. I wish him all the best as he continues his career.” Sashi Brown had this to say, “We want to thank Joe for all he has done for this organization both on and off the field. He has been a great teammate and a true asset to the Cleveland community. These are very difficult decisions, we have the utmost respect for Joe and in my eyes, he will always be a Cleveland Brown.”

It’s tough to see a player like Haden cut from the team, especially on a defense that has looked promising in the preseason. Getting savings for next year wherever possible has been the focal point of the front office for some time, and this is a move made with an eye to the future.

  • Backwoods

    But did you not just prove my point? You are being held captive by the team and not the players. Because of that captivity and being abused for twenty years by them, you now find yourself trying to convince others that they’re really not that bad of a person and at times, they even did nice things for you. (just to clarify, I am being sarcastic.) But doesn’t that scenario make sense?

    Interestingly, how is Osweiller on the team? Or, for that matter, ever on the team and not just cut immediately?

  • Garry_Owen

    I don’t think I proved that at all, but you’re certainly welcome to believe so. You said that I’m rooting for the owner and against the team’s success. I’m not rooting for the owner at all; but I am definitely rooting for the team (and its success). I mean, I am a “Browns fan.” I’m a fan of the team named “the Cleveland Browns.” Sure, in the NFL, this team, as all teams, are owned by an owner, but that is no different than the fact that the Ohio State Buckeyes football team is the property of an educational institution. Neither fact changes my allegiance to the respective football team.

    If we value players over the team, I’m just not sure how to root for anything but my fantasy football squad (which is terrible). If it’s players over team, I can’t even “go root for Buffalo,” because Buffalo will just do the same thing that the Browns do to my favorite players (see Sammy Watkins).

    What’s the solution? I suppose we could form some sort of “fan union” and demand collective recourse against the team because we love our favorite players. No, that wouldn’t work, either. No leverage, whatsoever.

    (And simply, the fact that I agree with the decision to release Joe Haden does not mean that I’m being held captive by the owner.)

  • RGB

    The bargain dumpster opens Saturday.
    I expect the HBT to be perusing the CB and Safety scratch and dent sections.

    But, should you want to start early research on the 2018 draft…



    Woohoo! Draft talk!

    Oh I forgot. WRs…


  • mgbode

    I was about to say… what about WRs, friend…

  • scripty
  • scripty

    Joe came up and put a hit on (IIRC) Doug Martin, a nice clean solid tackle. First, I was stunned it was Joe Haden and second, I was stunned he wasn’t injured afterwards.

  • “Waste” is quite the loaded word. Per league rules, the Browns are allowed to spend a certain amount every year on players. So long as it doesn’t hamper actual roster decisions with lasting impact**, they should spend it.

    The merits of a player ability to salary ratio are otherwise wholly inconsequential, other than to Jimmy Haslam’s yearly bottom line. Is Haden the 4th best corner on the team? If so, they’ll need 4 CBs so they should keep him.

    **Note: yes, hopefully someday the Browns will have young players worth extending and they should plan for ample cap space in those years. However, neither this year nor next year are those years so that issue, with regard to Haden at least, doesn’t matter.

  • tigersbrowns2

    LMAO !! … i know it’s never too early for you.

  • MartyDaVille

    Just imagine my level of miffedness if I did care. I’d be even more annoying.

  • Garry_Owen

    Excellent point. And I appreciate that you are conspiratorially massaging the definition of “apathy.”

  • Garry_Owen

    Thanks for pointing it out, Scripty. You’ve caused the whole thing to basically come to a screeching halt. Observer effect in action.

  • mgbode

    The new rollover cap means it does matter though.

  • FishonJon

    … at the appropriate price point –
    #Moneyball. Joe was the kind of player off the field that connected with the city, and for that I’ll miss him – but he really was too expensive for a back-up CB. Heck, apparently the rest of the NFL agreed with the HBT on this point.

  • MartyDaVille

    One of my best character traits and worst faults is that I take just about everything at face value. Therefore, I wouldn’t make a very good member of #TeamConspiracy.

    Anyway, when Hue publicly raves about Haden, I believe him. Then the front office cuts him off at the knees. So this isn’t really about the Browns, it’s about injustice and disrespecting your head coach like that. WHERE’S MY TORCHFORK?

  • ThePensiveJester

    They can spend millions on Brock Osweiler but get cheap with the most popular Brown since 1999 (maybe 2nd most popular)

  • Which I understand and tried to address with my “Note”.

    But saving $3.6M (or 6.8) for a future cap, which will be like 4% (or even less by then) of the total cap because MAYBE the browns will decide to actually spend to the limits some year in the future is less than inspiring. And it’s all “in theory” at this point too, as we’ve seen the Browns decide not to sign/pay for existing talent.

  • mgbode

    The skepticism is warranted. The plan, I believe, is to have the extra cap space for when the young players need their second contracts. It falls apart if those players are not worthy of second contracts as we have seen far too often in our time as fans.

  • Garry_Owen

    It’s in the dusty closet with your conspiracy glasses. Put those on first, and you’ll see quite clearly that Hue’s gushing about Haden was all about the potential trade.

    I know it hurts, son, when you learn about the way the world really works. That’s why we have to toughen you up. Now, give me 50 more burpees, and I don’t want to hear another PEEP about needing water. 4 ounces a day is good enough for anyone.

  • Garry_Owen

    Fear not. Those Osweiler bucks will be gone soon, too.

  • MartyDaVille

    Hue wouldn’t lie to me like that. I know he wouldn’t.

  • Garry_Owen
  • Fike Club

    Not sure I buy the money aspect of this whole thing. On the hook for $16 for Osweiler and are paying Bitonio $50+ who is serially injured. It’s a passing league and Haden can still play regardless if he is 3rd or 4th on the depth chart

  • Backwoods

    We sure are lucky the steelers aren’t as good at evaluating talent as the browns.

  • Harv

    “Appreciate your perspective, but could not possibly disagree more.”
    Love. Sorta like “He’s both a documented mass murderer and a child molester, bless his heart.”

  • MamieDKinsey

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  • Backwoods

    I’m lost on your point.

    I said that the browns have treated their fan base to such terrible performances that the fans are now defending terrible moves out of emotional self defense of their fandom with no justification (stockholm syndrom).You said it was about the players. I said it wasn’t. And you replied with “its about the team”. Which, isn’t that the same?

    Long story short. The browns are a worse team today than they were two days ago. Anything defending cutting him is financial which is of no concern to the fan, especially on a team that has TONS of financial freedom. Hence, stockholm syndrome. And, before you throw stats of the last two years out, you must include the 9 games with a pulled groin that needed surgery, the concussions, broken fingers and Pettine’s system. Plus, provide a resume showing that you are, in fact, superior to the scouting department of the Steelers.

  • Garry_Owen

    Okay. We have reached the predictable low point in discourse where resumes are demanded to support the right to have an opinion.

    Look, I mean you no harm. We just disagree. Peace to you.