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Browns shopping former first-round pick Cameron Erving

Add Cameron Erving to the list of Browns players currently being shopped by Cleveland’s front office. While Brock Osweiler’s time with the Browns appears to have been nothing more than a cup of coffee, and Joe Haden’s tenure with the team may come to a sad, abrupt end, Mary Kay Cabot of says the team is looking to find a suitor for the erstwhile Ray Farmer All-Star in Erving.

From Cabot:

The Browns are trying to trade former first-round offensive lineman Cameron Erving, a league source told Erving, the No. 19 overall pick in 2015 out of Florida State, was competing for the right tackle job before he suffered a calf injury last week that has him week-to-week.

Now, it’s second-year lineman Shon Coleman’s job. …

If Erving is dealt, he’ll join a long list of recent first-round picks since 2011 who are no longer with the team. It includes Phil Taylor, Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden, Barkevious Mingo, Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel.

Erving has been out of place since arriving in Cleveland. Drafted as the player who was to take over for Pro Bowl center Alex Mack, the former 19th overall selection flailed at right tackle before being moved inside, only to provide some of the worst tape in recent memory. Playing left tackle during the team’s first preseason game, Erving somehow committed two penalties on the opening drive.

The 19th selection in the 2015 NFL Draft was acquired the year before when Cleveland traded their early pick to Buffalo who coveted wide receiver Sammy Watkins. That very year, the Browns left the first round with Gilbert and Manziel. While 2015 netted them defensive tackle Danny Shelton, players still available at No. 19 included Bud Dupree (Pittsburgh), Malcolm Brown (New England), Landon Collins (New York).

For those keeping score at home, Farmer:

  • Was promoted in the winter of 2014 where he prepared for a draft owning the No. 4 pick where he then…
  • Let safety TJ Ward walk, opting to sign Donte Whitner (who was released last season).
  • Signed Alex Mack to a one-year deal which would blow up in the faces of the current regime last offseason.
  • Traded said No. 4 pick to Buffalo for players that would turn into Gilbert and Erving, drafting Manziel in between.
  • Passed on wide receivers like Odell Beckham Jr and Mike Evans, claiming a lack of value in touches per game, instead opted to…
  • Sign Dwayne Bowe to a contract that guaranteed him $9 million (only to have him released a year later), equating to $1.8 million per catch.
  • Was, in Feb. 2015, investigated by the NFL for sending texts to his staff during games relating to play calls, eventually leading to the departure of Kyle Shanahan.
  • Was suspended that March for the first four games of the season. The team was fined $250,000.
  • Relieved of his duties last winter where he was ultimately replaced by Sashi Brown.

  • RGB

    Yes, Ray was an abject failure as a GM, but his texts brought us such shear unadulterated hilarity, that he will receive a platinum bust in the comedy Hall of Fame.

  • tigersbrowns2

    hi RGB … LMAO ! … good post !! bright side : Ray did bring us Bitonio , Crowell , Kirksey , Shelton & a few others … but , overall , not good.

  • scripty

    People on this very site think Duke Johnson will contribute.

  • Harv

    Ray Farmer: proving how rank incompetence can urinate all over the concept that what a successful org needs most is stability. No, kids, you need competence begetting stability.

    On the bright side: sure, Ray’s drafts were duets of failed philosophy and poor player evaluation, but we’ll always have the epic sweaty towel presser.

    On the curious side: how do they pitch a Cameron Erving trade with a straight face? Hmm. Maybe, “He’s not strong but he doesn’t seem to like football.” No, wait. “Someone once picked him in the first round!” Uh, got it … “I’M GREAT WITH PHOTOSHOP AND I’M GONNA CALL THE FBI RIGHT NOW AND SAY YOU WERE GOOSESTEPPING IN THE CHARLOTTESVILLE RALLY. NOW JUST GIMME A SKINNY KICK COVERAGE GUY OR I’M DIALING.”

  • MartyDaVille

    On the “new Browns” Mount Rushmore of defining entities, Ray looms cheek by jowl alongside Randy Lerner, Johnny Manziel, and Alec Scheiner representing the 27 different ugly uniforms.

  • tigersbrowns2

    ” yes , he was a former first rounder & we are serious about our demands …”

  • MartyDaVille

    BTW, it strikes me as pretty funny, if not bizarre, that the highest paid player in the NFL is Matthew Stafford. Whooda ever thunk that?

  • mgbode

    The entire premise of being the top paid player comes down to:

    1) Are you a Top 10 (or heck even 15) QB in the NFL
    2) Were you the last QB to sign a contract

    Teams are so worried about losing competence at QB, they will pay almost anything

  • Abe

    Can we trade Cam Erving to New England for a deflated football? I’d do that yesterday!

  • markn95

    1st round offensive linemen have somehow gone from “safest pick in the entire Draft” to “riskiest pick in the entire draft other than QB” in a little less than five years or so, but yeah…Ray screwed this pick up pretty bad. Add his name to Gilbert’s and Manziel’s and Ray is Cleveland’s own Matt Millen.

  • JM85

    If nothing else, Ray Farmer led to the hilarious texts column on here.

  • Pat Leonard

    oo oo me, this guy! But only if they use him in the passing game. Great hands. Poor runner.

  • Pat Leonard

    Wait so the offensive lineman whose best quality was his versatility didn’t end up being good? Huh. You know what’s versatile? Spam. Man you can put that stuff in anything. It doesn’t really taste good in anything, but man you can put it in anything you want.

  • mgbode

    If Cam Erving’s versatility is tofu, then Jabrill Pepper’s versatility is falafel. Also can put in anything and is freaking delicious.

  • humboldt

    If we’re going jowl-to-jowl, Mike Holmgren is a must…although we might run out of stone

  • paulbip

    promotion based on the colour of your skin.

  • Geez

    I don’t usually watch the videos on this kind of article, but man, that guy has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

  • mgbode

    Some teams have it. No, really. It is a possibility for a football team.