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Austin Jackson makes arguably the catch of the year (video)

Tuesday night’s Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox game has been a game of runs, with the Indians taking a quick 5-0 lead, Boston coming back and immediately tying the game at five, and then the Indians regaining the lead, 7-5, before Boston then took the lead yet again, 9-5. But, even with all the scoring, the biggest treat the game has given us is Austin Jackson’s defense.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, Jackson made an insane catch, one that could be the catch of the year in the MLB once the season comes to an end. It’s so good that it will take one heckuva catch to top the one the 30-year-old made at Fenway Park Tuesday night. Not only did he rob Hanley Ramirez of a solo home run, but Jackson timed his jump perfectly to catch the ball at his highest point, all while falling over the fence in center field. The best part? He was able to secure the ball in his glove the whole time. Just how impressive was it? Even the Fenway faithful and Red Sox fans gave Jackson a standing ovation.

Let’s take a look:

Throughout the first five innings of the game, many people on Indians Twitter were questioning why Jackson got the start in center ahead of Bradley Zimmer. While Boston starting pitcher Chris Sale is left-handed, the veteran has struggled mightily against one of the best pitchers in baseball. Meanwhile, the rookie has performed quite well against lefties, whether it be in the minors or at the highest level this season. But, all those questions were answered with that one play in the outfield. He doesn’t have to even have a hit Tuesday night, but his catch will still be the play of the game, and probably the only one that people will remember from this game.

Whether the Indians win or lose the game remains a question, but Jackson’s catch in center field in the fifth inning will no doubt be under consideration when the MLB identifies the catch of the year at season’s end.

  • Eric G

    Too bad Hamilton wasn’t on for the call. Shame if they lose this

  • Chris
  • scripty

    Tribe staff looks spent. They have the look of a #2 wild card team

  • Mike Pawuk

    Definitely – but that’s going to happen when your starter can’t make it past the 2nd inning. :-/ I agree I don’t think we have what it takes this year.

  • Chris

    Rarely do you have offense, defense, bullpen, and starters all firing at the same time. With this roster, three is good enough to win. The problem is, I don’t think we’ve had more than two of them going at once all year.

  • tigersbrowns2

    way to go , AJax … you never have to worry about his defense.

  • CBiscuit

    Man, they really could have used Yu Darvish starting yesterday and Britton closing the door on it. Shudda never let em walk. smdh…


  • Chris

    How about adding Eduardo Nunez to fill in for Kipnis’ deficiencies? I’ve heard the guy can hit.