What is Dan Gilbert’s plan?: WFNY Podcast

On this latest episode of the WFNY podcast we discuss Dan Gilbert once again, this time in the wake of Chauncey Billups deciding not to join the Cavaliers.

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  • What is Dan Gilbert’s plan in the wake of Billups?
  • Did Dan Gilbert ever plan for life after Griffin?
  • Should Dan Gilbert cater even more to LeBron James?
  • What moves could the Cavaliers have made with David Griffin?
  • How much are the Cavs worth if LeBron leaves the team?
  • Would it be bad for the Cavaliers to name one of LeBron’s business partners as team president?
  • Gordon Hayward and his effect on the East
  • Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors to save owners money
  • What consideration was there for Durant to save the owners money?
  • Conspiracy theories about Kevin Durant’s deal with Golden State
  • Loving Yan Gomes and still wondering what his future with the team should be.
  • Looking for Browns voices.

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