Kyrie Irving Requests Trade Away From Cavaliers

It’s a Friday and that’s usually where news is released in order to have it buried. This news from the NBA involving Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers will fester for a very long time, however. According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Kyrie Irving is seeking a larger role and a spotlight of his own. Kyrie has reportedly requested that the Cleveland Cavaliers trade him.

The request came last week and was made to Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. Irving has expressed that he wants to play in a situation where he can be more of a focal point and that he no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James, sources said.

Irving’s agent, Jeff Wechsler, would not confirm or deny whether Irving asked for a trade.

LeBron James is being described as “blindsided and disappointed” according to further reporting by Brian Windhorst. So add James to the list of people who share in those feelings right now, should these reports be true.

Obviously, we’ll wait to see what comes of this over the weeks and days to come. These things have a tendency to grow and change over time as light is shined on them. It’s always possible that a trade was discussed in these meetings as well as any number of other topics. Was this truly the main takeaway from the meeting? For now it seems likely that the trade was the prevailing topic of conversation and was actually requested formally and firmly. That’s not what any Cavaliers fan wants to hear, to be sure.

Regardless, it feels awful right now for a Cavaliers fanbase that’s still feeling a Finals loss to the Warriors and seemingly choking on negative and uncertain news every week since, including, but not limited to the departure of Cavaliers’ GM David Griffin.

As always, stay tuned… We’ll continue to update this post.

Oh, and Woj is saying Kyrie might be targeting a trade to the San Antonio Spurs.

Let the speculation run rampant, as most are want to do, but anything further than what has been reported is just rumors. As more news comes forth, we at WFNY will update this post.

  • Eric G

    I feel bad for the Cavaliers fanbase still feeling the loss of this year’s Finals. I’m still riding the high of last year’s.

    Doesn’t help that he’s in Asia (Tokyo last I saw) right now and might be be able to address for a few hours.

  • RGB
  • JM85

    He prefers to go there? They should trade him to a lousy team.

  • CBiscuit

    I think IF it’s true (and a big IF), it’s a combination of sick of being under Lebron’s dominion (will he leave or not, is he displeased with the roster, is he trying to trade me?, etc)

    (Saint, Lord, and most holy) Griffin tried to trade Kyrie for P. George…allegedly. So now Kyrie is pouty and all of a sudden doesn’t want to play with Lebron? I suspect he sees Lebron trying to move him (or Love) and get a better piece to get them over the top, which is insane to want to jump ship for, again if true. But in doing so, you come across then as a butt hurt second fiddle. You went to 3 straight finals and a good shot to go to 4…whilst superstars are covering up your flaws. I guess he has the PR cover of everyone yelling about organizational “dysfunction”…but this is still a bad look. Hope they smooth this over.

    OR alternative hot take: It’s all stoopid Gilbert’s fault! Wate till he fires off a comic sanz letter

  • humboldt

    That is the Browns…

  • humboldt
  • Chris

    Next GM of the Cavs will be Sam Hinkie. Book it.

  • Eric G

    Eesh, can’t believe we’re at the point where we’re *hoping* for the Browns season to start.

  • Eric G

    I’ve got a bucketful of cash and a CBS Sports news alert saying you’re wrong.

  • CBiscuit

    Well you’re too late. I already booked it. Jeezus. Now what the hell do I do?

  • CBiscuit

    It’s almost as if only one year ago there was sheer joy…the end of decades of misery! Was that just a dream?

  • Chris

    We’ve been waiting for 32 friggin days… I try to make one joke to lighten the mood and WHAM!!!

  • RGB

    That was the Browns.

  • MartyDaVille

    Kyrie must have loved playing for those 21-, 24-, and 33-win Cavs teams his first three years.

    If this is true, then this guy is pathetic. Ship his sorry butt to Sacramento.

  • Steve

    Wasn’t Griffin out the door by the time of that trade? I’m pretty sure Gilbert tried to get us George and Bledsoe for Irving. If Lebron really was the one to veto that . . .

  • humboldt

    The gif is actually titled “Cleveland Browns, 1999-“

  • RGB

    Time to start making room for Team Banana Boat.

  • MartyDaVille

    This is much worse than Durant chasing a ring. That I can understand.

    Doing the opposite of chasing a ring because your precious ego isn’t being catered to enough is pathetic.

    From now on, he’s Cryrie.

  • RGB

    You know the pee in a dark suit joke.
    Well, here we are.

  • RGB

    It’s always about the Browns.

  • Chris

    I wonder how many first round picks the Cavs can stockpile before 2025

  • MartyDaVille

    Coming next: Jabrill Peppers demands a trade.

  • MartyDaVille

    Or Trevor Bauer’s last start.

  • CBiscuit

    idk for sure man, but I had heard the man, the myth and the legend Griffin was feverishly working the phones and pitching that Kyrie (and others) deal in his last throes. Who knows if Lebron was happy about that or vetoed. Or other teams balked. Who really knows? I think the fact that there’s such negativity right now and Kyrie’s name has been floated out there is making him all pissy. Allegedly.

  • Paul Marsh

    Not overjoyed to hear this but..Irving made The Shot so I’m okay. I’ll get over it. Go, Cavs.

  • CBiscuit

    1999-2026 when RGB and CBiscuit get rich from betting big. We’re gonna get so wasted

  • jpftribe

    But only to NE, PIT or BAL.

  • humboldt

    This isn’t a criticism of you personally, Marty, but I hope we can avoid making personal attacks on Irving.

    1. These are still rumors at this point. The situation is fluid and it’s not entirely clear what’s happening, what motivations are, and why information is coming to light now. I know situations like this awaken tribal sentiments but let’s see how things unfold.

    2. Even if the rumors are true, none of this is personal. Kyrie has never shown any disdain for Cleveland, has been a model citizen, and has played with class and professionalism. He has also been active in the community (has done unheralded work at the foster home my mom works at, for instance). We shouldn’t internalize any of this, especially when we don’t know the underlying motivations that may be informing his request.

    3. Kyrie gave many of us the single greatest moment in our tenure as Cleveland fans. Even if he departs, he should receive standing ovations in this town until his retiring day. Again, none of this is personal, and without Irving we are still starved of the catharsis we’ve sought for decades.

    4. I rest my case, your honor

  • MartyDaVille

    I hear ya, Humboldt. I’m ticked and I’m venting a bit.

    I did qualify my comment by saying “IF this is true.” But if it is true and ego is his motivation, then I will lose all respect for him.

  • Saggy

    A deal I was in favor of jumping at in a nanosecond.

  • Fike Club

    Why can’t Gilbert just say “no”. He signed a contract to play for 2 more years. He plays or doesn’t get paid? Lame how these guys just wine and demand to be traded to team a,b, or c.

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  • jpftribe

    Yeah, I don’t get it either. Maybe it’s an NBA thing, but it seems like an agent taking advantage of a weak FO. First demand the trade then leak it and get teams lathered up.

    I’d like to think a competent GM would tell Kyrie, thanks for the feedback, but we have a Finals to win next year and you’re gonna drive it, then a quick call to the LBJ camp to get the two of them together.

    Oh, and if this leaks, you might find yourself in Orlando, Sacramento or New Orleans. Wonder how Nike would feel about that.

  • Fike Club

    Gives me more respect and perspective for the Spurs. They remain competitive at the highest level for two decades and manage to avoid the premadonnas. We can’t keep it together past 3 years. Anyway, I’ll pass on Melo and Rose too – awful. Go cavs

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