Unfortunately for Brock Osweiler the proof is in the film

I would say “HOT TAKE ALERT,” except I don’t particularly think this take is all that hot. The Browns should just go ahead and cut Brock Osweiler. I was holding out hope that his unwilling move from Houston to Cleveland would serve as a wake-up call, but after seeing his defensive response to an admittedly contentious line of questioning from Doug Lesmerises, I think I’ve seen all I need to see. In that one moment, I think it’s safe to say that the remote chances the Browns could help Brock Osweiler turn his career around moved from the furthest reaches of the mainland to the remotest speck of an already-drowning archipelago.

I’ve consistently complained about Browns fans trying to run players out of town at the quarterback position. I have been on record saying that the Browns would have been better off with marginal starters like Colt McCoy and Brian Hoyer. That was before the Browns had a quarterback guru like Hue Jackson as the coach. Why would it be any different with Brock Osweiler? If I believe in Hue Jackson as a mentor and offensive head coach, wouldn’t it behoove the Browns to hold on to a 6-foot 7-inch guy with a rocket arm who is not yet 27 years of age?

The proof is in that film of his interview yesterday. Brock Osweiler is still the guy that John Elway wasn’t all that broken up about when he took Houston’s money. He’s the same guy who we heard fought with head coach Bill O’Brien after being called into duty as a backup for Tom Savage in Week 17. This followed reports that he got into it with his head coach over play calls after a Week 5 loss. While recognizing that I don’t know what I don’t know, it sure as hell seems like we know quite enough about Brock Osweiler to know the missing ingredient to his success isn’t patience and coaching.

Obviously, the Browns are going to need people on the depth chart. We’ve all seen enough Cleveland Browns football over the years to know that it could take a team within the team to start 16 games. The idea that the Cleveland Browns can just cast aside anyone with the letters “QB” next to their name isn’t said lightly. If you read all Brock Osweiler’s statements you can draw a conclusion that he’s said the right things as well. It’s a QB boilerplate, copy / paste job for the most part.

“There was a coach that I played for in college and he told me only worry about the things that you can control. From the time of the trade, that is what I have done, and I couldn’t be any more excited to be here. From the day I arrived, you couldn’t have been welcomed in a better way. This has been an incredible experience so far. Right now, I’m just trying to work hard, learn the system and be a great teammate.”

“…We are all helping each other out. There is no friction in the room or anything like that. We are just working as a unit, which is great to see because I think it is going to bring out the best in everybody.”

But the quote that gets me is from the video above. And yes, I think it was a somewhat contentious line of questioning. Still, the reaction there and the delusional talk about the proof of his worth being in the game tape, combined with his willingness to take the bait tells me a whole lot about a guy I considered to be pretty marginal anyway.

When you’re looking at the sum of the totals and you’re asking yourself those favorite Cleveland Browns questions, what percentage chance are you giving for them to be positive? We’ve been through this with Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson, Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel and vets like Jeff Garcia and Trent Dilfer, not to mention RG3. We’ve been through it with shoulda-been career backups like Josh McCown and Jason Campbell. As Browns fans, we’ve got the experience. What’s your gut tell you? I know what it’s telling me. Let’s just decide to be better. When the question about Brock Osweiler starts out, “Well maybe if we give him a chance and some time with Hue Jackson he can possibly become…” and stop before we finish the question. I think we know the answer, and we’d be better off buying lottery tickets at Circle K.

We know that it takes more than physical ability to play quarterback in the NFL. We know it takes maturity, leadership, and a host of other variables that aren’t necessarily measured in the combine’s drills. We also know that there’s a lack of quality players at the quarterback position in the NFL as a league. Scarcity doesn’t change the answers to the questions we almost certainly already have, however. Just because the Browns need a quarterback doesn’t mean that Brock Osweiler is someone who can help. If I’m correct in my assumptions that all the bad things we’ve heard about Osweiler’s attitude and demeanor are basically founded, it wouldn’t hurt anyone if the Browns just cut bait and let that trade stand as an asset deal for a second-round pick.

I’ll happily admit it if I’m wrong, but let’s just say I’m not worried about it. I don’t think the Browns should be worried about it either.

  • mgbode

    Craig and I continue to align in our QB thoughts this offseason (I’d keep Brock as QB3, but only because any other QB3 is going to be just as bad). Weird days here.

  • RGB

    That second-round pick makes that film look fabulous.

  • Garry_Owen

    Whoa. Really? There’s enough to read from this clip of an admittedly contentious reporter’s stupid questions and an unscripted response from a player to tell that there’s no hope for a guy to be helped by, or to help, his team? I mean, I’m no Osweiler fan, and don’t really care if he makes the team, but . . . wow. I mean, as much as he might have “taken the bait,” he also did not take the bait at the end. Does that not show as much character? All this is actually proof of is that one man being a jerk resulted in another man responding strongly. I don’t know how this tells anyone anything about footballing. Honestly, if I’m his coach, I’m saying, “Way to not back down, Brock. But in the future, just smile and challenge the guy to some arm wrestling or something.”

    To the broader point that his film from the last 2 years shows footballing ability (or the lack thereof), then let’s just let that film speak for itself. Otherwise, I’m definitely going with “HOT TAKE!” (And I mean that with no malice. You opened the door; I just sauntered through it.

  • mgbode
  • Garry_Owen

    That’s funny.

    But in all seriousness, I don’t mind this stuff at all. Don’t want it from myself (though I have been there) or my own kids (they have, too), or the kids that I coach, but I totally understand it. Does it demonstrate something deeper? I don’t know. It’s like that famous DA incident (“I take this $#!t serious!”). Yeah, he over-reacted, and yeah it was an unfair question. And sure, he’s also bad at football. But the reality of the former does not dictate the reality of the latter.

    And besides, Johnny thought it was an Etch-a-Sketch. That’s all.

  • MartyDaVille

    What was Lesmerises trying to prove?

    Osweiler said he’s good enough to be a starter. So what’s he supposed to say? “No, I’m not good enough to be a starter”?

    Osweiler was just standing there cordially answering the usual questions and Lesmerises starts baiting him. What’s the point? So now Osweiler is being embarrassed by media outlets all over for giving a spontaneous answer to a question that he didn’t expect and that I’m sure he didn’t prepare for. Lesmerises comes out of this looking like a jerk,

  • Garry_Owen
  • tigersbrowns2
  • tigersbrowns2

    if some other team loses a QB in the pre-season , the Browns should be able to move Brock , even if they have to pay most of his salary.

  • tigersbrowns2

    hi MARTY … in all honesty , you’re right. i feel bad for the guy.

  • MartyDaVille

    It’s not like Osweiler just threw a pick-six to blow a playoff game. It’s an OTA in May. Sheesh!

  • Harv

    right, the hostile meaning of these questions was: give me a single justification for your participation in an NFL team’s May minicamp. The player may be the league’s biggest tool and an imminent cut. But this was an obvious attention-grab, I’m-gonna-be-the-story move by Lesmerises. Almost like HE’S worried about getting cut unless people notice him. If I’m a Browns player, Lesmerises is kryptonite now.

  • Garry_Owen

    Oh man, how great would it be to be moaning about a pick-six to blow a playoff game?

    Seriously, I watched that clip of Osweiler, and came away more impressed than anything else. Sure, the comment about film made me cringe a little, but I thought he was pretty composed, considering the crap that was just slung at him. Besides, even with the film comment, I understand what he’s saying.

  • Garry_Owen

    Imagine putting yourself in his shoes. He signs a monster contract because of jumpy NFL front offices (not his fault, and also a great, life-changing positive development); but then massively underperforms (both his fault and his team’s, but must feel awful, given the huge contract); gets traded in what appears to be nothing more than a salary dump of a deadbeat (and has to hear every talking head say as much); keeps hearing rumors that his new team isn’t going to keep him; has to make a decision what to do with his life and his family; arrives in Cleveland where, by all accounts, he’s working hard and is happy with what’s happening, but still has no job security or hope for immediate family life stability; and then has some jackwad reporter (from a town with absolutely no authority to criticize the on-field football performance of a new guy arriving to that town’s terrible team) poke him in what has to be the most sensitive spot in his life right now.

    Sure, maybe the guy should have a more immediate thicker skin, but if we can’t find just a little empathy for the guy, maybe we should go strangle some puppies or something.

  • scripty

    Respectfully, I don’t think people realize how many passes are thrown in a training camp and preseason. Receivers can test hands on a JUGS machine but there are a lot of installations and live passes thrown. Osweiler will get to throw a ton of passes, plenty of time to re-develop him. Hogan’s release is timed on a sundial. There’s no sense to cutting Osweiler at this time.

    We can unload him and get all his cap space for more shenanigans next spring.

  • scripty

    Again, I am not an Osweiler fan, but it is on record that HOU did nothing to really align their offense with his best traits, etc. I’m all for looking at this guy vs Hogan.

  • tigersbrowns2

    hi GARRY … good post.

  • mgbode

    Eh, maybe. I doubt many would see him as a viable solution and if the Browns wanted a 6th/7th rounder for him, then I’d imagine we could have found that already.

  • mgbode

    Yes, I think the big part is that Brock is not good at the football.

  • Garry_Owen

    What? He’s supposed to catch it, too??

  • mgbode

    Maybe not throw it behind a WR with three defenders right there

    Throwing behind WRs is something Osweiler does a ton of…

  • BenRM

    Agreed. Lesmerises is a joke.

  • mgbode

    I am no fan of Osweiler, but he is significantly better than Hogan.

  • Garry_Owen

    Well, sure. (I was joking.) But still, my coaches always said that if it hits your hands, you have to catch it.

  • BenRM

    Agreed. He is iced out of everything.

  • Steve

    I’m actually interested to see the pointed questions. Usually we see what happened in New England yesterday, where no one even dared ask anyone about the Brady concussion situation. The problem is that Lesmerises sucks at his job as much as Osweiler did last year, and couldn’t do anything more than go “yeah, well some people say you suck” when there substantial evidence to use that Osweiler needs to play better to be a starting QB. At least no one got bodyslammed.

  • mgbode

    Yeah, intelligent questions such as “Your completion percentage over 10 yards was last in the NFL in 2016, what are you doing to improve that number?” or something…

  • mgbode

    Your coaches must have thought you were Odell Beckham

  • Chris

    Give him a break. He had two receivers in the vicinity

  • Garry_Owen

    Maybe. I’m quite certain they didn’t know my first name.

  • JNeids

    “from a town with absolutely no authority to criticize the on-field football performance of a new guy arriving to that town’s terrible team”

    Should have responded with: “My tape is still better than the last 20 years of tape you have here.” Probably would have pissed off most if not all of the fans, but might have also shut Doug up.

  • BenRM

    But that would take doing ones homework and thoughtfulness, two qualities which Lesmerises lacks.

  • Skulb

    Alright, I think I can clear this up for everyone: Osweiler stinks. The reporter asking him these silly questions stinks. And that’s wonderful because as we all remember from math class, two negatives make a positive!

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  • Mark West

    I totally disagree with this article. I think Brock has tremendous potential and the Browns would be foolish to let him go. O’Brien is a dick and has been a terrible QB coach throughout his tenure in Houston. Confidence is everything in a skill position and he has made sure all his QB’s were playing scared. Jackson is the complete opposite and will get the most of this talented kid. I was recently reminded of Osweiler’s come from behind victory against the undefeated Patriots to get the Broncos into the playoffs. He never whined when they put the aging Manning in to manage the offense through to the Super Bowl. And think about that. He knows what it takes for a team to make it to a championship. How many Browns have ever even made it to a playoff game?

  • Skulb

    I agree in principle. But I wasn’t very impressed with Oz in Denver either, and they got as far as they did by having an elite defense that year. So I don’t think you can dump this all on BOB, who, if memory serves, was not even consulted about bringing him in. He has been terrible at managing the QB position, operating with exactly the kind of short hook that ensures that everyone will be bad. The Browns have been very good at this themselves over the years, so Browns fans should know how it works.
    Still, I haven’t seen much from Oz that makes me think he’s good either. Nor have I been terribly impressed by Jackson’s handling of the QB position. now that I think about it. He fawned over a notoriously injury prone gimmick QB last year, and we all saw how that worked out. I get that you have to talk your guy up to a certain extent, but Jackson takes it to ridiculous extremes sometimes.

    Until proven otherwise I consider Oz a mediocre to bad QB who has gone from one bad QB situation to another. I hope I’m wrong though. It would be nice to see some good QB performances this fall. But I’m not holding my breath just yet.

  • Rob Hecht

    DougLesmeries, UR paparazziStyle’d effort, a Classic GrossiClapBackSnark: “WHY?”
    WTF? Seriously DL? How ’bout developing and reporting the team’s on field news?
    BoringConcept, I know, but so very much preferable to your baiting, creating or injecting your own ridiculous self into a non relevant ‘story.’ GoodGravy, are TerryPluto and an ever distressingly small # of BrownsBeatScribes the objectively best one can expect? DeltaBravoDoug, you seem uninterested as part of the positive solution. Be a Journalist, Sir, you can do it. DevelopProbingConsideredQuestionsSansDrama. NotThatTallOfAnOrder,IsIt?

  • theotherJimBrown

    Brock’s at a crossroads. It’s time to put up or shut up. The whiny, pampered I’m- the- most- important- player- in- the- room- cuz- I’m- the- QB attitude has to go. Hue’s not BOB. Much more respected throughout the league for his offensive knowledge. He’ll give him the fairest of chances to make this team, but he’ll certainly not have any of that. If Brock can’t figure that out then… adios! Test the QB Whisperer at you and your own career’s expense.

  • Autodidact

    Jackson a QB guru? In my count he is at least 0-4 in Cleveland. Purportedly, he wanted the Rams #1 choice and not Wentz! Then RG3 and Kessler! If that qualifies as a guru than I am underwhelmed. Plus what is all the vitriol against Osweiler? I am pulling for him to win the job!

  • ConservativeChas

    Absolutely correct and completely in keeping with the longstanding traditions of the Cleveland sports media. With the exception of Terry Pluto, the rest of these guys and gals should find other work. They’re not very good at what they do.

  • Elizabethmyoung

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  • jpftribe

    I’m reading this going “Who is Doug Lesmerises?”, nuff said.

  • jpftribe

    The correct answer would have been “I have 37 million reasons why.”

  • Brandon

    I enjoy the scenario where a reporter asks a young QB what proof he has that he can play QB in the NFL, the young QB refers to the tapes where he has been playing QB in the NFL for two years, and many freak out over the audacity of the young QB reminding the reporter gently that he has been playing QB in the NFL for two years.