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Check out Nike’s Ohio State “Spring Game” Free Trainer V7 (Video)

The Buckeyes of The Ohio Sate University suited up for their Spring Game this past weekend, and the folks at Nike Sportswear were along for the ride. As they have in years past, Ohio State-based cross trainers were released in advance of the game and WFNY was able to get their hands on a pair.

As they have in years past, the entire shoe is a one piece of lightweight mesh upper. This year’s trainer comes complete with the “free” tri-cut outsole for maximum flexibility, Flywire lace loops that connect to the sole for maximum lockdown, and Ohio State branding throughout—the helmet stripe on the insole, the Block O on the forefoot, and buckeye leaves on the lace tips detail out the scarlet and grey colorway.

While Nike released V7 trainers for a host of other schools—Tennessee, Alabama, and LSU among them—only Ohio State’s Urban Meyer was seen wearing LeBron James-branded apparel on the sidelines. It’s here we remind you that the two parties are going to be intertwined for quite some time.

You can snag these Free Trainers for $110 with free shipping over at Nike.com. This will be our second pair of “free” cross trainers, the last ones being V5. We can’t wait to test the new model out.

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