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The Streak is Over: Tristan Thompson to miss game against Boston

Tristan Thompson Clevelan Cavaliers
Scott Sargent/WFNY

Tristan Thompson’s consecutive game streak in the NBA will end at 447. Not traveling with the team following a thumb injury sustained on Tuesday night, Thompson will miss Wednesday’s game against the Boston Celtics as well as Friday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Thompson suffered a sprained right thumb during the third quarter of Tuesday’s win against the Magic in Cleveland. He was taped and able to continue playing. X-rays taken at the arena following the game were negative but an MRI, while corroborating the X-rays, showed that the Cavaliers big man would require some time off before the team heads into the NBA Playoffs.

Thompson’s 447 games played was the longest active games played streak in the NBA and the longest streak in Cavaliers history. He had played through a variety of nagging injuries over the last few years, most recently being linked to knee tendinitis around the All-Star break and having his two front teeth knocked loose after taking an elbow against the Los Angeles Lakers back in March.

Depending upon the matchup, it will be either Channing Frye or Richard Jefferson moving in to the starting five with the Cavs deploying a small ball lineup to stem the tide. The team also recalled Larry Sanders from the Canton Charge earlier on Wednesday afternoon.

  • RGB
  • CBiscuit

    Couldn’t even make it to 450 games. What a loser.

  • JNeids

    While I feel for him because I know he took pride in this streak (as well he should have), this is probably for the long-term best. Dude needed some rest and he wouldn’t take it willingly.

  • RGB

    All that wear and tear he was building up, making up for those other bums on the team who were always “resting”.

  • CBiscuit

    I read this as a shot directly solely at Sasha Kaun.

    Edit: *NBA Champion Sasha Kaun

  • humboldt

    Scott, any word on the degree of his sprain? Hoping it’s not a second or third degree injury. Even though Tristan’s playing style means he doesn’t necessarily need dexterity in his thumb to be successful, having to wear a brace would be a hinderance, particularly to his free throw shooting and things like grabbing lobs. Hoping it’s not serious

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