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Cavs to sign guard Dahntay Jones for postseason run—again

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Less than 24 hours after the Cleveland Cavaliers surprisingly waived guard DeAndre Liggins, the team is set to sign veteran guard Dahntay Jones for the second-consecutive season, according to The Step Back’s Chris Reichert.

Like they did during their championship run in 2016, Jones will join the wine and gold just days before the end of the regular season. In fact, it was almost a year to the day that he will come to Cleveland to be a savvy veteran and guard off the bench who can be counted on to be a hard-nosed defender and knockdown an open three when he needs to.

He may not bring much to the team in terms of on the stat sheet, but that’s not important for the player taking up 15th and final roster spot, especially during the playoffs. Jones will not only bring plenty of leadership to the Cavs, but he also has plenty of postseason experience as well, and don’t forget that he has that Finals experience from last June that he can lean on as well.

Known for his defense, the 36-year-old made some crucial plays during the 2016 Finals on the offensive side of the ball, especially in Game 6. In a must-win game, Jones had five points in five minutes and was the spark off the bench that the Cavs badly needed. Three of his points came on an and-one that erupted the crowd inside Quicken Loans Arena.

The only problem with Jones is that he hasn’t been in the NBA this season, let alone play in a single game. Then again, the 6-foot-6, 225-pound guard won’t be counted on to do much in the playoffs. Whatever the veteran brings in terms of on the court production will be entirely a bonus, he won’t be counted on to fill up the stat sheet whatsoever.

Although he wasn’t on the team to start this season, Jones was in attendance for the Cavs’ ring ceremony prior to their home opener in late October in addition to working out with the team during Camp LeBron in the preceding weeks. While the Cavs already have plenty of veterans and playoff experience, you can never have too much of either. The fact that the guard is friends with many of his former (and now current) teammates helps as well. It may not be much of an addition, but Jones could be the savvy veteran spark that the Cavs need. Just maybe, he can be part of something special this summer as he was in 2016.

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