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Cavs waive DeAndre Liggins in the 11th hour

Almost exactly one year to the date when the Cleveland Cavaliers added guard Dahntay Jones in advance of their eventual NBA Championship, a similar move may be in the works as the team surprisingly waived swingman DeAndre Liggins on Sunday afternoon, leaving their roster at 14 with the NBA Playoffs set to begin in less than one week.

Liggins played in 61 games for the Cavs this season, starting in 19. He averaged 2.4 points in 12.3 minutes, but was also a player in the team’s most successful five-man units of the entire regular season. Providing relief for the Cavs in the wake of several injuries—specifically to guards Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith—Liggins fell out of the rotation over the last two months as health improved and the team added Kyle Korver to the fold.

According to reports, Liggins was with the team in Atlanta when he was informed of the move. This was far from planned. To be eligible for the postseason, any player signed would have not to have been on a an NBA roster subsequent to March 1 and would have to be signed by Wednesday.’s Joe Vardon speculates former Cavalier Anderson Varejao as a potential replacement for Liggins’ available roster spot which could also foreshadow the potential for Tristan Thompson’s injury to be worse than originally reported. Also worth noting: Kyrie Irving also left Friday’s game with knee soreness, so concern is warranted.

Stay tuned.

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