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LeBron James supports a new contract for David Griffin (Video)

  • Saggy

    Overpaid for Tristan Thompson? Really? wow – do your homework and look at what guys are now getting paid.

    $16million per year for TT is a good contract.

    Paul Millsap is getting almost $20m/year.
    Al Horford is getting $28m/year.
    Brook Lopez is getting $20m/year.
    Kanter $17.5m
    Biyombo $18m
    Even Cody Zeller is making $14m.
    There’s a guy named Gorgui Dieng making $15.7m/year!!
    TT is making the same $$ as Tobias Harris. I like Harris but he’s no Thompson.

  • Saggy

    Funny how they didn’t mention the Korver deal, which was basically unloading a bad contract for one of the best 3-point shooters in NBA history. WTF?

    Oh, and he won a championship.

    Who the hell are these clowns???

  • Bettygbenson

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  • That comment made me cringe as well. Draymond’s the only benchmark?

  • Saggy

    RIght. Draymond was making $900,000/year on his first contract. Then, two offseasons ago, when the cap was still “low” he signed for 5/$80m, giving himself a nearly $16million raise per year. That deal which was a wonderful and expensive contract at that time. The cap – and thus relative value – has changed.

    Forget about their opinions – which are moronic – for a moment and realize they pulled a FOX by conveniently forgetting to mention the Korver deal, and understanding that while Bogut and D-Will wanted to be here, Griffin never flinched during a long season by keeping an empty roster spot for a long time for a team that could have used the extra legs.

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