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Just announce Myles Garrett now: While We’re Waiting

Happy Friday to the best website visitors in the world. Have you checked out our Patreon? You have? Cool. Let’s talk about the Browns.

Just take Myles Garrett in case he’s Kyrie Irving…

I don’t know if the Browns front office is a keeper yet. Nobody knows that yet, least of all Jimmy Haslam. We just don’t know if this structure with this group of people are capable of pushing all the chess pieces around the board to enable the team to develop into a collection of talent that can win football games. Just because we aren’t sure about them or their future doesn’t mean that they couldn’t end up having a good draft this year. Whether or not they’re here to see it through in the end, they could help set up the Browns for a bright future just the same.

I think about Chris Grant. I think about the fact that he was kind of a disaster. He treated the Cavaliers like a portfolio that needed to be managed and diversified. Instead of building a team that could win basketball games he collected assets. At the end of his reign in Cleveland he didn’t even collect assets very well. How else can you possibly look at a draft haul of Anthony Bennett, Sergey Karasev, Allen Crabbe, and Carrick Felix, who were all taken in the top 33 of players? Despite that waste of a draft, Chris Grant didn’t choke when it was time to select Kyrie Irving. Even though he could have done better, he also helped the team when he drafted Tristan Thompson.1

The bottom line is that even though Chris Grant proved to be unworthy of employment in Cleveland in the long run, when given an opportunity with one of the best prospects available first overall, he made the right choice. We could certainly talk more about the Anthony Bennett selection or the Dion Waiters selection, but it’s not like there was a Kyrie Irving sitting there in either of those circumstances in terms of obviousness. The hindsight pick is Giannis Antetokounmpo who was taken at 15, but that’s not really fair to say that he should have gone first overall.

From everything we can tell right now with the NFL draft and the Browns is that Myles Garrett is a Kyrie Irving type of obvious pick. We hope he’s an NFL defense equivalent of LeBron James, but that’s asking a hell of a lot. The real point is that even if this Browns front office is doomed to unemployment after a stint in Cleveland and a bunch of bad picks, they could get this one right.

I know it’s a quarterback league and I know that your team is lost until it has a quarterback. Regardless of that, and regardless of what Adam Schefter is saying about the Browns being “split” on Garrett and Trubisky, it would be insane to draft one of the quarterbacks that most are on record saying need a redshirt year at least before they are ready. Just because you need a quarterback, there’s a level of job security to not picking one high until you’re absolutely sure. Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel can’t save anyone’s job or give them additional time. Myles Garrett and punting the QB decision on down the road very well could.

I have no idea if I’m just being sold on Myles Garrett. I have no idea if any of the top three quarterbacks in this draft would be regime-saving. I’m just guessing on many fronts. What I am sure of is that nobody will blame the Browns for just taking Garrett and having him end up as some approximation of Kyrie Irving level of quality. At this point in the team’s history, nobody would be upset if the Browns achieved Tristan Thompson at 12 either.

I’m sure there’s much to be gained from playing the rumor mill, but when the time comes and the Browns are on the clock, I’m hoping they just pick Myles Garrett.

Cavaliers playoff schedule begins…

I joke that I almost wish the Cavaliers got bounced because of the scheduling pressure that it creates. But seriously though, it’s kind of intense. This is just the first round and obviously, you figure the Cavs will go at least a little far…

  • Sat 15th 3:00 CLE
  • Mon 17 7:00 CLE
  • Thu 20 7:00 IND
  • Sun 23 1:00 IND
  • Tue 25 TBD CLE
  • Thu 27 TBD IND
  • Sat 29 TBD CLE

    I know it’s insane to complain as a fan, but it’s an intense schedule.

    Anyway, here’s hoping it’s a smooth first round and a nice Easter weekend! Thanks for being here with us.

    1. Sure, Klay Thompson and Kawhi Leonard were selected 11, and 15, to Thompson’s 4, but that’s some greedy hindsight. []

    • RGB

      I didn’t have a GifBU-43B handy.

    • Garry_Owen

      The MOAG.

      Speaking of which (sort of), the hardest thing for me to wrap my noodle around on the MOAB is that each one costs $16 million. $16 million. Per bomb. Reports are that it killed 36 ISIS fighters. That’s $444,444.44 per ISIS guy. Powerful? No doubt. Efficient? Not so much.

    • Harv

      Ugh, you had me right until “Hue and his staff.” Coaching players, evaluating amateur talent and manipulating the cap are 3 distinct skill sets. Not sure how anyone who has followed this org since ’99 doesn’t have that burned into their sports soul. Must we list names of cap guys who claimed they knew talent from hanging around, and of coaches who were sure they knew more than scouts?

      If Holmgren, a HOF coach and master at developing QBs in Green Bay and San Fran, threw his considerable weight behind Colt and Weeden, let’s please stop pretending that a relative nobody like Hue knows it when he sees it. Hue is a coach. This imagined evaluation expertise is a fiction we grasp to calm our nerves when the picks are in the hands of Attorney Cap Guy, Baseball Guy and a 20-something who only started looking at amateur talent last year.

    • RGB

      I understand the 3 different skill sets, but I refuse to entertain the idea that Sashi and his merry band of bean counters know more about talent evaluation than people that have spent their entire lives involved in football. Be it scouts, or coaches.
      The only thing Holmgren was throwing his weight behind was a second helping of ribs. He never really put any effort into anything Cleveland related other than collecting a paycheck and making sure he got to Hopkins on time to catch his flights to Seattle.

    • paulbip

      Even if Miles goes BUST, the Browns have cover because every team thinks he’s the best in the draft.

    • Saggy
    • Saggy

      These guys only care about the numbers – about the “coding”

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    • BenRM

      “People with Smartest Guy In The Room Syndrome loathe making the obvious choice, regardless if it is the correct one.”

      Is this “smartest guy in the room syndrome” or simply rational?

      What is the purpose of denying potential alternatives until you have to? I don’t think there’s anything to be gained. I can’t actually think of a single one.

      In this case, it’s likely that there is also nothing to be gained by any of those potential alternatives. But there might be.

    • BenRM

      Probably at the same time “football people” started using “analytics” as a pejorative.

    • nj0

      Agreed. There’s nothing to be gained by announcing the pick now.