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McShay’s updated Mock lands the Browns with Garrett, Watson

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As we near the late-April NFL Draft, who the Cleveland Browns are taking with the No. 1 pick is becoming less and less of a guess thanks to Myles Garrett using the NFL Combine to create a chasm between himself and whomever goes at No. 2. But with that mystery slowly being removed, the focus turns to the No. 12 pick where the Browns are expected to take one of a handful of quarterbacks or the best safety or cornerback available.

With this 12th pick being as big of a wild card as any, it is with great interest we report the latest from Todd McShay that gives the Browns the quarterback of their future to go with the best edge rusher in this 2017 rookie class.

 1. Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

The Browns shouldn’t overthink this: Garrett is the best pure pass-rusher — and one of the best overall athletes — in the draft. His freakish combine numbers (4.64 40-yard dash and a 41-inch vertical at 272 pounds) cemented his status as the No. 1 overall pick, in my opinion. Garrett can fit into any scheme. He’s a transcendent-type player.

None of this should be a surprise at this point. We’ve talked about Garrett ad nauseum here, and will continue to do so as the draft nears. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams recently spoke about Garrett as if he were already on the team.

With No. 12, however, McShay has the Browns landing a player who has been mocked to go anywhere from No. 2 down to the second round in Clemson’s DeShaun Watson despite a caveat that the team may not use this selection on a quarterback at all.

12. Cleveland Browns (from Eagles)

Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

I’m not convinced Cleveland will use this pick on a quarterback, but it would make some sense, especially after landing Garrett at No. 1 overall. Watson will need time adjust to a pro-style system, but he has the tools to grow into a good starter in the NFL if developed and utilized properly.

Speculation surrounding analytics tend to side with Watson over others due to his sample size. Those who are a bigger fan of Mitch Trubisky compared to Watson will see the Mentor product go 25th to Houston. Physical Specimen Patrick Mahomes does not go in the top 32, meaning he would conceivably be there with the first pick in the second round if the Browns wanted to go a different direction.

Defenders who have been mocked to the Browns at the No. 12 spot include LSU’s Jamal Adams (who McShay has going third to Chicago) and Ohio State’s Malik Hooker (seventh to Los Angeles). On the offensive side of the ball, Alabama’s O.J. Howard goes fourth to Jacksonville, and Clemson’s Mike Williams goes 18th to Tennessee.

Sporting News recently mocked the same pair of players to the Browns. Others have linked the Browns to Michigan’s Jabril Peppers and Florida’s Teez Tabor. It’s worth noting that this draft does not include any trades (which are bound to happen), but if anything, this affirms that no one knows what the Browns are thinking with the No. 12 pick.

  • Saggy

    I’m sticking to my guns: NO QBs in the draft.

    In fact, they should trade down and amass a ton of high picks for next year so that they can trade up to and grab Sam Darnold.

    EDIT: I didn’t mean they should trade out of #1. Just saying maybe trade down from 12 to 15-17 and pick up useful ammo for next year while still getting your DB.

  • Saggy

    NO QB for CB

    That’s my motto for this year’s draft.

  • Saggy

    accuracy seems to be the thing that Hue likes more than anything, so I would cross this guy off the list.

  • Saggy

    would you have to take into account each of the Mocker’s 36 mock drafts prior to the real one or would you just go with their last effort before the draft?

  • Saggy

    NO QB

  • Saggy

    I am predicting the Browns to trade out of 12 to the teens. I think that’s the spot you will see teams wanting to trade back in and grab a QB. Could be a bounty for Cleveland if they can build a market there. They have to continue to be high on all QBs publicly.

  • Jeff

    That’s the appeal of Kessler. Extremely accurate. And that’s a valid knock on Dobbs. Reviewing discussions from last year, most scouts feel it’s much easier to improve a QB’s arm strength than it is to improve their accuracy.

    I am very interested in seeing Kessler after a full offseason workout routine and a full year to work on the offense, etc. I think it is underappreciated just how well he did last year considering what a mess it was. An improved OL and offense could help him put up some good numbers.

    If we adjust his numbers for 550 attempts, he’d hit 3,894 yards against 17 TDs and 6 INTs. I think the TD number would go past 20 with a better WR corps, which I expect this year due to development of SOME of the guys they drafted last year. That is at least an adequate placeholder and those numbers can improve.

    But to be on course to only throw 6 INTs considering the poor protection last year is impressive to me.

  • Jeff

    I’m not opposed to it, but I still think they should take a QB at some point, just not at 12. If Davis Webb is there are 52, I’d be happy.

  • Saggy

    i agree with everything you said. I can’t believe it but I am totally intrigued by what Kessler is going to do this season. However, I do wish they had given him one more veteran WR (who is actually good), since they have ZERO talent at that position. It’s still going to be tough to grade him without talent on the outside.

  • Saggy

    Someone will want him. I smell trade-down if this happens.

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  • Jeff

    They have more talent than you think. They drafted Coleman in the first for a reason and added a lot of other guys last year. Let’s see what a full offseason AND and offensive line that can actually ALLOW plays to develop does.

    I’m not all that concerned at WR. They have a lot of guys in camp and this draft class is also deep.

  • tsm

    I agree also. He has been dismissed from any chance of being our guy based on the less than desired arm as well as his tendency to hold onto the ball. I think coaching and time can fix the holding of the ball, and hope that a personal trainer can help him gain 10% more arm strength.

  • Jaker

    If anything just to make sure the Ravens don’t get him.


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