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Making sense of NFL combine with Mockdraftable: While We’re Waiting

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The NFL Combine can be daunting for even football fans to attempt to digest. Football front offices are interested in obtaining as many quantifiable data points as possible over the course of the weekend in Indianapolis. As such, there is an avalanche of data thrown out onto the internet. WFNY’s Joe Gilbert did a nice job of cataloging some of the more interesting players performances on Tuesday.

There is another way to help figure out what all those numbers mean. MockDraftable is one of the tools to help people visualize NFL combine-based player analysis and data visualization. The site is developed and maintained by Marcus Armstrong, on GitHub. Within the pages, the data is captured from NFL combines going back to 1999, which is rather perfect for those wanting to compare prospects during the new era of the Cleveland Browns.

Here is how the athleticism of the Athletic Freak Show mock draft did at the combine with the visualizations and a brief explanation for each.

No. 1 Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

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Garrett’s height and weight are normal for a defensive end. The normality ends there though as he tops the 90 percentile in bench, broad jump, and vertical jump though his 40-yard dash comes in just under at 88 (yes, that is good). He is big, he is strong, he has outstanding athleticism, and he had a ton of college production. If there was any doubt that Garrett was the No. 1 overall prospect, then it was erased from the record in Indy.

No. 12 Jabrill Peppers, LB-S, Michigan

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Though Peppers worked out with both linebackers and defensive backs, the database still lists Peppers with the officially designated linebacker group. It is worth noting that the reports were that Peppers did extremely well in the DB drills showing fluidity in his hip movement and ability to track the football.

His number are impressive regardless. As a linebacker, he would be under-sized and put into a role as the nickel or weak outside backer (Will) in a 4-3 alignment. There is no surprise his measurements came on the low end there. His blazing 4.46 40 yard dash got a ton of buzz (second best linebacker was at 4.6) and especially impressive if he is a safety weighing in at 213 pounds (big for a safety there, comparing to Budda Baker who is 20 pounds lighter and ran the same time).

No. 33 Haason Reddick, LB, Temple

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Reddick is another versatile defender due to his athleticism. He is small for a defensive end (percentile group), which is why many places have him moving to a 3-4 OLB. However, his numbers (and tape) suggest he could be a moveable piece for a crafty defensive coordinator such as Gregg Williams. He not only has speed, but he has some fantastic quickness as his shuttle run and three-cone drill numbers demonstrate. He could be utilized as a pass-rushing man on the line some plays, while dropping back to stay with tight ends on others. The only problem is that he did so well in Indy, he probably moved himself into the first round.

No. 52 Adoree Jackson, CB, USC

Jackson underwhelmed a bit in Indy. Now granted, he still did well showing off his speed, but there was more expected from him in the jumps and he passed on competing in the agility drills. He can improve upon these at USC pro-day and true athleticism shows up on tape. However, I would be remiss if I did not highlight instead the true star of the NFL Combine.

Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut

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Numbers leaked out of Connecticut about expected quantifiables and people laughed at the cartoonish jump numbers and run times. Melifonwu then topped those leaked numbers. He showed well in the defensive back drills as well and might have some teams considering him to transition to cornerback. As a safety, he could be a huge weapon given there are many good things being written about his film.

Full disclosure: I have not watched any UConn games yet, which is why I did not include him in last week’s mock strategy. I look forward to watching some of his games, and WFNY’s Joe Gilbert has given me his review, which is glowing.

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    Mingo would run right by him as he puttered into the endzone.

  • RGB

    I love Baker, but his size screams Bob Sanders, whom I also loved.

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    Yeah, that’s where I’m at with this. If it doesn’t work out, it’ll be proof that God hates the Browns rather than the front office is incompetent.

    Honestly, now that I think about it, this is the best situation this front office could have asked for. No choice to make, no criticism if things go bad. They can’t screw this up, can they?

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    Man, neither do we! We could have used that lunch money for cigarettes!

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    “He hits very well, except on opposing players, and cannot tackle to the ground”

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    they’ll get 33 and like it

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    MG is going to be a bust

    WFNY thought the same thing when I started writing here but… oh, wait. Bad example.

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