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Game 7 of the World Series is being made into a movie

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If you’re a Cleveland Indians fan, you will always remember the night of November 2, 2016. It was a special night; a night that for Indians fans, would have been the best night of your life, at least in terms of baseball. Just over four months after the Cavaliers won the city of Cleveland their first major sports championship in 52 years, the Indians had the chance to win the city’s second championship in the same year. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way Clevelanders wanted it to. The Cubs won their first World Series title in over a century. And now, it appears that night is going to be commemorated in film form.

For such a special moment, former Cubs catcher David Ross, who retired following winning his first ring, decided to write a book titled “Teammate: My Journey in Baseball and a World Series for the Ages.” That book will now be made into a movie, according to Variety film reporter Dave McNary. The movie will be called “Teammate: My Life in Baseball.”

With the book and movie told from Ross’ perspective, it will all but certainly have plenty of Cubs flavor and very little Indians flavor in it, including pure joy, and celebrating. Then again, although it may be tough for Indians diehards to relive that night, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the Cubs’ heroics could be quite interesting. Being from the perspective of Ross, his home run off of previously unhittable Andrew Miller will undoubtedly be featured.

While this movie may be all about the Cubs, it’s fun to think of the what ifs and could have beens for the Indians. Without All-Star outfielder Michael Brantley the entire season and starting pitchers Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar for the entire series, the Indians had a shot to upset the juggernaut Cubs. Trailing 6-3 heading into the bottom of the eighth inning, all hope seemed lost for the Indians, especially having to go up against hard-throwing Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman and his 100-plus mile per hour fastball. Then, following a Brandon Guyer RBI double, Rajai Davis hit a two-run home run to tie it up at six, a line drive shot to the Home Run Porch that quite possibly could have been heard around the world.

The night was one that Indians fans will never forget. Whether in the stadium, on the streets of Cleveland, at your house, or across the world, November 2, 2016 will be remembered forever by native Clevelanders. If only it could have concluded with a win and not a devastating loss.

  • RGB
  • Garry_Owen

    Thinking of “what ifs” and “could have beens” is NOT “fun.” No, not fun at all.

  • Natedawg86

    It was fun when we were like 5

  • tsm

    Please no. I have dealt with so many out of the woodwork Cubs fans who never even followed baseball until this year’s WS. That was followed by my having to attend a seminar in Chicago shortly after game 7. The W signs, blue river and all a round gloating made me sick. The thing that really got me, however, was the “great comeback from being down 3-1” meme that was being pushed. Really? Two of our best starters unable to pitch and another very limited, so Kluber and the rest of the staff was burned out. The result was inevitable. Anyone who knows any baseball and saw Kluber pitch in the postseason and then saw what he had left in game 7 can’t possible claim this to be a great comeback.

  • JM85

    I’m sure they will leave out the part about two of the starters being out and Brantley being injured. Not to mention the entire pitching staff running on fumes.

  • RGB

    Where is the Cavs movie?



    Taking the title on the road against THE ONLY UNANIMOUS MVP EVER.

    I guess that’s not nearly as interesting as amassing the leagues best record, being an overwhelming favorite and nearly blowing it against a team with it’s best players injured and a pitching staff running on fumes.

  • Garry_Owen

    You just know that they’ll figure out a way to depict the Indians as the juggernaut presumptive WS champion goliath up against the little underdog good guys from Chicago.

  • NankirPhelge

    “it will all but certainly have plenty of Cubs flavor and very little Indians flavor in it”
    Just like FOX’s WS broadcasts.

  • RGB

    And how Schwarber heroically limped off the bench to inspire the Cubs ala Willis Reed.

    We need to stop. I’m gonna barf.

  • Garry_Owen

    And completely ignoring the serendipitous 30 minute rain delay that gave the Cubs a chance to regroup in the clubhouse after they had completely given up.

  • Eric G

    We don’t need to self aggrandize like Ross does. Don’t necessarily blame him, he’s just trying to capitalize on a moment like whatshisname did with that catch in the SB for the Giants. The book, “More Than A Catch” didn’t do well, and I hope the same for this crap, junk, mess, annoyance of a movie. Yes, I’m still bitter.

  • NankirPhelge

    And how Maddon completely panicked with his use of the pitching staff in Games 6 and 7 only to be bailed out by the Cubs offense.

  • RGB

    Breathlessly narrated by Joe Buck.

  • Chris

    I’m waiting patiently for “MONEYBALL 2 – It Only Works in Baseball”

  • Harv

    Oh goody, another formulaic love story, Joe Buck hearts Kyle Schwarber. NOT that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Ok, looky here. By the time it comes out Tribe will have their championship and this movie will hurt precisely as much as the Warriors “incredible” championship of 2015 does now. And Michael Martinez will be selling his movie rights.

  • jjalovec

    no thanks.

    (Presses play on the Sandlot)

  • Saggy

    Just stop already.

  • Saggy

    Yeah, because the Indians entire payroll was less than Chicago’s top 8 players earned. Plus, if you take out Brantley and Carrasco, it’s basically the Cubs’ top 6 guys making as much as the entire Tribe roster.

    But what’s money got to do with it?

  • Hopwin

    Since it is Hollywood will the good guys win this time?

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