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Bleacher Report does seven-round mock

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A certain amount of insanity is needed to mock something as unpredictable as the NFL Draft. When someone decides to undertake the mammoth task of mocking all 253 selections through the seven rounds- including compensatory picks- while keeping tabs of team needs, styles of play, and what has been done in free agency (and the NFL Combine), a new level of crazy has been achieved. The rest of us get to benefit from this obsessive compulsive desire to chart every thought about the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft as Bleacher Report’s Brent Sobleski indeed mocked all seven rounds.

Below are snippets, follow the link to read the full reports.

No. 1 Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

The possibility of pairing Garrett with Emmanuel Ogbah at defensive end along with Jamie Collins, Christian Kirksey and Danny Shelton in Cleveland’s front seven is exciting. A year ago, the Browns tied for 30th in the NFL with only 26 sacks. The defense should dramatically improve with so much talent and mad scientist Gregg Williams calling plays. After years of ineptitude, a ferocious front would provide Cleveland with a starting point to move toward competitive football.

All that would be missing is a three-technique defensive tackle disruptor and a hybrid linebacker-safety. The thought of having two incredible speed demons on the edges in Ogbah and Garrett should give the rest of the division fits, while opening lanes up for Kirksey and Collins. Quite exciting to imagine the Browns have to just not screw it up at this point and write down the name Myles Garrett on the card for the No. 1 overall pick.

No. 12 Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech

When studying the draft, a distinction must be made between what a player did in college and what he’s projected to do at the NFL level.

An argument in Watson’s favor can easily be made for the quarterback-starved franchise. His collegiate success speaks for itself. Yet there’s a feeling that Mahomes could develop into a truly special quarterback.

More and more draft analysts are coming around on Mahomes. His abilities pop on tape as he can throw the ball with velocity easier than any draft prospect in recent memory. Those who kill him for forcing the ball into tight windows must reconcile the fact he had seven less interceptions than the touted Deshaun Watson despite having more pass attempts.

Second Round selections for the Browns
No. 33 Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut
No. 52 Montravius Adams, DT, Auburn

Obi provides that hybrid-type athlete though without the same productivity or overall football abilities as Jabrill Peppers (yet). The athletic upside though is limitless, and he could just be put on a seek-and-destroy mission from multiple places on the field.

Adams is an interesting choice. He provides the defensive tackle that the Browns need, but he plays more like a zero-tech even though he might line up in the three-tech position under Gregg Williams. It might force the defense to alter some schemes to allow Shelton to provide the penetration from the middle, while Adams provides the stout anchor on the line. It could provide some rather fun twists upon a standard defense.

Other Selections for the Browns
No. 65 Bucky Hodges, TE, Virginia Tech
No. 108 Howard Wilson, CB, Houston
No. 145 Rudy Ford, S, Auburn
No. 175 Tanzel Smart, DT, Tulane
No. 181 Trent Taylor, WR, Louisiana Tech
No. 185 Calvin Munson, LB, San Diego State
No. 188 Josh Dobbs, QB, Tennessee

Hodges, Wilson, and Dobbs all provide some great value for where they land in this mock. Hodges needs some serious refinement, but has all the abilities to become a dangerous weapon for Hue Jackson’s offense. Wilson probably has too much talent to land in the triple-digits of this draft, but the stacked cornerback class makes it a possibility. Taking a second quarterback late in the draft might remind some of the Redskins taking both Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins in the same draft. The only issue with such a strategy would be the Browns would have three quarterbacks with limited experience (adding Cody Kessler) occupying all three quarterback roster spots.

Ford, Smart, Taylor, and Munson are all good enough selections for where they are taken as the entire draft is done well and Browns fans would not be disappointed with how this one played out.

  • RGB

    Allow me to start on a tangent…

    “On new uniforms again as soon as they can in 2020: “We may. I mean, the NFL’s constantly changing all the time,” said Dee Haslam. “We have a little trouble with our numbers. They’re too tight, they can’t get them on. We’ve been struggling with that, so it’s really more mechanical. So we always have to take a look at it. You don’t realize when you do the uniforms, you have to think about the fabric and how it stretches, so there’s issues there that we’ll constantly take a look at because we want the players to be comfortable and move well, so it’s nothing really. But we’re the Cleveland Browns and we stand for a certain thing and I can’t imagine us doing anything too crazy.”

    Dee, sweety, I don’t care about the stupid numbers, or how they fit, only that they look like ass. In 2020 the Browns better run out for the home opener dressed like this:


  • NankirPhelge

    “I can’t imagine us doing anything too crazy.”

    Oh really? What do you call the abominations you have now? Oh, that’s right, you call them “forward looking.”

  • RGB

    Ok, on to their flawed mock draft…
    #1. There is only MYLES.
    #12. no, No, NO! Gareon Conley or Rueben Foster.
    #33. Noooooooooooooo! Budda. Baker.
    #52. Ok, I fine with Adams here, but Brantley…yeah.
    #65. Holy crap there is some good stuff still here. Gimmie some Adoree’ Jackson. But man, Marcus Williams, Desmond King, Ethan Pocic, Josh Jones would all be excellent.
    #108. Kendall Beckwith, LB – LSU. D’Onta Foreman, RB – Texas is tempting.
    #145. Jadar Johnson, S – Clemson
    #175. He’s STILL here?! Dede Westbrook all day.
    #181. Tedric Thompson, S – Colorado
    #185. Noah Brown, WR – Ohio State
    #188. Chad Wheeler, OL – USC

    Bode grade?

  • JNeids

    Sounds like Costanza got them to switch from polyester to cotton.

  • mgbode

    12: If Hue wants Mahomes, then you give Hue Mahomes and no other selection at 12 can supercede it. If he wants a QB who is gone though, then Conley would be my choice between he & Foster.

    33: I still need to watch Obi’s tape. I still worry Baker won’t be able to stay healthy.

    52: For the Browns, I also have Brantley > Adams.

    65: The first half of this third round shows you how deep the draft is. Crazy. I love Marcus Williams, so he would be my pick, but there are a dozen players who have an argument.

    108: Also, we should be packaging several late picks if we can move to get into the Top 75 for one more player IMO.
    If we don’t have a CB, I do really like Wilson here. Really, I like him anyway (can we have enough?)

    Will Beckwith or Foreman play enough? I guess at this point though that doesn’t matter as much. Both are OK but there are higher upside (higher risk too) guys I’d consider.

    145: Did you miss that Jourdan Lewis is still on the board?

    175: I assume there’s an assumption that Dede will be removed from many boards. Which ones is an impossible guess. I’m not a huge fan of drafting a player but this is the range in which to do it with some strict guidelines to help him win the fans over.

    181: Thomspon is fine – what about Elijah Hood (already has played a semi-FB role). Or, if we do want a 3rd RB, Kareem Hunt can be a replaceable but able runner.

    185: eh.. not a huge Brown fan. If you want a big WR, then why not Golladay instead?

    188: Dobbs would be tough to pass up this late. Wheeler would be a good pick as would Woods (S, LaTech)

  • RGB

    #145…yep, I missed Lewis.
    If Baker’s size is an issue…I’m trying desperately to be positive that the NFL nutritional program will remedy that…I like Marcus Maye.

  • mgbode

    you can’t teach/train height

  • tigersbrowns2

    hi RGB … apparently someone else likes Melifonwu as well … *smile*

  • tigersbrowns2

    these are all good picks & close to what my last prediction was … but , i don’t see C or any OL … one of the top C’s would be nice.

  • mgbode

    we signed Tretter and Reiter is returning, so we should be fine at C

    the big hole on OL is at RT. Erving & Coleman to compete. I would like to add one too (tough draft to find one though)

  • Jaker
  • mgbode

    Yep, y’all agree on the first two days pretty well. Having Hodges last to 108 would be quite nice.

  • Jaker

    Yea Hodges is one of a few guys that I like in that area. I’m pretty confident a nice TE will be available with the first pick on Saturday’s Day 3.

  • humboldt

    “We’re the Cleveland Browns and we stand for a certain thing”

    This is just an amazing quote, similar to the Gpodawund banner in its unintended beauty and surrealism

  • mgbode

    Our resident Hokie (Pat) think it is about where he should go, but his upside suggests someone will throw the dice on Day 2.

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  • jpftribe

    So, it took them 3 years and a few million to come up with uni’s the players can’t put on and the fans can’t see. Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with given 5 years to screw them up.

  • Saggy

    6’3″, 225#. Air Raid QB with a big-league arm. He’s a former baseball player, after all.
    Can see over the line and attack the cover-2 voids in the secondary.

    However…Can be inconsistent in his approach. Needs to play inside the offense and show more discipline. Too eager to go big game hunting. Ravenous appetite for the explosive play can also bring unwanted trouble. Willingness to default to playground style appears to limit his ability to get into a consistent rhythm. Needs to improve anticipatory reads and learn to take what the defense gives him.

    But enough about Brandon Weeden…

  • Saggy