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Cavs expected to sign Andrew Bogut after buyout with Sixers

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In 2011, Cleveland used the motto “Cavs for Mavs” to support the Dallas Mavericks against the then hated Miami Heat. Now in 2017, the Cleveland Cavaliers have taken that slogan to a whole new level.

Expected to sign point guard Deron Williams on Monday after he cleared waivers Saturday afternoon following being waived by the Mavericks, the wine and gold is also expected to sign center Andrew Bogut once he reaches a buyout with the Philadelphia 76ers after being traded to the City of Brotherly Love from the Mavs prior to last Thursday’s trade deadline, according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon.

Bogut is expected to be bought out by Philadelphia at some point this week. After he is bought out, he will officially become a free agent and be able to sign with whatever team he may choose. Although he is also coveted by Houston and San Antonio as well as Cleveland, the big man is expected to join the wine and gold. Both he and Williams, who who have played together in Dallas all season, will be tremendous additions (and upgrades) to the Cavs’ bench unit.

So far this season, the 32-year-old is averaging three points, 8.3 rebounds, 1.9 assists, and one block in 22.4 minutes per game (26 games). He has missed much of the season due to a knee injury and has only played in one game since January 29. Currently in his 12th season, Bogut has averaged 10 points, 8.9 rebounds, 1.9 assists, and one block per game. The seven-footer may be dealing with an injury for much of this season, but he can bring a lot to a Cavs team in need of frontcourt depth. While he won’t be counted on to contribute much on the offensive end, Bogut’s biggest contribution to the wine and gold will be his rebounding and ability to protect the paint.

Before being traded to the Mavericks last summer, Bogut spent four seasons in Golden State with the Warriors, taking part in back-to-back Finals as part of the Dubs. While the Cavs may have seen him set plenty of (uncalled, illegal) screens to get Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and company open shots at times, the center is now on the good side of the matchup.

During the Warriors’ title run in 2014-15, Bogut was named to the NBA-All Defensive second team. While he may be fighting through a knee injury, that was just two years ago and proves just how much he can bring off bench for the Cavs, will giving guys like Tristan Thompson, Channing Frye, and Kevin Love (when he is healthy) more rest down the stretch.

So far this season, the Cavs are 20th in defensive rating and 14th in rebounding percentage. Although Bogut will come off the bench and be part of the team’s second unit, he could potentially the spark the team needs to perform better in both areas, while being another big man that eats up minutes.

  • JNeids

    Those screens were totally legal!!! (just practicing)

  • Harv

    “The current NBA: where guys go wherever to chase rings, where superstar friends conspire to screw loyal fanbases, where clever front offices with no assets still manipulate to make it happen. Yeah, let’s see how healthy this league stays with a few big city mega-teams and everyone rooting for carpet-bagging laundry.”
    – Harv, circa 2010

    ” ‘Bout time, Deron! Andrew – the facial hair, mate – we’re the national broadcast game once or twice week so better see Kev’s guy. Now, let’s see who else might be poachable …”
    – Harv, today.

  • BenRM

    Still won’t beat GSW, but pretty awesome pick up.

  • JNeids

    “Varejao doesn’t flop! Every screen Bogut sets is illegal – why is it NEVER called?? Man he’s dirty”
    -Cavs fans, circa 2014-2015 season

    “Can Varejao stay on his feet? Does ANYONE buy that flopping?”
    -Cavs fans, circa June 2016

    “The next legal screen you see any big man set will be the first. Bogut is just crafty…”
    -Cavs fans, circa June 2017

  • Harv

    “Those who want loose balls the most might make collateral damage of those who don’t.”
    – Cavs fan, Atlanta series ’15

    “Draymond might need some professional help for that weird balls obsession.”
    – Cavs fan, circa summer 2016

    “Korver is a surprisingly clever defender, one of history’s great shooters and a great dude.”
    – Cavs fan, circa 8 minutes ago.

  • RGB

    Just win, baby.

  • Chris

    – RGB, circa Fall 2016

  • Chris

    Those twerps are long overdue for a significant injury. Curry was hobbled at almost the perfect time last year. Other than that, in the past few years I can’t remember anyone significant missing much time other than for groin kicks.

    Meanwhile in Cleveland…

  • RGB

    “Curse you, Chargers!”
    – RGB, 12/24/16

  • Harv

    Meanwhile, the guy we can’t win a game without is one of the sturdiest stars in history: ankles bend like gumby but never snap, never has a knee surgery, lands on his shooting wrist and still cans the biggest FT in team history. Not sure injury karma favors us here.

  • JNeids

    WELL ACTUALLY…that FT was meaningless thanks to Love’s lockdown D.

  • CBiscuit

    Please don’t, don’t, don’t tempt the gods! So help me, if there’s an LBJ injury….you’re going to stand there, legs akimbo, and we’re going to do a conga line and everyone gets a kick.

  • Steve

    Good move for the regular season, but Bogut is almost certainly going to be a huge hindrance against any Warriors lineup that doesn’t feature Pachulia. Soaking up some big man minutes for near the league minimum while we grind the season out is more than fine, I just hope someone more athletic miraculously becomes available.

  • Harv

    no sir. The FT puts them up 4, instead of 3 where 1 shot ties it. I know this from watching the last 2 minutes, uh, yesterday.

  • Harv

    Some might see an attempt to give proper context, but our Draymond here only sees opportunity. 🙂

  • JNeids

    Oh I understand the math. I’m just saying with Love guarding Curry, it was never in doubt.

    Capt. Hindsight

  • RGB

    I rewatched Friday…

  • Harv

    here’s pure patheticness: thinking about changing cable carrier but that must mean I lose my DVR recording of the game plus post-game plus parade (I was there but family recorded for like 5 hours). AS IF I CAN’T WATCH IT ON YOU TUBE. So I guess I’ll continue to pay an extra $40/month, or whatever TWC feels like charging me, until death.

  • mgbode

    Brad Kaaya’s mom is in that movie! (Felicia)

  • RGB

    Chris Bosh is available…

  • Saggy

    It’s like morning coffee for me. However, I prefer the last 3 minutes.

  • Saggy


    **solution: plug in a flash drive to your box and download all the content. Then, make the change.

  • Saggy

    oh man, they totally should. Just for the Finals.

  • Believelander

    You may have called it. Durant had to be carried off the court for a hyperextended knee.

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