Why so serious? From Oscars to Trump: While We’re Waiting

La La Land

So, the Academy Awards went well. The year of the incredible comebacks continued with the eventual Best Picture winner not locking down their Oscar until after it had appeared time had run out. Imagine the New England Patriots on the field celebrating their Superbowl win until a yellow flag and a frantic referee told everyone that the Atlanta Falcons would get one last untimed down, which they used to claim victory. While the Falcons can only dream, Moonlight was deemed the Best Picture winner despite La La Land being called such initially as an erroneous card was handed to Warren Beatty.1

Moonlight was only the second biggest comeback of the night. One of the In Memoriam photos showed a woman who proved herself to be decidedly alive. Sadly, an editing gaffe mistook a photo of Jan Chapman for the deceased Janet Patterson as Variety was quick to report.

Moonlight was the least watched of any Best Picture nominee, and La La Land was considered the frontrunner entering the night. As such, it was La La Land that was the movie subjected to the most scorn and ridicule entering Sunday. The oddest part of people taking something made for pure entertainment purposes far too seriously was that the ripping did not even have an ethos.

The New York Times noted La La Land was criticized the movie for being that of liberal, white privilige.

Starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, “La La Land” is considered the strong favorite to win best picture. But the escapist musical has also been criticized for its liberal, white worldview, in particular when it comes to the subject of jazz.

LA Weekly, on the other hand, called it a fascist propaganda film. No, seriously. There is no satirical tone, and April Wolfe opens by tieing it into Nazi propaganda cinematography. The reader is left wondering if Wolfe even understands what fascism is though as there are no references to why it is propaganda other than that she believes there are too many white people in the 1950s Hollywood portrayal.

How about, the movie was a musical. Can it just be that? One that people seemed to enjoy a bit? Perhaps not in today’s society. The year 2017 has been all about turmoil and whining and backlash to backlash on every topic. However, a fun turn happened recently. People started to embrace the absurdity of it all and have some fun, which was a welcome pivot.

The Federalist is decidedly right-leaning, but they were good sports on this topic. They ran an article on how the Chronicles of Narnia would be politicized on social media if it would have been released in 2017. The entire column pokes fun at the hyperbole and over-sensitivity of both sides of the political spectrum. Please do read the full column but here are some of my favorite snippets:

The American Conservative: “Narnia and the Problem of Borders”
By not effectively maintaining border security, King Tirian ensured his nation would be invaded and plundered by the Calormenes. Also, Archenland should’ve been Narnia’s Benedict Option.

Rolling Stone: “A Swordfight on Campus”
[Retracted: This story erroneously alleged that C.S. Lewis intentionally promoted school violence in the closing pages of “The Silver Chair.” We regret the error, and will be ordering a full investigation.]

Salon: “With ‘Narnia,’ the Publishing World Takes Steps Toward Normalizing Mike Pence’s Theocracy”
Narnia is ruled by monarchs appointed directly by a deity, and that’s precisely how the Trump White House sees itself. And what’s Aslan’s position on reproductive rights? These questions need answers.

That column made me laugh, and I needed it. With such a demeanor, I wanted to share some other political humor that has made me laugh. Here is how a White House spokesperson responded about President Trump not attending the Correspondent’s Dinner, which is a fancy gala for self-important media types.

There was also a ruckus about how President Trump likes to eat his steak. Trump enjoys his steak well-done and with a heaping side of catsup. His habit has been the subject of ridicule for years; not unlike his hair. Yet a fresh report led to a large amount of people voicing their displeasure. Some of the one-liners were good enough to cause a belly laugh no matter your political affiliation.

Here are some of my favorites:

Here is the article passage that kick-started everything from the Independent Journal.

Here is the new hot dog debate now that the hot dog has been confirmed to be a sandwich.

Hyperbolic drama-rama has to happen with these items.


What would political humor be without a poll?

Star Wars is always a crowd pleaser.

Well, someone had to take it to the obvious next level.

Oh yeah, President Trump’s other strange eating habit.

Always rely on King of the Hill for important perspective.

With a fresh attitude towards finding the humor in these things, I move forward. I hope that you join me. Then again, I laughed about Kyrie Irving’s flat Earth theory and still believe that he was messing with everyone. So, what do I know?

  1. Note: It was reported by the Huffington Post that this was the first such occurence in the 88 year history of the Academy Awards, but it has since been revealed that the same circumstance happened to Sammy Davis Jr. being handed the incorrect card in 1964. []

  • chrisdottcomm

    Oh snap, also follow up question because it’s been awhile since talking to you. You had told me before you were really excited for your dude to “get in there and shake up those DC knuckleheads, cronyism, etc.”.

    How do you feel about him handing a cabinet position to a completely unqualified person (DeVos) just because she gave alot of money to his campaign and his appointment of the Florida Attorney General (Bondi) to his transition team and now White House job his foundation paid $25k to so that she wouldn’t further investigate his fraudulant University?

    Like, both those things were what you said needed cleaned up in DC, but your dude is doing exactly the opposite? Does that sting you or are you cool with it?

  • tigersbrowns2

    hi STEVE … if i had to guess , i’d say there hasn’t been a single squeeky-clean president since the beginning of time … and that would include Washington , Lincoln , FDR , JFK , or whoever … every single one of them had something they probably weren’t very proud of.

    and not a single one of them was perfect or uncontroversial. could you imagine if FDR or JFK’s phone calls or e-mails had been hacked & all the shady things they covered up ?

  • jpftribe

    Got a bottle of this stuff in the fridge:
    Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, #1 Mustard Seed, Sugar, Salt, Horseradish, And Spices.


  • chrisdottcomm

    You know it’s kinda funny because the auto industy bailout was a good example of both sides working well together to get something done. Bush provided the small bridge loans to get them by, then the bipartisan oversight committee came together to get Obama’s plan through.

    But anywho…. GM and Chrysler were broke from years of horrible management, that’s why they needed bailed out.

  • chrisdottcomm

    Huh, you clearly pointed out how the Democrats were being whiny babies leading protests and not respecting the president.

    I must have just read too fast and missed the part where you pointed to the right side of the aisle doing the same.

    My mistake.

  • jpftribe

    They needed to be bailed out because, much like GE, they became financial services companies that happened to sell cars. Bush/Obama bailed em out because you gotta put gasoline into something.

  • tigersbrowns2

    if you’ve read any of my posts concerning the Browns or anything else , you’d know i’m all for giving people a chance. i’m okay with DeVos … she’s not as “unqualified” as you’d make her out to be … how about we judge what she does or doesn’t get accomplished in 4 years … wouldn’t that be the best time to pass judgement ??

    i will stick my neck out right here and now & predict that Trump will end-up getting more meaningful things accomplished than ANY President before him … so , i guess let’s get together again in 4 or 8 years & we’ll judge him.

    i just know we’ll have a few more conversations before it’s all over … but’s let’s agree on one thing : NEITHER side is all good or all bad … BOTH sides have their problems.

  • tigersbrowns2

    hi JPF … you bring up a great point. don’t you think that with all our ingenuity & technology we’d be driving cars that don’t require fuel /oil & wouldn’t be polluting the air so much ??

    but because of big oil & all the money involved , they simply stifle or squash this technology when necessary.

    and it probably won’t be long before computers & robots will be replacing human labor at an alarming rate … then what ?

  • RGB

    If you like horseradish, this stuff is the shiznit…


  • tigersbrowns2

    mistake noted … *smile* … it’s all good , my brother … it’s all good. i don’t really get too worked-up about politics , religion & many other things … heck , i don’t even get too worked-up over the Browns any more … but i still love them dearly.

    what the Government does isn’t really going to affect you & i a whole lot … why get worked-up over it , we pretty much have know say in what goes on … sure , we get to vote , but we have no true say.

    since life is too damn short … i prefer to direct my energy towards my loves : my wife , my kids , my grandkids , my family , my friends , my guitars , my band , my golf game , the Tigers , the Browns , this board & my fantasy football … this is what really matters.

    sure , i’ll debate you when you find the need … and i know you will . just remember , i am a walking contradiction & sometimes make no sense at all … hey , that’s just me.

  • jpftribe

    A1 is always the better choice.

  • Saggy

    I hated the article that was critical of how Trump likes his steak. It’s almost as aggravating as when someone at a blackjack table gets mad at someone else for hitting or sticking since it influenced their outcome.

    Food is either to be used as fuel or is to be enjoyed – or both, of course. So what if someone likes their meat a little more cooked?

  • Saggy

    I’ve never heard of anyone saying catsup. FWIW.

  • Saggy

    burnt ends are heaven!

  • Saggy

    I like medium-well at places i don’t know yet. Medium at finer joints.

  • chrisdottcomm

    “i prefer to direct my energy towards my loves : my wife , my kids ,
    my grandkids , my family , my friends , my guitars , my band , my golf
    game , the Tigers , the Browns , this board & my fantasy football
    … this is what really matters”

    applause for either being retired or not devoting your life to work. kudos.

  • chrisdottcomm

    Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.

    Your dude did the thing you said you clearly didn’t like, how does that make you feel? I know you want to look back in 4 years at the big picture, but is there a buyers remorse line for you?

    What if the Russian financial ties are uncovered?
    What if the tax returns are released (something he campaign promised he’d do but now refuses) and the clear conflicts of interest (there already are) are shown to the people?

    Is there any deal breaker for you?

    Like when i came to grips that Barack was murdering people with flying robots I really had to weigh the positives against that. Was a tough road.

    And also, that my friend was the neck sticking out move of the century. Best of luck with that.

  • chrisdottcomm

    My also unpopular opinion on their demise is the hypocrisy of the American worker/consumer.

    Must make $50 to stamp a hood, but must also shop at Walmart.

  • jpftribe

    My friend, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Europe and Asia, and some in Africa. I can assure you this is not an American phenomenon.

  • tigersbrowns2

    hmmm .. i don’t know. i suppose if they found Trump was directly involved with the Russians in trying to influence the election , that would be pretty bad & probably get him impeached.

  • tigersbrowns2

    no , i still have a few more years to work as i’m only 54 years old … my job would also be important , but not my love … i’ve been where i work for 28 years & i’ve never missed a day … and i can say i literally started at the very bottom & worked my way into upper management … so , i am proud of that.

  • Steve

    If Trump’s redlining was covered up, that would be one thing, but its right out in the open, and people still voted for him.

    And I’m not sure how a deflection of Trump’s shortcomings are a defense, especially of him being “fresh air”. That’s he’s as scummy as anyone else is not a point in his favor, and a point against him being anything but another swamp-filler.


    “what the Government does isn’t really going to affect you & i a whole lot”

    This is patently false.

    If they, say, get rid of the EPA, you don’t think that will have any effect on you? On the air you breathe? On the water you drink?

    If they repeal the ACA and replace it with an HSA and a $3000 voucher to buy coverage that has a lifetime cap, and then you get cancer, that will most certainly affect you. Spoiler alert: it won’t be good.

    et. al.

    Whether you agree with those policies or not is irrelevant. To think that the actions of government have no effect on your life is exactly what politicians want you to think… especially the ones that actively want to do away with government, but that’s a whole other ball of wax.


    “don’t you think that with all our ingenuity & technology we’d be driving cars that don’t require fuel /oil & wouldn’t be polluting the air so much ??”

    Well, considering the last Republican president before this one was an oil man, and the current president just installed an oil CEO as Secretary of State, I think you can answer that question. (And it’s not political so much as it’s profit-based, sadly.)

  • mgbode

    I put that in there specifically hoping you would help out. So, it is a specific faction of NYers. I feel better that it has limited usage.

  • tigersbrowns2

    i am patently false … you are taking it to the extreme … i think you know what i meant.

    so what if they do get rid of the EPA … there’s not a thing you or i can do about it.

  • tigersbrowns2

    so , only the Republican’s , huh ?? …

  • mgbode

    Obama focused on trying to obtain control of the lithium rich mountains in Afghanistan…

    None of these guys are clean, which is why we need to watch closely.

  • mgbode

    Agreed. And, my first reaction at the initial article was the same. I then just laughed at some of the responses though and allowed myself to just enjoy the circumstance of the crazy world in which we live.

  • The_Matt_of_Akron

    The fact that tb2’s claim is false is only a part of the problem.

    While “what the Government does” may not affect “us” as [assumption] middle class, educated, white males [/assumption]; many of the administration’s new policies could/will have a demonstrably negative effect on other demographics. To hand wave that away as “not my problem” shows a troubling lack of empathy for others.

  • scripty

    Am I the only one that saw Mad Men?

  • scripty

    “i am guessing the Democrats will act like babies”

    Both parties do this. I was invited to an inauguration and know the losing party had almost no representation there. I think it’s suspect.

  • scripty

    I can’t recall drama about pre-election Carter or Ike, and those have both been historically recent.

  • Saggy

    the best stock pick i ever made was a lithium stock. i went to a supercapacitor talk once and they all talked about how lithium is the future. the immediate future. hopefully there will be something endless in the real future.

  • scripty

    Trump has a GOP controlled Congress. If he can’t get something significant done (regardless on one’s views of the GOP platform) that would be a massive failure.

  • Saggy

    Washington won the Revolution.
    Lincoln stopped the Civil War.
    FDR won World War II.
    JFK had Civil Rights really moving, was poised for greatness.

    What has Trump done besides lie, cheat, and sue people?

  • scripty

    I’d hesitate to use a broadbrush saying all liberals are the same, nor would we argue all conservatives of the same. The far reaches of __both parties__ prattling on in culture wars while our economy, envirionment, military, infrastructure and state budgets are a mess… these people should be kicked to the little kids Thanksgiving table for sure.

  • Saggy

    what do they do if they get rid of the EPA? Just read about what’s happening in Flint, MI.

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  • JNeids

    If it wasn’t in the first episode, I didn’t see it.

  • tigersbrowns2

    hi SAGGY … so do you think JFK was a saint ?? he definitely lied & cheated & came from a family almost as corrupt as the Clintons. as i said , every single one of those guys had something they regret , i’m sure of it.

    Trump will be judged on his greatness , or lack thereof , when it’s all said & done … “what has he done” ??? … he just got started.

  • tigersbrowns2

    good morning … i hope you saw this last night. it was probably the most powerful moment to ever reverberate through the walls of Congress. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a148ba5576d2b3cfd2eb0406cab840f41c166c87f2385e5b1db71a2408f6fcf.jpg

  • tigersbrowns2

    good morning … i hope you got to see this last night. really powerful stuff … i got choked-up pretty good. kudos to Trump. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5a148ba5576d2b3cfd2eb0406cab840f41c166c87f2385e5b1db71a2408f6fcf.jpg

  • chrisdottcomm
  • tigersbrowns2

    hi CHRIS … since you took the time to post these , i took the time to read them. i don’t see anything blatantly false in any of these articles unless you want to make a big deal out of the F-35 planes.

    the only i would say is he was short on specifics or how they plan on paying for much of these plans. i thought he was very Presidential , the speech was outstanding & yes , the moment with Mrs. Owen was HUGE !! … that was the single most powerful thing i have ever seen take place in that hall.

    today , i am very satisfied with Trump … thanks again for posting these.

  • chrisdottcomm

    My pleasure Tigers.

    The moment with the dead soldier’s wife personified for me the “let them eat war” mentality that has plagued this government for years dating back to Bush Senior. The raid itself causing that young man to die has been widely criticized as inept and ill-conceived by military personnel. The White House has fought back against those allegations saying that it yielded useful information. Time will tell but the truth is not on the President’s side as he has been proven to be the single largest liar in Presidential campaign and now sitting history.

    There are have been dozens of other examples of people reaching across the aisle to achieve great strides in human decency; i.e – civil rights, human rights and of course the first African American President addressing his first congress and so on.

    It was what was needed done, but in no way in my eyes the single most powerful moment in the history of the Presidency addressing Congress.