Kevin Durant’s OKC return vs. LeBron’s with Will Burge

The Cleveland Browns are basically on the clock. The Cavaliers are limping toward the All-Star break. The Indians are just beginning in Arizona. We discuss sports media, Kevin Durant vs. LeBron in terms of returning to their former cities, and much more with Will Burge of WTAM.

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  • Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City
  • LeBron returning to Cleveland
  • Media egging on fans and then criticizing them
  • Creating news out of analysis
  • ESPN analysts creating the news
  • Setting an agenda on the radio for a day
  • Aaron Goldhammer and how he runs a radio station
  • Dan LeBatard and how his show is structured
  • Bleacher Report and moving away from user-submitted content
  • Bleacher Report layoffs and how they’ve progressed
  • Slide shows and how they’ve moved to “legit” media properties
  • Trying to figure out where the industry is going next
  • Trying to make sense of Skip Bayless
  • The NFL treating local media like cancer
  • Ranking the commissioners of all pro sports leagues
  • Roger Goodell and the Browns
  • Did the Browns get it right this time?
  • Not being excited for the number one pick
  • Jimmy Garappolo and whether the Browns should get him
  • Trading a 2018’s first round pick for Jimmy Garappolo
  • The Q renovations and greater Cleveland congregation to protest
  • Dan Gilbert and how the renovations will get done

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