How excited are you for the 2017 Cleveland Indians?

Sad Indians Fan
(Credit: AP / David J. Phillip)

The Cleveland Indians have not only reported, they’re playing spring training games. It’s a great time to try and put into perspective just how exciting the anticipation is for this year’s Cleveland Indians team. Does it rival the best teams of the 90’s that we remember? Is it as good as the anticipation for 2008 after the Indians’ deep run?

Obviously we hope it turns out better than 2008, but I make the case that while nothing is guaranteed, this might be the best chance at repeat playoff appearances at least since the 90’s and maybe it’s even better.

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In addition to the Indians, I discussed the 2017 NFL draft, the Browns analysis of Jimmy Garoppolo and the idea of NFL draft experts doing press conferences for other media and creating headlines.

Lastly, I discussed the disconnect between the Oscars and the actual box office receipts of the most popular movies of every year.

  • RGB
  • Natedawg86

    I am always super excited for baseball to start. I have actually watched 2 preseason games already. I am cautiously excited every year for baseball. Need to stay away from the injury bug which can hit at any time. It is also such a long season that you need to stay patient. Look at what happened to our pitchers the last month of the season last year. Probably cost us the WS because of some weird fluke injuries.

  • jpftribe

    Looking forward to touching down in AZ next week. Desert sunshine and baseball in March, what could be better.

  • mgbode
  • jpftribe
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