WFNY Owner’s Meeting on the Browns and the media

AP Photo/Steven Senne

This is the second time we’ve been able to have a WFNY owner’s meeting podcast. Scott, Andrew and Craig jumped on the podcast to talk about some current events as well as the media environment. So, have a listen and feel free to leave us your comments on these topics below.

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  • The Browns and continuity
  • The war on the beat reporters
  • JLC and how he reports on the Browns
  • Does being negative hurt the reporter’s ability to do their job?
  • National beat reporters versus local beat reporters
  • Brian Windhorst reporting on LeBron’s first year back with Blatt
  • Kyrie not being happy sharing the court with Dion Waiters
  • Luol Deng and his tenure with the Cavaliers
  • What is an “accurate” report?
  • The Kevin Love reporting about his “unhappiness”

  • BenRM

    I think that people still think Jason Lloyd is their favorite beat reporter even though he’s been cut off, but they will rip Grossi speaks to how much better a writer than Grossi Lloyd is.

    You guys touched on it, but Grossi gets hung up on stuff people don’t care about. I disagree slightly that it’s only the 5% who really know football and are the vocal minority. I can’t tell you the difference between how linebackers should play, but I can tell you the whole league moved away from fullbacks, and Brian Hoyer was not a good QB.

    Grossi is only read and listened to as much as he is because of ESPN. He’d be forgotten if he wasn’t bolstered by the biggest sports platform in the country.

    Lloyd still provides thoughtful substance for the most part. Grossi is just an old man howling at the wind. ESPN just gave him a megaphone to howl into.

  • Saggy

    forget this comment ever igzisted.

  • whosevelt

    Enjoyed listening. A couple disagreements – Grossi is responsible to be as informed as possible about potential schemes the Browns could run, because he is not 95% of fans. He is the beat reporter, who can only understand what questions to ask and what conclusions to draw if he understands what it is the team is trying to do. You can’t have a beat reporter asking whether the Browns are going to trade Kessler because of the switch to a 4-3. That is an extreme example, but more commonplace examples are obvious as well.

    Second, on the Twitter eggs – forgive us guys, but we are not all online celebrities the way you all are. I am on Twitter to follow you – and Windhorst, McMenamin, Weird Al, and Noah Feldman – not to cultivate a following and persona. I have 13 followers, at least nine of whom are Uzbek bots pretending to be beautiful women, who apparently mistook Twitter for Tinder. I don’t tweet much, but when the inspiration hits, I don’t need to upload an avatar and scrounge up more followers before I can snark at Daryl Ruiter (within reason, of course). (That said, feel free to follow me – @whosevelt).

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  • tigersbrowns2

    ummmm , guys … CONTINUITY … what is this & what the heck does it mean ?? is this even a real word ?

  • Harv

    Enjoyed this pod but disagree with all youse owners that the loud beat writer criticism is primarily misdirected fan anger. I intensely disliked Mary Kay even when the Browns were mediocre, for reasons completely unrelated to team performance or her sex (as one of you implied). The idea that she or Grossi shouldn’t be held to a standard of knowing football x’s and o’s – think about what you’re saying. A fundamental understanding of the subject one covers is a prerequisite to providing insight as to what is going wrong or right, what should change and what should not. It’s the diff between the clueless Cavs coverage of Branson Wright and what Brian Windhorst was able to do with the same team. It’s the difference between the Mary Kay Breathless overreaction to every vanilla Manziel quote, or her declaring that Jason Campbell was playing as well as anyone in the league – only to later admit she said that to cheer her sick father – and what Dan Labbe posted today, an actual analysis and opinion based on video study. http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2017/01/should_the_browns_trade_for_ji.html#incart_2box_sports

    Twitter caters to haters. But Grossi is bitter even when he is right, and that tone is fertile ground for haters. Fans have always hated that, but twitter lets them do more than snail-mail a letter to the editor that an office assistant through in the garbage can 20 years ago. It’s a new world friends and, like musicians selling their art by interacting on-line with the fans, or a comedian in a club, beat writers might need to have both minimal professional and personal skills.