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The Browns are on the clock, after losing to Steelers, 27-24, in OT

This was an epic Brownsy game. The Cleveland Browns lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-24, in overtime in the team’s season finale. The game had so many crazy moments for such a meaningless game at the end of the year. Quarterback Robert Griffin III led the Browns through the air, throwing for 232 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. His leading target was receiver Terrelle Pryor, who caught seven passes for 94 yards. This pushed him over 1,000 yards receiving for the season. Running back Isaiah Crowell led the team on the ground, rushing for 152 yards on 19 carries. With the loss, the Browns earned the No. 1 pick in the draft.

The Browns had so many opportunities against a Pittsburgh Steelers team that was sitting all of their offensive stars and rotating a lot of their defensive starters. The Browns quite frankly should have won by a lot, but this loss truly showed how far the team still has to go. The Browns outgained the Steelers by 125 yards, but Cleveland was unable to put Pittsburgh away. The loss caps off a tough and miserable season that saw the team win just one game. This game actually was a microcosm of the season overall. Here is a rundown of the crazy game.

The first quarter saw the Browns completely dominate the Steelers. Cleveland outgained Pittsburgh 94 yards to just three total yards. Steelers quarterback Landry Jones could not do a thing in the quarter, while Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III led one touchdown drive, capping the drive off with his first touchdown pass of the season, this one to rookie tight end Seth DeValve. The Browns led the Steelers after one, 7-0.

The Browns continued to control the game throughout the second quarter. The Browns notched their second touchdown of the game on the team’s first series of the quarter. Griffin threw his second touchdown pass of the game, this time connecting with tight end Gary Barnidge. All was going well for the Browns. But late in the quarter, the Browns committed back-to-back turnovers with the second turnover ending up to be a big momentum changer. The second turnover happened on a bad snap by center Anthony Fabiano, hiking the ball over the head of Griffin and allowing the Steelers defense to recover the ball with just over two minutes left in the half. With the good field position, the Steelers drove 37 yards on seven plays and just a minute and 30 seconds to score their first touchdown of the game. Even with a 150 total yard advantage, the Browns only led at the half, 14-7.

The third quarter was a draw. The Browns looked to make the biggest play of the game, but a very Brownsy thing happened. Browns cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun picked off Jones’s pass and was on his way for a pick six, but he fumbled the ball right before entering the endzone. The ball was recovered by Pittsburgh for a touchback and the Browns missed out on extending the lead. The Browns still led, 14-7, after three quarters.

The fourth quarter was so Browns. The Steelers two consecutive touchdowns in the quarter to take the 21-14 lead with just over five minutes to play. But, the Browns answered with a touchdown drive, ignited by a 67-yard run by running back Isaiah Crowell. Then, the craziness really began. The Browns held the Steelers on the next drive, giving Cleveland the ball with just under two minutes to go. Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor made what looked like the game-winning 43-yard reception to get the team into game-winning field goal position. But, Crowell fumbled on the five-yard line, forcing the game into overtime.

In overtime, the Browns drove all the way down to the two-yard line, but had to settle for a field goal, giving the Steelers a chance to either tie the game at 24 or win it with a touchdown. With their possession, the Steelers drove down the field with relative ease. Behind quarterback Landry Jones, the Steelers won the game on a 26-yard touchdown pass by Jones to receiver Cobi Hamilton. The Browns fall to the Steelers 27-24.

Cleveland finishes the season at 1-15. However, with this loss, the Browns ensured the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft, which is a consolation prize for such a horrible loss and a horrible season. The Browns are on the clock.

  • RGB

    Welcome to Cleveland, Myles!

    Sashi, if you trade that first pick…

  • Sam Gold
  • RGB

    Of course, all those highlights mean nothing to Sashi. It’s all about the dweebometrics baby!

  • Matthew Grant Anson

    haha I was gonna post this as well.

  • Saggy

    that was a really fun game. Thank you, Crow.

  • Harv

    Anyone who thinks that Griffin did some promising things today and with some more development still might be the answer cannot be my friend.

  • tsm

    Turn the page. The nightmare has ended. Now the HBT must have an absolutely great draft and sign some quality fee agents.

  • JM85

    We made it.

  • Earthalsmith

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  • Sam Gold
  • JNeids

    No smoke screens. No smartest man in the room syndrome (sorry HBT). And for the love of god no more trading down. Just come out and say you’re taking Myles Garrett #1 overall, and do it yesterday.

  • humboldt

    He may be the answer to another <3 win season and prime draft position. In this New Browns Era ™ the offseason is our season, so what happens Sept-Jan is largely inconsequential

  • Harv

    but … but … assets! value! Honestly, Garrett so clearly checks every box for a #1 overall that I may have to go underground until the draft so as not to hear the inevitable chorus of overthinkers, combine fetishists and downright crazies. They better evaluate college players, not create them. A game warper has been gift-wrapped and handed to them. Say thank you and then worry about systems and your other holes.

  • JNeids

    Ugh, at first glance, I thought that said “He may be the answer to another HEART…” Stupid emoticons have warped my brain…

  • humboldt

    Using a heart emoticon to describe a season w/ less than 3 wins is something only the Browns social media department could ever pull off

  • mgbode

    The good news is that I suspect it will be relegated to 2 camps:

    1) Draft the best player, which is obviously Garrett
    2) Draft a QB just because QB

    What stinks is that W17 Philly win took their pick from No. 9 to 12, which means that whoever the Browns like between Watson/Trubisky might not matter as there are enough QB-desperate teams to have taken both (potentially).

    I’m going to assume the Browns don’t do anything dumb and take Garrett. Beyond him though – that’s where the interesting discussion lies

  • NankirPhelge

    Looking for value is great, but value is no substitute for talent. Let’s hope they’ve resolved to act accordingly this year.

  • RGB

    There is only SAMM, errrr, MYLES.
    Although, I suspect that #12 pick will change hands.
    Like Harv said, “traders gonna trade…”

    I want to kick the Cowboys in the balls.
    This whole rest-your-starters thing is getting ridiculous.

  • Harv

    sure, but that’s our pointless worry every year. Teddy, Carr, Prescott, etc. were all floating by their faces long past #12 and after multiple picks. The question is always the same: do they have they expertise to like the right guy? If not, the diff between having #9 and #12 matters not even a little bit.

    [I root for Khalil and Teddy and Julio Jones because in my Browns secret inner life they drafted them, and my anguished screams at the tv screen never happened]

  • Harv

    the sole purpose of a draft asset is to obtain talent, not to obtain … more assets. Unless I’m missing something and the real purpose is to kick the draft can down the road until you’re canned for failure to accumulate talent.

  • RGB

    Don’t forget cap-space. Gotta hoard that precious cap-space.

  • RGB

    Sashi already scouring the compost pile for value…

    No OL draft picks this year.

  • Hopwin

    We have $110 million unspent for next year already right?


    We didn’t even spend 50% of our available money on this team.

  • NankirPhelge

    Unless you’re playing the . . . well, you know.

  • NankirPhelge

    Maybe they’re saving it in case things get really bad.

  • RGB
  • jpftribe

    This is the thing that has to change. Cleveland MSM has given them a free pass on this while they ponder Peyton Manning and base 4-3 defenses.

  • humboldt
  • jpftribe

    “See Jimmy, I already signed one of our own……..”

  • Harv

    makes me laugh/cry

  • Harv

    is that a player or a verb? All I know is that if he makes the team recommended that he 1) fuse some vertebrae so Kessler can see over him, and 2) based upon that pic, consider sit-ups. But don’t be like Haden and wait until early spring.

  • Allenejnielsen

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  • BenRM

    +1 for the knock on Grossi.

  • mgbode

    sure, though to assume the same success on these teams of turmoil is folly (as I know you understand) — Carr looked like Quinn his rookie year, Teddy now injured & pouted he didn’t want to be a Brown, Dak was given perhaps the best of circumstances for a rookie QB to be granted (elite OL and RB play alongside Dez/Witten to throw to)

  • Harv

    this is like two guys in a prison cell, saying the same things to each for years … yes, agree. But not sure anyone argues that Carr/Teddy were more suitable in every way than Manziel. You don’t avoid drafting the best players because your team is a mess and will only hamper their growth. This is not a Tim Couch scenario – No one views Johnny, Quinn, or Weeden and says “man, with a good team …” A GM is judged by his ability to evaluate college talent as it translates to the NFL, not by his mercy in protecting the lives of new pros.

  • mgbode

    hey, the prison cell would be an upgrade from the port-a-potty we’ve been locked in

  • The_Matt_of_Akron


    “Sterup… ​6-9, 320 pounds…was suspended back in August for the first four games of the NFL regular
    season for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing

    I didn’t know gravy and funnel cakes were performance-enhancing…

  • cheryl

    So, here you are again. The polite gentlemen. “We don’t communicate like this on this site. You have the wrong site.” smh.