Finding positivity in the Cavaliers’ struggles: While We’re Waiting

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It might be good that the Cavaliers are struggling

I think there are a lot of cases in professional sports where fans and commentators use wishful thinking rather than some kind of logic. It’s with this knowledge that I carefully wade into the pool of positivity regarding the recent skirmish of words between the Cavaliers, their management, and the rumor mill. Seeing the glass as half full or making lemonade out of lemons is in my nature, but I don’t think I’m being blind when I suggest that all this strife is potentially a positive thing because it gets it out of the way well ahead of the playoffs.

I’m sure I’ve suggested that unquestionably bad things were positive with regard to the Indians and Browns before. Certainly, in the case of the Browns I was always wrong. There’s never been anything positive with the Browns, as we all know. However, with the Cavaliers it’s different.The Cavaliers are struggling their way through this part of the season. They’ve got to be feeling a bit of a hangover from winning the championship. Maybe it’s some awkwardness with the roster, but you have to think that there’s some issue of getting motivated for the grinding regular season. If they are going to get refocused and make a run, and if the Cavaliers were going to have any kinds of issues this season, now’s really the time to have them, right?

The facts are that the Cavaliers have roster flexibility second only to the pre-Durant Warriors. I have no doubt that leading up to the trade deadline the Cavaliers will have a chance to test Dan Gilbert’s check book further than it’s being tested today. Until proven otherwise, you have to assume that David Griffin will have a chance to turn nothing into something as he has consistently over the past few years. J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye, and others have been acquired for veritable vapor.1

I know it’s not fun to see LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers go through all this strife, but remember the facts surrounding this team. It’s an optimist’s market with the Cavaliers. They’re worth betting on, and it’s worth going out on a limb and saying that there’s a lot of positivity in the struggles and getting them out of the way.

Your weekly moment of soccer zen…

We’re going old-school with grainy footage of Diego Maradona carving up a defense.

The prettiest songs my friends could come up with…

With all the noise on social media of late, I decided I needed to do something else with my own corner of the internet. I have loads of musician friends and friends who are walking musical encyclopediae. So, I put the challenge for everyone to come up with the prettiest songs they could think of and post them. I took those and created a playlist and it’s been great to listen to all week. Don’t overthink it, but give me the prettiest songs you can think of in the comments.

  1. Nobody tell Dion Waiters I said this, please! []

  • RGB

    Begin old fart rant…

    We need to come to grips with a few things once and for all…
    1. We all love LBJ for for bringing us a title.
    That being said:
    2. He is very passive-aggressive. It’s a generational thing. They live their lives on social media and avoid actual face-to-face interaction as much as possible. Us codgers don’t like it, but it’s not going to change.
    3. He values his friends over his teammates, and does not separate work from leisure. You would never see Magic, Michael, and Larry cavorting on a banana boat together. Once again, us curmudgeons hate this.
    4. He may allegedly love NEO, but hates Dan Gilbert. The Letter still chaps his ass, and he is going to extract as much flesh as possible while staying on our good side, because, Championship.
    5. Griffin is stuck in the middle. He really is the only good guy in this equation.

    Rant over. I know we’ve touched on these things before , but the Four Letter’s constantly scrolling ticker gleefully proclaiming frustration and tension is getting old.

    Now, get off my lawn!

  • RGB

    So, on a more positive note, Cleveland is hosting the 2019 MLB All-Star Game. Kewl!

  • RGB

    Pretty is a relative term.
    I’ll have to put some thought into it, but the first songs that come to mind for me:
    Queen – Somebody To Love.
    The Beatles – Blackbird

  • Greg Popelka
  • NankirPhelge

    What irks me most about LeBron’s annual petulant drama is that he takes great pride in calling himself The Leader. Well, leaders lead, they don’t sulk, they don’t get all moody, and they don’t throw their organization under the tank. A leader’s got to face and overcome adversity like a man, not act like a pouty little kid.

    Pretty song: It’s the Singer, Not the Song by The Rolling Stones. (If you go back and listen to some of the Stones first half-dozen albums, you’ll find a lot of really good album filler that nobody knows about.)

  • “[Griff] really is the only good guy in this equation.”

    Despite all you said about him above, I still put LeBron in the “good guy” camp. He is a great family man, he has never been involved in any legal scandals or anything like that, he does so much work for charity particular in NE Ohio, he came home when the easiest thing in the world would have been to stay in Miami and he delivered us a Championship.

    I’m a little surprised we’re turning on LeBron so quick just because he’s frustrated that the team is playing like crap right now. I don’t agree with him making the comments to the media in the manner which he did, but my goodness, this guy is a local hero. None of us are flawless and neither is he, but when it comes to professional athletes, there aren’t many superstars I would rather our youth look up to than LeBron James.

  • JM85

    Yeah it’s a little ridiculous. They have the highest payroll and even overpaid players the past few years.

  • RGB

    I was speaking strictly professionally.
    His personal life is obviously not an issue.

  • Well, even professionally, you say he values friends over teammates, but he left Dwyane Wade to come back to Cleveland. You say he doesn’t separate work from leisure, but I think his six consecutive NBA Finals appearances contradicts this.

    Yes, he gets frustrated sometimes. We all do. But I think it’s mistake to apply momentary frustration to some over-arching state of being.

  • Garry_Owen

    “Pretty,” like “beautiful,” being in the eye (ear) of the beholder, it’s tough. A few songs from my library that I currently (or always) find to be beautiful:

    The Avett Brothers (my favorite band): “No Hard Feelings”; “I and Love and You”
    Radical Face: “Summer Skeletons”
    Mary Gauthier: “Mercy Now”
    Lynyrd Skynyrd (yup): “Tuesday’s Gone”

    So, so many more possibilities.

  • Garry_Owen

    “Leader” is the most over-used and misused words in the American-English lexicon. That, and “feel.”

  • RGB

    I’ll add “ironic” to that list.

  • Garry_Owen
  • mgbode

    Pretty songs tend to be sad, which is why I gave the example to the blue alien song from Fifth Element to you on this topic because it is both pretty & fun.

    But, on the pretty & sad angle, there are few that top this one (especially as a dad):

  • mgbode

    The Fifth Element song and lyrics:

    The sweet sound of his voice struck me!
    Oh, that voice
    Has entered my heart!
    Edgardo! I am given back to you. Edgardo!
    Oh! My Edgardo!
    I have escaped from your enemies.
    Oh your enemies!
    A chill creeps into my breast!
    Every fibre trembles!
    My foot falters!
    Sit down by the fountain with me for a while.
    Sit down by the fountain with me.


  • NankirPhelge

    Nouns used as verbs (gift me a break).

    And verbs used as nouns (I can’t contain myself when some announcers says, He lost contain).

  • humboldt

    There, there now…everything’s gonna be ok, RGB…


  • RGB

    I am totally in acceptance of with taking the good with the bad.
    But, I’m still going to gripe about it.


  • humboldt

    Lebron has an, um, “idiosyncratic” leadership style, but he’s unquestionably a leader…and not just with the Cavs, he is the elder statesman of the NBA

  • humboldt

    There have been recent cost-saving moves (e.g. not cutting injured Mo and Birdman) that have created holes in the roster

  • humboldt

    “I think it’s mistake to apply momentary frustration to some over-arching state of being.”

    Bravo Andrew – pushing against the powerful tide of the 24-hour news cycle

  • Harv


  • jpftribe

    If you find yourself in Covent Garden, always, always tip the street musicians.

  • CBiscuit

    Dude! About this time last year, the media stirred us all up in a frenzy. Lebron the Coach killer. The firing. The Big 3 discord. Love not fitting in. Lebron being disatisfied and looking to opt out. etc etc. Stay the course–disregard this silliness. Don’t take the bait. Admiral Ackbar.

    Lebron is making some noise, people are grumbling and frustrated–yes–but trust in Griffin. How’s that for consolation?

    PS. I thought this picture of some happy friends on vacation would cheer you up. Hope it helps;) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/67899285d2edf0aa1a84dc16cfa71ef148b8a8f4e8508936ed3c9d5f98468243.jpg

  • CBiscuit

    That was an “epic” response Harv!

  • maxfnmloans

    “literally” is literally the most overused word. Its funnier though when people are dumb and say littorally. I always wonder what theyre doing with a flotilla

    edit: dangit i meant to reply to Harv. Stupid Android

  • Harv

    whoa. whoa. whoa. Perspective, friend.

    – Magic, Michael and Larry were not part of some gilded age of NBA perfection. They just ushered in a great time relative to the inherently selfish play and drug busts of the ’70s. If there is such an era, this is it, right now. LeBron, Wade, the Spurs, Cavs v. GSW … we’ve never has so much crazy talent, who are also sterling public citizens. Don’t fall for that “we’d never shake hands” crap. I watched that era. These “friends” go as hard or harder at each other and, IMO, mail in fewer games (LeBron particularly).

    – LeBron has been nationally idolized since high school after which he was handed $90M from Nike before playing a game. At 18 years old. He was targeted by veterans out of jealousy. He was “The Chosen One.” He has met or exceeded every expectation, all without a major embarrassment, with cell phone cameras watching every move. He made a disastrous decision in ’09, probably caused by the protective bubble in which he has lived.

    – He has a ton of annoying idiosyncracies, including a need for constant drama. He overreacts to fouls, he needs to be noticed. He’s not Paul Milsap. But, I’d argue, that preening is what helps him embrace pressure moments and live up to impossible hype. It’s what brought us a trophy.

    – He’s never out of shape. He’s in good shape or unbelievable shape. He never gets seriously injured. He takes his responsibilities to his fans seriously. Just as seriously as Magic. More seriously than Bird or Jordan.

    What else exactly do we want from him? A steadier persona with less talent like Cal Ripkin? Listen, I do the same, often right here on this site. But sometimes I catch myself, and think I’m acting like Trump, sneering at Melania that she’s getting a little plump in the thighs, arentcha honey? We have a NBA Mt. Rushmore presence. When he’s gone our whining will make his pale in comparison. These are the good ol’ days.

  • Some pretty songs that immediately came to mind

    Sweet Thing – Van Morrison

    Ashokan Farewell

    When I Fall in Love (Instrumental) Of course Nat King Cole does a wonderful job, but I really enjoy this version

    At Last – Etta James. (Christina Aguilera does a fine rendition as well)

    Million Dollar Bill – Middle Brother

  • maxfnmloans

    The Rain Song

  • Harv


  • Harv

    One of my fav things is stumbling upon incredible street musicians. Has happened all over – Austin, Jerusalem, and NYC just last weekend. Something about wondering “who are you, and why are you here?”

  • tsm

    Looking back at this team prior to the start of the season, LeBron clearly wanted veterans on the bench who could be trusted in the playoffs. We have Liggett, McRae, Felder and Mo Williams open spot. I think LeBron would have preferred 3 veterans and Mo returning. He has no faith that the 3 youngsters can be of any significant help during the playoffs. Thus, in his mind, we should have signed Lawson instead of drafting Felder, gotten an veteran athletic wing in place of Liggett and perhaps another veteran big man instead of McRae’s spot. When Mo left us high and dry, LeBron became upset because we didn’t immediately get the veteran backup PG. If you are LeBron and 32, you have no interest in developing young guys so they can contribute 2-3 years from now. He sees his window as still open, but closing soon and is impatient.
    The other side of the coin is what Harv has alluded to in his comments recently. Look at what Pop does with his young guys in S.A. He get them significant minutes during the season, so that by playoff time, they will be prepared to contribute. In addition, he now has some young legs to eat up minutes during the long season. I am certainly no expert and not in a position to say which direction is correct, but I do understand both Lebron’s and the F.O. positions. I just think that LeBron should have been having these discussions on an ongoing basis with the F.O. all year rather than airing this out in public. Having said all of this, I have every confidence that Griffin will make some moves prior to the trade deadline and bring in whatever veterans he needs for the playoffs.

  • RGB

    Athletes, like children, should be seen and not heard.
    Now, excuse me while I mow my lawn.

  • jpftribe

    This is my favorite song of all time. TSRS recording is just perfect.

  • Garry_Owen

    Also, anything sung by Allison Krauss. Anything.

  • Eric G

    OMG the Diva song! How did you possibly remember this existed? Vocal gymnastics

  • Garry_Owen


  • mgbode

    it is one of my favorite random songs from one of my favorite random movies

    multi pass

  • Harv


  • Harv

    i divide humanity into those that like this movie and those who don’t.

  • I am attacking the proliferation of “literally” in my own household. Someone at my son’s elementary school started spreading that virus and I’m already correcting it in him. I won’t have my son spouting that word all the time.

  • Harv

    My (older) kids counterattacked, attempting the “common opposite usage” defense. Then laughed as the vein visibly throbbed in my forehead. I’ve had slightly more success when I sarcastically throw “I feel like” back at them. E.g., “I feel like you can’t take my car to Detroit.”

  • Garry_Owen

    Might be a perfect movie. (I assume that those of us that love the movie are on the proper side of the ledger?)

  • NankirPhelge

    reach out

  • nj0

    Larry Bird broke his finger during the season in a bar brawl. He then said it isn’t easy being Larry Bird.

    Michael Jordan punched Steve Kerr in the face at practice, ran down Pippen over his migraines, and did his best to make Cartwright look bad in practice.

    Magic Johnson, I’m not so sure on.

    But yeah, no banana boat, so that’s something.

  • Eric G

    What we gonna do, Korben?!?!

  • RGB

    “Michael Jordan punched Steve Kerr in the face …”

    I knew there was a reason I liked MJ.

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